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Food & Beverage Industry

The food and beverage industry has seen lots of changes over the years, including the products that sell and the food items—or alternatives—consumers are searching for. In short, the food and beverage industry includes all companies who process raw food materials, packaging, and distribution of those goods.

Unlike the agriculture industry which covers foods directly produced by farming, the food and beverage industry is much more focused on technology and using that technology to innovate and create food products.

This success of this industry is closely linked to the economic health of an area. If there’s more to be spent, restaurants, bars, and even grocery stores will see an increase in sales. And the products available can shift each year, depending on what consumers want. For example, plant-based meat substitutes, cannabis-based products, and “functional” foods are popular products that are gaining traction among the largest group of consumers in the food and beverage industry.