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Raleigh Life Sciences Startups You Need To Know About

Absolute Home Health

Absolute Home Health Care provides nursing and rehabilitation to individuals that are unable to leave their homes. They offer a unique alternative to residential care homes, allowing the sick and elderly to enjoy a high level of care without sacrificing the comfort of their own homes.

Website: Absolute Home Health

Agile Sciences

Agile Sciences, Inc. are responsible for designing an entirely new type of molecule that counteracts drug resistance in bacteria. Their ultimate goal is to reverse the recent worrying trend of bacteria growing resistant and even immune to standard antibiotics, making victims much harder to treat.

Website: Agile Sciences


AirGlow allows you to overcome the limitations of traditional screens when it comes to art and design. Up to three users can work on a single piece at once, each working on their own device and contributing to a shared product that updates immediately. No longer will artists need to work separately and go through the laborious process of manually sharing their changes with one another.

Website: AirGlow

Ajinomoto North America

Ajinomoto Health & Nutrition North America, Inc. is dedicated to producing revolutionary new food products that blend environmental consciousness and quality. They don’t use any animal products or fillers, only their high quality amino acids.

Website: Ajinomoto North America

Alera Labs

Alera Labs provides support services to agricultural, biotech, medical device, and pharmaceutical companies. When such companies are just starting out and lack the infrastructure and divisions needed for toxicology tests and clinical trials, they can use contract Alera Labs to conduct the tests for them.

Website: Alera Labs

Allasso Industries

Allasso Industries make fibers and fabrics for use in filtration systems, absorbent wipes, personal hygiene, membranes, separators, and reinforced composites. When compared to the competition, they focus on biodegradable and dissolvable resins that minimize environmental impact.

Website: Allasso Industries

Appealing Products

Appealing Products, Inc. specializes in producing cheap yet innovative products for a wide range of uses, including forensics and detection of toxic compounds, poisons in food, and explosive substances. Additionally, they provide consulting for industrial hygiene, materials utilization, and the like.

Website: Appealing Products

Aptiv Solutions

Aptive Solutions offered clinical trial services for medical device and biopharmaceutical companies until they were acquired by ICON in 2014. They specialized in providing support for clinical development, all the way from compound selection to full clinical trials.

Website: Aptiv Solutions


ArrayExpress is a major repository used for storing genomics data from microarray and sequencing platforms, with the ultimate goal being to increase reproducible research. They work in conjunction with a variety of respected agencies, including the NCBI and European Nucleotide Archive.

Website: ArrayExpress


BENANOVA provides an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional nanosilver. Their particles are designed to be useful in both environmental remediation and agriculture, in turn making agriculture more efficient and improving soil quality.



bioMASON produces cement with microorganisms, offering an alternative to traditional cement that is just as strong, yet has significant advantages when it comes to environmental impact. The addition of microorganisms allows their unique cement to be formed at ambient temperatures.

Website: bioMASON

Charles Rivers Laboratories

Charles Rivers Laboratories offer a variety of products and services to help create new drugs and therapeutic solutions. Depending on a client’s needs, they can assist in every aspect from discovery to development and even the manufacturing process.

Website: Charles Rivers Laboratories

Clintrax Global

Clintrax Global helps handle the business and management sides of young startups, offering assistance in potential legal matters, investigation budgeting, and the negotiation of site contracts. They offer services that work in conjunction with one another, allowing them to work with exceptional efficiency when taking advantage of multiple services.

Website: Clintrax Global

Empire Foods

Empire Foods provides assistance to grocery companies that sell Kroger products, especially in terms of market research, inventory management, and merchandising. In addition to basic quality assurance of precarious products like meat and seafood, they can arrange the promotion and arrangement of produce, baked goods, and deli products.

Website: Empire Foods

Enteric Vaccine Solutions

Enteric Vaccine Solutions create and distribute vaccines for pigs that protect against intestinal diseases, creating healthier pigs that have a higher standard of living and require less antibiotics. Their main targets include ileitis, Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea, and Salmonella.

Website: Enteric Vaccine Solutions


ephRemedies worked to discover new cardioprotective drugs that will ward against health disease.

Website: ephRemedies

Evans Analytical Group

EAG Laboratories cover every aspect of support a rising startup might need. They can assist with testing the viability of your product, troubleshooting any issues, streamlining the manufacturing process, and even protecting your intellectual rights.

Website: Evans Analytical Group

FLAG Therapeutics

FLAG Therapeutics offer two specialized platforms. First, their anti-angiogenic and anti-tubulin is specialized for dealing with highly vascularized tumors. Second, their purine synthesis inhibitor is ideal for counteracting mesothelioma and ovarian, kidney, and pancreatic cancers.

Website: FLAG Therapeutics

Fusion Tech

Fusion Tech offers highly efficient options in the food processing industry, including ovens, cutting equipment, processing equipment, and infrastructure products. Their goal is to increase employee efficiency while lowering operating costs and reducing accidents.

Website: Fusion Tech

GroPro Organic Lawns

GroPro Organic Lawns provide a variety of programs and services to revitalize your yard inexpensively and sustainably. From fertilizer to mosquito eradication and core aeration, they have a diverse range of tools available.

Website: GroPro Organic Lawns


ImmunoReagents produces primary antibodies, secondary antibodies, immunoassay reagents, antibody purification reagents, human and animal serums, purified proteins, and immunoglobulins. All of these products are customized and distributed to clients with specific needs.

Website: ImmunoReagents

Jubilant Clinsys

Jubilant Clinsys offers physical and biological research to commercial interests, as well as development services. In terms of specialty pharmaceuticals, they provide radiopharmaceuticals, CMO of Sterile injectables and Non Sterile Products, and Allergy Therapy products. They also offer life science ingredients, such as specialty intermediates, nutritional products, and Life Science Chemicals.

Website: Jubilant Clinsys

Katharos, Inc.

Katharos, Inc. designs and sells the PHOSFILTER, a medical device for treating hemodialysis patients. The device reduces reliance on oral phosphate-binding pills, reduces mortality, and lowers the cost of healthcare for those suffering from hyperphosphatemia.

Website: Katharos, Inc.

Kyma Technologies

Kyma Technologies offer devices, materials, equipment, engineering services, and business consulting services for the sake of a greener planet and improving quality of life for all. In particular, they aim to partner with other innovators and work to produce advanced materials and devices together.

Website: Kyma Technologies


LipoScience Inc. specialized in providing personalized diagnostic tests before being bought out by LabCorp in late 2014. The test specifically tracks insulin-resistance score, lipoprotein particle number, and standard lipid panel.

Website: LipoScience

Lucerno Dynamics

Lucerno Dynamics offers cloud servers for medical data, enabling healthcare providers to easily sort through and analyze data, both for individual patients and large groups. Their innovative system allows them to quickly detect and record the presence of specific biomarkers in tissue with unprecedented speed, safety, and simplicity.

Website: Lucerno Dynamics

Mercury Science

Mercury Science provides consulting for analytical assays. They help companies that lack sufficient infrastructure with designing, synthesizing, and manufacturing immunogens and antibodies. Some of their products include bare carbon sensors, protein and NeutrAdvidin sensors, saxitoxins tests, and shellfish extraction kits.

Website: Mercury Science


NanoVector designs and plans to sell a specific type of drug delivery system that relies on nanoparticles. The patent is pending, but the system was designed at NC state.

Website: NanoVector

Novocor Medical Systems

Novocor Medical Systems, Inc. provides products and services that specifically benefit first responders. Their HypoCore is a rapid chilling device that induces therapeutic hypothermia in cases of cardiac arrest, traumatic brain injury, heat stroke, and heavy concussions.

Website: Novocor Medical Systems


NuPulseCV, Inc. works to update the methods used to deal with advanced heart failure. Their iVAS device doesn’t require extensive surgery, but treats the underlying issues in the long term with ambulatory counterpulsation that synchronizes with the heart.

Website: NuPulse

Ovation Biotech

Ovation Biotech was a startup that worked to produce renewable alkanes from various waste products, including recyclables and non-food raw materials like cooking oil. Their ultimate goal was to replace petroleum alkanes with their renewable alkanes in products like fuels.

Website: Ovation Biotech


Peptagen is a cancer vaccine offered by Adis Insight. It uses G protein-coupled receptor modulators to attack cancer.

Website: Peptagen


PlasmaGro works to enable self-sufficiency in farmers by providing nitrogen-based fertilizers that are more sustainable and more readily available than the alternatives. Traditional nitrogen fertilizers are often used for corn, wheat, and cotton, each of which are massive industries. Even if only a small fraction of farmers switched over to PlasmaGro, the impact would be massive.

Website: PlasmaGro


PlatiNix designed an alternative to platinum for usage as a catalyst in the production of hydrogen, ultimately creating a clean energy fuel at a fraction of the cost it would require when using real platinum.

Website: PlatiNix

Polymer Braille

Polymer Braille offer a variety of products designed to help the vision-impaired function in the modern world. Their primary product is an affordable full page braille display that helps provide blind users with access to online content.

Website: Polymer Braille


PRA Health Sciences provides research support on a contractual basis. They help smaller companies arrange clinical tests, sift through applicants, gather data, then analyze that data and present it to the client in a simple and efficient way. Founded in 1982, the company was acquired in 2013 by Kohlberg Kravis Robersts, then made public in 2014.

Website: PRA


Premitec, Inc. was a startup that assisted companies with microfabrication design, development, prototyping, testing, and manufacturing, especially with regards to medical sensors and medical devices on the micro and nano levels.

Website: Premitec

Proteome Sciences

Proteome Sciences designs and analyzes proteomics studies to improve discovery, identification, and mechanism of action studies. They also offer biomarker discovery via combined tissue and fluid proteomics, as well as extensive interpretation and insight into data.

Website: Proteome Sciences


ProteoVec used the STA-VEC transposon vector system to create specific proteins that could meet a wide variety of specifications. They aim to tackle cancer, diabetes, dementia, heart disease, obesity and various other chronic diseases.

Website: ProteoVec


Rocktron Mineral Services devised a new method to transform fresh or stored ash into a valuable mineral additive for plastics. The patented process results in no waste and converts and environmental hazard and a financial burden into a net positive.

Website: RockTron

Salix Pharmaceuticals

Salix Pharmaceuticals is globally one of the largest gastroenterology-focused pharmaceutical companies, offering treatments for gastrointestinal disorders through new prescription drugs and medical devices.

Website: Salix Pharmaceuticals

Scientific Organizational Solutions

Scientific Organizational Solutions, LLC is dedicated to new psychometric personality testing software known as PerSight. This new technology is not only extremely difficult to fake, but can also be offered much faster, making for an easy commercialization process.

Website: Scientific Organizational Solutions

SeaChange Technologies

SeaChange Technologies has devised a new water purification technology that offers zero liquid discharge, a high degree of flexibility, sustainability, low space requirements, a minimal cost, high adaptivity, and impressive mobility. Through desalination, they hope to meet the ever-growing water demands of humanity.

Website: SeaChange Technologies

Sirga Advanced Biopharma

Sirga Advanced Biopharma works to discover early-phased drugs with unique technologies and targets. Specifically, they attack bacteria, fungi, and viruses that are resistant to drugs and general human diseases in order to create solutions to some of the most persistent human health problems. In choosing their targets, they hope to hit organisms that struggle to adapt drug resistance.

Website: Sirga Advanced Biopharma

Sisu Chemical

Sisu Cehmical, LLC works directly with customers to create new products, such as their water-based cold-forging lubricants, film and foil coatings and adhesives, and concrete additives and sealants.

Website: Sisu Chemical

Sprout Pharmaceuticals

Sprout Pharmaceuticals specializes in providing sexual dysfunction drugs for women, which contrasts the trend in the wider industry to cater mainly to male sexual dysfunction. Their main product is Addyi, a prescription medicine that treats reduced sexual desire in women that have neither gone through menopause nor suffered through similar low sexual desire in the past.

Website: Sprout Pharmaceuticals


Tethis is dedicated to creating and spreading biodegradable personal hygiene products in order to reduce our impact on the environment. Their super-absorbing hydrogels can be added to the manufacturing process of normal personal hygiene products in place of traditional petrochemical absorbents.

Website: Tethis

The GoGown

The GoGown is a piece of medical outerwear designed to reduce the risk of contamination, improve the appearance of hospitals, provide an easy means of monitoring compliance, and reducing waste quantity. It is placed over scrubs, giving a protective layer that can be safely discarded after dealing with the contaminated patient or material.

Website: The GoGown

TriboFilm Research

TriboFilm Research, Inc. brings together a diverse team of material scientists, chemists, and engineers to create medical devices, polymers, textiles, and semiconductor materials. They offer their expertise to other organizations, solving critical mechanical problems with their wide range of expertise and experience.

Website: TriboFilm Research

Umicore USA

Umicore is a global materials technology and recycling group that seeks to clean up a number of industries. From rechargeable batteries to automotive catalysts, they reduce reliance on disposable goods in favor of more sustainable solutions.

Website: Umicore USA


VaporPulse Technologies, Inc. creates Atomic Layer Deposition Coating, a modern innovation that has benefits in aerospace, packaging, energy storage, and lighting, with organizations as prestigious as NASA and IBM making use of the technology. Additionally, they provide research and development services.

Website: VaporPulse


Venganza, Inc. is a biotech company that develops new technology for engineering pest-resistant crops. They have a wide spread of products that cover bacteria, fungi, insects, and nematodes, with variations that both kill the pests or simply render them non-pathogenic.

Website: Venganza


VitalFlo offers products and services meant to combat common respiratory health problems, including excessively high cost of care, unfortunate outcomes, and inconvenient treatments. They offer products that enable healthcare providers to quickly and easy check patient information, as well as mobile units that allow patients to check themselves at home and detect any early warning signs.

Website: VitalFlo

Wright Foods

Wright Foods provide a clean and contaminant-free means of creating unparalleled food products. With their unique technology, they can create ideal shelf-stable foods, with details customized to the exacting specifications of any customer. From concept to packaged product, they can guide you through developing the initial formula, testing every aspect that matters, designing the package, getting the necessary materials, and delivering it all at a low price.

Website: Wright Foods


Xanofi is a nanotech company that creates specialized nanofiber applications. Their XanoShear is a high yield, liquid-based platform for producing polymeric staple nanofibers. In addition to commercial integration of their products, they also offer research and product development consulting and contracting.

Website: Xanofi


XelAqua, Inc. seeks out different ways of dealing with low water quality. Their Magnetic Ballast Clarification easily removes particulates from water supplies and treats contaminated water, offering twice the throughput of comparable processes at a fraction of the space and cost.

Website: XelAqua

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