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Orthodontic Practice Marketing Ideas – That Work If Done Correctly

Like all other professionals who practice independently, orthodontists will need to market their practices in order to earn a sufficient income. Orthodontists are specialized dental professionals who focus on addressing deformities of the mouth, teeth, and gums. Since they are specialized, they will need to find ways to market to people who need their particular services. Fortunately for orthodontists, there are many ways in which they can easily market to their potential patients. With a wide variety of marketing methods, orthodontists will be in a position to successfully grow their practice each year.

Orthodontists have a unique type of dental service and therefore need to focus on networking in order to grow on a steady basis. They will need to frequently meet with dentists and other professionals in their area in order to get enough exposure. So lots of in-person interaction will be essential for an orthodontist to grow their practice more easily. Along with networking regularly, an orthodontist will also need to provide patients with incentives and discounts to entice them to receive their services. An orthodontist looking to grow their practice will also need to communicate directly with patients and ask for referrals to build their practice.

Patient Appreciation Days

One of the ways in which an orthodontist can market their practice is to offer patient appreciation days. These are days in which the orthodontist and the staff will provide patients with additional incentives such as free services. It will also include providing a party and tickets to see a movie. With parties and free services, patient appreciation days have proven to be very effective at impressing patients and developing a favorable reputation in the local community. As a result, patient appreciation days are something that orthodontist should offer on a regular basis in order to grow their practice.

Offer Invisalign

Another way for an orthodontist to effectively market their practice is to offer services such as Invisalign. This is where an orthodontist gives a patient a clear object that they insert into their teeth to align their mouth. It has proven to be one of the most efficient ways to restore the proper form of the mouth. With Invisalign, many patients have been able to make their mouths look more attractive at a much lower cost. In order for an orthodontist to grow their practice, they will want to offer this service so that they can prove to patients that they provide affordable orthodontic care that will benefit them.

Network With Dentists

As well as offering patient appreciation days and Invisalign services, orthodontists will need to network with dentists in order to consistently grow their practice. Orthodontists can just meet up with dentists at seminars, networking meetings, and dental conferences in order to get to know many dentists in the community. They can also arrange lunches and social gatherings with dentists so that they can inform them about their services and eventually receive referrals in the near future. As a result, networking is among the most effective ways for an orthodontist to grow their practice.

Offer Incentives

When an orthodontist is looking to market their practice, they can also offer discounts and incentives in order to entice new patients. These discounts will help patients receive the services they need at more affordable terms. An orthodontist can offer a new patient discount of 20% off. They can also offer a discount for referrals that are sent to them by satisfied patients. Along with discounts, orthodontists can also offer incentives to patients, such as additional services at a reduced fee. For example, an orthodontist can perform a procedure and then offer 50% off for an additional service such as Invisalign. Therefore, incentives and discounts will allow an orthodontist to provide value for their services and patients in the community.

Provide Flexible Financing

Getting orthodontist services can be quite expensive for many people and families. As a result, an orthodontist will need to provide affordable fees and payment options that will fit their budget. One of the most effective ways for an orthodontist to market themselves more marketable is to provide flexible payment options. They can provide patients with a program from a consumer financing company such as United Consumer Financial Services, which is specifically designed for dental practitioners. This program allows patients to pay for expensive procedures over time and save money. An orthodontist can also offer their own payment plans to patients as well. They can make arrangements with a patient where they receive a certain amount down, and they receive invoices on a monthly basis until the total bill is finally paid.

Word of Mouth Referrals

Like all other independent professionals, orthodontists will also need to use word of mouth and referrals to grow their practice. With word of mouth, they can network with other dental professionals as well as attend community events. Along with networking with fellow professionals in the dental field, orthodontists can network with individuals and families at various events in the community as well as a business networking groups. As well as networking at various social functions, orthodontists can also use referrals from satisfied patients in order to increase their workload. When providing satisfactory service to patients, an orthodontist will be able to get recommendations to other people. As a result, they will get more patients at no cost.

Direct Communication

When serving patients, it is also important for orthodontists to stay in touch with their patients on a regular basis. This allows them to make sure that they are healthy and satisfied with their services. Therefore an orthodontist will need to engage in direct communication with patients so that they can follow up with them. One of the ways to do this is to send emails. An orthodontist can send an email to a patient to inform them about their most recent visit and provide information about any discounts or additional services. They can also send patients letters and postcards to request referrals, receive more services, keep them informed about their practice, and show appreciation.