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Realtor Marketing Ideas To Get More Showings – That Work If Done Correctly

In any business, it’s imperative to stay ahead and maintain consistency when addressing consumer demands. It means that you should always remain in the loop of current and upcoming real estate market trends. This way, you can determine the best approaches to apply to your marketing and ensure that you acquire more clients and drive up your sales.

Marketing plays an integral role in the growth and success of any business, including real estate. If you have a real estate company, you’ll need to attract potential home buyers’ attention and showcase what you have to offer. Otherwise, it may be quite challenging to close sales on houses and find clients looking to buy a home through a realtor.

With that, it would be best to take your marketing approach more seriously and employ the right strategies to gain home-buying clients. Here are some real estate marketing tips that may benefit both real estate startups and experienced realtors.

Have a Website

We live in a contemporary world where most consumers will search the web for products and services before purchasing. Thus, it would be best to have a website for your real estate business that shows the company portfolio and what you have to offer. The website is the first stop for clients interested in buying a home and go through some of the listed properties on your site.

Your website should include house listings and more details about each house, including the house features, location, and price. Ensure to update your listings when a house is bought or have new places to showcase, as this will encourage prospective home buyers to visit your site. Add some extra but relevant features to your website, such as a mortgage calculator that enables your site to stand out.

Create a Blog

Alternatively, you could also have a blog with optimized content to target the local markets with search engine optimization. Provide useful content on your blog; for example, you could provide valuable tips to help first-time homebuyers go about the process and educate them on what they need. You could include keywords related to real estate to ensure that your website has better visibility in the organic search engine results.

Provide links to your main website and other real estate websites that may assist prospective clients in making a decision. Ensure to use visual content like short videos and high-quality images of houses and other properties to complement your blog content.

Virtual Tours

Due to the recent effects of the pandemic on businesses, it would be a significant boost to your real estate business if you staged virtual tours. Virtual tours enable prospective customers to go through the house and give them a sneak preview of how the place looks. Apart from limiting physical contact, it also helps to save time and money spent on home viewing.

You don’t have to make preparations for every home staging with a virtual tour. Through a virtual tour, more clients can view the house at a given time, which increases your chances of closing a deal. Consider everything required to create a virtual preview of the home.

You could opt for drone technology to capture aerial shots of the house. The drone will also help in taking exterior and landscape shots for your listing and virtual tour video. Investing in quality photography and videos shows clients that you’re professional and keen on providing customers with every info about the house.

Social Media Marketing

Do you have a social media page for your real estate company? It would be best to take advantage of various social media platforms to market your houses and provide links to your website listings. There are billions of social media users, so why not take advantage of this vast marketplace to market your business?

Come up with a social media marketing campaign for your real estate business and know how you can utilize these platforms to attract a new client. Ensure that you have a company page with all details on how to contact you.

Make regular pictures and video posts of the houses that you have for sale. It would be best first to identify your demographics and tailor your marketing strategies to the right audience. You can also opt for paid campaigns to promote your posts and reach a broader demographic. Respond to any inquiries about home and ensure to respond on time. Update your posts regularly and inform clients when a house is sold or still available for viewing.

Provide links to your website where clients can acquire more details about a particular property unit. Create engagements by responding to comments on your property posts.

Email Marketing

Emails may seem outdated, but many internet users still use their emails for essential communication. You don’t want to bombard everyone with unsolicited emails and end up being marked as spam. Identify and segment your audience to identify those that have subscribed to your business’s email newsletters.

You can create customized emails to inform your subscribers of the latest real estate news. You can also use emails to notify your prospective clients about property price changes and any offers or discounts that you may offer. Your emails may also include information to guide first-time home buyers and educate them on what they should consider when making their home purchase. This way, you keep customers in the loop of what’s happening in real estate and simultaneously market your properties.

Business Cards and Brochures

Business cards and brochures provide more information about your real estate venture during in-person meetings. They also ensure that the prospects have contact information when they think of buying a house. Provide brochures and your business cards during the meeting and house tours to market your real estate business and ensure clients have the correct details when they need to reach out.

Ask for Referrals

When a customer closes the deal on the house, it doesn’t have to end there. Reach out to them and ask whether they’re enjoying the home and their current progress. You can include a referral link in your email or request them to put out a good word for you to their friends and family looking to buy a property.