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The Raleigh Venture Capital & Angel Groups That Startups Need To Know

Being backed by the correct venture capital fund (investment funds that manage the money of investors who seek private equity stakes in startup and small- to medium-sized enterprises with strong growth potential but are usually high-risk/high-return opportunities), or angel group (usually a high net worth individual who provides financial backing for small startups or entrepreneurs) can make or break a company.

Below you will find a list of the capital groups in Raleigh that anyone running a startup should know about.


Alumshares is a platform designed for University-based exclusive investments. This premier technology-enabled investment platform is where investors have the opportunity to have a stake in world-changing technologies during their early stages of development.

Alumshares allows your Alma Mater the opportunity to be supported as they innovate the next new technology. Their technological ideas could very well help launch some of the next world-changing companies.

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Bull City Venture Partners

Bull City Venture Partners (BCVP) is an early-stage venture capital firm that provides investments in Internet and software-based companies. Investment amounts range from $250,000-$2 million, focusing on sectors such as health IT, E-commerce, mobile, Internet and software.

BCVP is located in Durham, NC and typically focus their investment activity in that geographical location. However, they also venture off into areas such as the mid-Atlantic and the southeast regions. They are interested in experienced entrepreneurs and teams with similar investment interests, who also possess the confidence needed to offer unique advantages in the marketplace.

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Cofounders Capital

Based in Cary, NC, Cofounders Capital has a core focus in creating success. This hands-on company consists of more than 70 successful Triangle entrepreneurs and other business leaders. Together they represent many years of combined experience and offer early-stage venture capital.

Cofounders Capital believes that success is tied to those you put on your team and who you align your success with. They only partner with those they believe have resources to make a significant impact on the ventures they invest in. Regardless of how small a new company may be, Cofounders Capital considers investments in established software-based companies that offer solutions to many of today’s obvious problems.

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Hatteras Venture Partners

Hatteras Venture Partners was founded in 2000 and is located in Durham, NC. They focus on improving health through the use of transformative therapies and disruptive technology. Their mission and goal are to build companies that transform human medicine. Particularly companies that benefit both the patients and the professionals who treat and serve them. Hatteras Venture Partners embrace early-stage companies that can be easily replicated as a cutting-edge company that adds a valuable yet creative business model. Mainly models that disrupt the norm in the healthcare business.

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Idea Fund Partners

Idea Fund Partners takes great pride in partnering with startup companies during their early stage of development. Their investments consist of both seed funding and early-stage funding; prior to companies going to market, developing their first product and making their first sale.

Idea Fund Partners are hands-on and assist entrepreneurs to develop high profitability growth plans. They are known for their investment approach which they referred to as “Money for Minnows.” Their approach has been applied to some of their most successful ventures.

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Inception Micro Angel Fund RTP

Inception Micro Angel Fund RTP provides seed funding and angel capital funding to assist with capitalization for growing entrepreneurial activities. They provide venture financing in and around the North Carolina area. They offer opportunities to their member-owned and member-managed company, which allow their members to become involved in their investment procedures. Their goal is to make it possible for their members to enhance wealth by investing money, time and building relationships with companies that have high growth potential. They focus primarily on companies in the Research Triangle Park area of NC.

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Pappas Capital

Pappas Capital is celebrating 25 years of building and investing in innovative companies. Primarily those that have a focus on developing technology and life science products that are suitable for the next generation. They have invested in over 85 companies within the United States and in Canada. Their investments efforts have brought companies and products to the marketplace that are associated with human disease. Mainly those associated with the treatment of ovarian cancer, hemophilia, and melanoma.

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RTP Capital Associates

RTP Associates

RTP Capital is a network of accredited angel investors who work with promising early stage companies in need of investment.  Founded in 2010 and now 65 members strong, the group focuses on investments from the Triangle and southeast region, but also expands its reach through relationships with other angel groups throughout the country.

RTP Capital members have been very active, investing in more than 30 companies since 2016 and deploying several million dollars in capital.  Investments have been in a wide variety of industries, with the majority in information technology (and related applications), life sciences or agriculture.

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SJF Ventures

SJF Ventures makes investments in high growth companies that ultimately results in a healthier and cleaner future. They seek out companies with high growth potential that can also make a positive impact in the market place. SJF Ventures serves as the catalyst for developing successful businesses with the goal of driving a positive change.

Their investments range from $1 – $10 million dollars. They have served on boards of more than 50 portfolio companies and they welcome and embrace entrepreneurs with a high potential to develop exceptional outcomes.

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Social Venture Circle

Social Venture Circle (SVC) is based in California and is a membership network organization. They offer supportive resources that equip and drives the next generation of entrepreneurs and the next economy. SVC carry out their mission by equipping entrepreneurs with strategic connections that provide capacity building support for aspiring entrepreneurs. They also impact investors who can further the mission of the entrepreneurs they serve.

In essence, SVC connects entrepreneurs with sources that provide financial resources and expertise to build businesses that can benefit us all.

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The Launch Place

The Launch Places’ core mission is to foster entrepreneurs that build stronger economies by creating a fundraising and supportive environment. They assist both new and serial entrepreneurs so they’ll have the capital and leadership support needed to properly launch their products or services into the marketplace.
Their hub for innovation is Caswell County in North Carolina, Danville City, and the Pittsylvania County area of Virginia.

After the Danville region experienced a major decline in industries such as textiles, tobacco, and furniture manufacturing, in 2012 the Danville Regional Foundation awarded the Launch Place with a $10 million grant. The grant was designed to support the vision to launch an environment for entrepreneurship, innovation and to build a stronger regional economy in general. Of the $10 million grant, $5 million was used as seed funding for start-up businesses and serial entrepreneurship.

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Triangle Angel Partners

Triangle Angel Partners, also referred to as TAP invests in companies with first-of-a-kind, technology-based ideas. They invest in companies that are located within a short distance from Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. They assign lead investors to work with top, high-quality entrepreneurs that possess a great track record.

Their method for evaluating entrepreneurs that are considered for funding is based on the entrepreneur’s leadership abilities and their past performance. Regardless of whether the experience has been in their current or previous ventures. TAP also considers entrepreneurs management team as well as their level of passion and commitment to their new business idea.

TAP works as a partner to entrepreneurs who have learned how to attract future stakeholders into their company to stimulate growth. Including potential customers, employees, and investors. TAP is also known for providing input into the ventures they invest in to further accelerate growth and to help entrepreneurs capture a significant portion of the market share.

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Carolina Angel Network

The Carolina Angel Network connects UNC alumni and its friends to UNC start-up companies. The network is made up of successful alumni’s who are also donors. They assist with developing early-stage companies that happen to be managed by other UNC alumni’s. The Carolina Angel Network works with investors who are accredited according to the SEC’s standards. But those who do not meet their standards can become an affiliate member.

Their network has resources comprised of a team of experts that both locate and screen the most feasible deals within the U.S. Particularly, early-stage companies who are also in their primitive revenue stages.

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Duke Angel Network

Duke Angel Network is based in Durham, NC. They have leveraged the power of the Duke Blue Devils Network by making investment opportunities available to its members. They accomplish this by allowing their members to invest in and participate in building high-growth companies.

The Duke Angel Network allows its members to tap into and leverage members of their own Duke Network, such as board members, founders, executives, or investors. As long they are a current or former Duke student, employee, or parent, can add value and offer innovative solutions to common problems that consumers face, they can participate in investment opportunities.

Duke Angel Network raises seed money or Series A equity capital in the amount of $300,000 more.

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NC State Chancellor’s Innovation Fund

The NC State Chancellor’s Innovation Fund was established by NC State in 2010 with the assistance from chancellor William R. (Randy) Woodson. The investment funds have a core focus on commercially-based research projects. They provide financial support up to $75,000 to innovators based in NC State.

To be considered for funding, research projects must be highly feasible, have a strong IP status, have strong market opportunities and a strong impact on commercial viability and license ability. They must also practice and develop technology designed to enhance commercial-related intellectual property that has been disclosed and made available to the office of research commercialization (ORC).

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Triangle Venture Alliance

Triangle Venture Alliance is a partnership between multiple NC entities. They have been established to provide funds to start-up organizations that have been founded by alumni students, staff, or faculty and their families. The network consists of the University of North Carolina, North Carolina Central University, Duke University, and NC State University. Together they combine their efforts as Triangle-area university angel investors. Their combined power assists start-ups that have groundbreaking and innovative ideas with the best chance at success.

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Wolfpack Investor Network

WIN is part of the Triangle Venture Alliance, a partnership between NC State, Carolina Angel Network and the Duke Angel Network to co-invest in opportunities where there is a connection to more than one university represented on the management team or in the IP portfolio.

The Wolfpack Investor Network was launched in December of 2016 as a university-affiliated nonprofit LLC and showcases the university’s entrepreneurial ecosystem by curating university-affiliated investment opportunities for its investor members.

Since its inception, WIN has collectively invested over $10 million into 18 university-affiliated companies spanning industries such as food science, medical devices, advanced materials, and therapeutics.

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