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Beauty & Cosmetics Industry

Unlike what you might initially think, the beauty and cosmetics industry isn’t a strictly feminine sector. In addition to the traditional idea of cosmetics (lipstick, eye shadow, nail polish), the beauty and cosmetics industry also includes skin care, hair care, deodorant, and other toiletries.

In the United States alone, the beauty industry brings in 90 million dollars each year. That’s a lot of consumer cash going toward these products. The industry is largely dominated by a handful of multinational corporations, like Johnson & Johnson, Gillette, and Neutrogena, among others.

Marketing in the beauty and cosmetics industry is constantly shifting and evolving. Now more than ever is a push to create inclusive marketing campaigns that represent and appeal to all consumers, not only to those upholding the traditional standard of beauty. This give marketing teams a wealth of opportunity to reach a consumer base that has never been specifically catered to.