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B2B Marketing

In the online marketing world, B2B is a term you’ve probably come across more than once. In short, B2B is an acronym for “Business to Business.” This industry is comprised of companies that focus on selling their products or services to other business instead of directly to individual consumers.

The B2B industry is essential to the growth and success of companies of all shapes and sizes. From manufacturing to retail, there are B2B companies in every industry imaginable. Industrial suppliers, payroll processers, and the like fall into the B2B category. Any time a business needs an outside product or service to produce their final product, you’re looking at a B2B transaction.

Unlike in retail marketing where your target is the consumer, in B2B marketing, you’re trying to win over another business. This means you’ve got to understand how your client operates and how you can develop a strategy that gives them the solutions they’re looking for.