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Nursing Home Care Facility Web Design and Marketing

The best in class nursing care facility web design should include the primary challenges faced by this vital industry and major strategies for solving them. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, by the year 2035, the number of people over age 65 in the national population will be greater than those under 18. This is a first in the history of the United States.

This increase in the number of seniors will create a greater need for quality nursing care facilities across the country. It will impact and expand the current demands and challenges now faced by senior nursing facilities. Advancements in medical and healthcare treatments for senior health issues of all types greatly benefit elderly residents in nursing care residences. However, these welcomed and encouraging healthcare improvements also require additional staffing, training, and funding.

Five Major Challenges Currently Faced by the Nursing Care Facility Industry

Five primary challenges that nursing care facilities in the U.S. now face and must deal with on a daily basis include the following:

  1. Staffing Turnover. When nursing care facilities experience rapid turnover rates in their staff, they incur additional rehiring and retraining costs for new employees. Even well-trained and experienced new staff members must be instructed concerning the facility’s daily schedule, procedures, and patient care workflow. They must gain familiarity with any specialized or new treatment equipment used by the facility. They must also learn about the individual care needs of their new patients.
  2. Regulations Changes. Frequent changes in nursing care regulations require extra staff training sessions. This necessary training can make it difficult for nurses and nursing aids to complete their work in fewer than 10-hours per day. Even after training is completed, follow-up meetings to reinforce new procedures take nurses away from their patient care work.
  3. Employee Communications. Fast and accurate communications with and among staff members in today’s busy nursing care environments are essential. Without seamless contact and precision transmitting of important data, information, and staff-related notices, no senior care facility can operate smoothly. A reliable, rapid communications plan is necessary to best serve its patient population and staff. A growing number of facilities are now installing large digital signage screens in administrators’ offices, staff conference rooms, and lounges. This contemporary signage is very helpful when placed in nursing stations and facility hallways as well. Many time-consuming meetings can be avoided, and there is no more need for sending out endless emails or text updates to keep the staff informed.
  4. Under-Staffing Issues. A constant challenge is the problem of under-staffing in senior care facilities. Higher operating costs and increasing prices for supplies, patient care equipment, and staff training often lead to cut-backs in staffing. Nurses must work longer hours, sometimes covering two work shifts. This can occur when other employees need sick days or are on well-needed vacations.
  5. Lack of Staff Leadership Development. In many senior nursing care facilities, there simply is not adequate funding or time that can be allotted to developing staff leadership among employees. Administrators who are capable of teaching leadership classes and holding related seminars do not have the time. Their other essential duties and daily requirements prevent them from offering valuable educational programs for the staff.

Seven Essential Strategies to Ensure Best In Class Nursing Care Facility Web Design

Expert website design for best-in-class nursing care facilities today should make innovative and effective use of compelling content. Using engaging text, images, video, and interactive features, each web page should present the major features, care options, and amenities of a facility. This content should reveal major procedures for ensuring optimal patient care.

The following seven strategies should be included in the website design for all best in class nursing care facilities today:

1. Excellent Patient Care in a Quality Environment

By including exterior and interior images of a nursing care facility, a website designer can provide site viewers with a visual understanding of the setting. Using video to create a virtual walk-through, they can offer an accurate picture of the patient care residence in action, as it operates each day. This is of great help to potential new residents and their families in selecting the ideal nursing facility to meet their needs.

2. Effective Individual Patient Treatment and Care

State-of-the-art website design for best-in-class nursing care facilities should emphasize optimal quality treatment and care for each resident patient. With a combination of textual content and videos and photos, an expert web designer can reveal the facility’s strong focus on superior patient services. Site viewers can watch video interviews with well-satisfied resident’s family members describing the excellent facility benefits. From top-quality patient medical examinations, diagnoses, and treatment to ongoing healthcare service, all can be expertly revealed with excellent web design.

3. Highly Trained Physicians, Nurses, and Staff

Experienced web designers will include photographs and professional biographies of doctors, nurses, administrators, and support staff on the facility’s website. Prospective patients and their families are much more likely to contact nursing care residences after discovering the staffs’ expert qualifications.

4. Resident Fees and Payment Schedule

A well-designed website for a nursing care residence will display information and data explaining patients’ residency fees and payment schedules. Any additional fees will also be listed. Talented web designers may incorporate attractive graphs, videos, or other visuals to clarity these patient care costs. Many medical exams and treatments can be covered by patients’ health insurance policies or by Medicare for senior residents.

5. Applicant Access to Facility’s Annual Financial Statement

An expert website designer will often include a link to a web page displaying a nursing care company’s annual financial statement. When potential residents are considering different nursing facilities, evidence that a facility is in good financial standing encourages more applications.

6. Constant Communication with Residents’ Families

Using engaging images and audiovisual input, a quality web design group can create website content for a nursing facility environment. This site content can reveal that the doctors, nurses, and healthcare staff maintain constant open communication with residents’ family members. This type of transparency promotes trust and good relationships between patients’ families and the residency staff.

7. Connected Healthcare to Promote Patients’ Well-being

Quality web design can include textual and visual input on facility sites that explain advocates for connected healthcare. This policy supports integrated treatment and communications among patients’ different doctors, nurses, and other healthcare practitioners. Patients can gain valuable health benefits from connected care.

The ideal web design for best-in-class nursing care facility websites includes these seven basic features and services. All top-rated facilities provide superior quality medical treatment options and excellent quality healthcare. Their professional and support staffs consist of highly qualified doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers. Ultimate quality websites designed by experts include this information using engaging and compelling content.\


Patient costs and extra fees, along with a facility’s annual financial report, are all easily accessible for prospective residents. The best site designs have rapid loading speed, easy navigation, and are responsive designs for viewing on mobile digital devices. Top-tier website design can best promote the major advantages, features, and qualities of facilities, attracting new residents.

With increasing revenues, facilities can resolve major challenges. These challenges may include rapid staff turnover, frequent regulations changes, and lack of good staff communications. Other important issues may be under-staffing and lack of staff leadership development. Combining major strategies with excellent web design can create highly successful business sites and stable futures for contemporary nursing care facilities.