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Why You Should Avoid Search Engine Optimization Packages

With the explosion of websites and consultants offering their version of search engine optimization, many have tried to simplify their approach by offering search engine optimization packages.

If you own a business, I’m sure you’ve come across or been emailed by SEO agencies or consultants who offer out-of-the-box affordable SEO packages for a flat rate per month. These packages usually consist of a defined number of optimized pages, number of links, and number of articles written each month. They offer packages for each of the variables of SEO, such as:

  • Link Building Packages
  • Web Design Packages
  • Content Creation Packages
  • Technical SEO Packages

With 50% of businesses not having an optimized website–and 60% of those citing cost as the reason why – we understand that many businesses have smaller budgets.  At face value, agencies offering SEO packages may seem like a great deal if you have a smaller SEO budget. However, wasting your money on cheap SEO strategies will get you cheap results. So, you need to know, they’re not worth the paper they are printed on.

So why should you avoid SEO packages?

They Assume All Businesses Are the Same and Thus Use The Same SEO Approach

Just the fact that some SEO agencies offer packages, it’s implied that they assume all business websites need the same SEO strategy to help them get to the top of the search results – this is just not true.

This would be similar to going to a doctor and him/her treating everyone’s illness with the same medicine and approach.

They Don’t Understand Your Business and Ranking Challenges.

At the core of any marketing strategy needs to be a deep understanding of business challenges and marketing goals. Without understanding these two facets of a business’s growth strategy, defining a successful marketing plan for any size business is nearly impossible.

Understanding your business’s challenges, and how to customize a campaign to overcome them, should be at the forefront when planning your marketing strategy. – Bill Ross, Founder of Linchpin

Low-Quality or Generic SEO Articles

Google has put many algorithm tweaks in place over the last 5 years to combat low-value website content. Many companies that offer search engine optimization packages ignore this basic fact and will cause more harm to your website than good.

Their SEO content packages usually:

  1. Don’t have a strategy in place for creating content.
  2. Assume that reaching a quota of x-number of articles each month will accomplish your goals.
  3. Create low-value content that is generic, short-form, and misses the mark on what users actually want to read.

Creating content this way will ultimately hurt your website’s rankings, user experience, and lead generation capabilities.

Low-Value Link Building To Meet Monthly Quota

With links being the part of your SEO strategy that helps boost your website’s authority and amplify your content, having trustworthy and powerful links should be the main goal of any link-building campaign.

Getting high-quality links that will accomplish the goals above can only be earned. To earn links, a website needs great content. Thus, without great content (which we talked about in the area above), inbound link strategies that are part of SEO packages usually consist of low-value directories, comment spam, and other poor link-building tactics that will get your website penalized by search engines.

The Packages Only Include SEO Basics

Doing the basics does have its place within the SEO process, but it cant be where your strategy stops. Yes, it is important to optimize basic on-page elements such as:

  • Title Tags
  • Keywords
  • Header Tags
  • Alt Tags

However, it is just as, and sometimes more important, to optimize your website’s information architecture, page layout, speed, design, and overall user experience – all of which are part of Google’s new ranking system.

Packages Lack The Monthly Insight Documents

Many agencies will provide a high-level overview of how your campaign is doing. This usually consists of looking and basic SEO metrics such as traffic or rankings. While these two metrics are a good starting point, there are many other metrics that should be included to provide insights for future optimization strategies.

So, and minimum, if you’re not receiving inclusive reports each month, in addition to the insights they provide, the SEO package you purchased is not going to help refine your SEO strategy going forward.

Their SEO Approach Has Not Evolved To Meet Current Google Needs

SEO (and Google’s algorithm) has evolved over the years and includes so much more than it did even just last year.

SEO, at its core, is a business strategy that involves brand building, content publishing, website design and experience, crawl optimization, code optimization and speed, and measurement strategies. Thus, if you’re relying on just optimizing keywords or fixing a few technical issues to boost your SEO traffic, you will be wasting your time and money.

In Conclusion

Studies show that between 70-80% of people research a company on Google BEFORE visiting their website or making a purchase with them. Do you want to choose the SEO agency you work with based on who is the cheapest or who offers the best SEO package? If you’re truly interested in building your business for the long term, you need to rethink who you hire to do your marketing and how you purchase marketing services.