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Marketing Ideas for Physical Therapy Practices – That Work If Done Correctly

If you’re interested in growing a business that offers physical therapy services, you need to make sure you have plenty of people signing up for services. However, finding new leads on clients that need physical therapy isn’t as easy as it sounds. One of the biggest challenges that face physical therapy practices is reaching people before they find another remedy. Healthcare is a competitive industry, and physical therapy practices must compete with other types of healing remedies. Besides offering better services than other physical therapy practices in your area, your business needs to prove that it’s better than visiting a massage parlor.

Marketing Ideas for Physical Therapy Practices

To help your practice stand out among other remedies, you’ll need to implement marketing strategies. You should already have a section of your business plan that’s focused on marketing. Assess how your current strategies have been performing before you adopt any new ideas. These marketing strategies are designed to engage with your community members to present your services to people who will need your assistance.

Idea #1: Show the World Your Staff Cares

When you are operating practice in the healthcare industry, you need to make an effort to express how much your staff cares about the people you’re helping. This is accomplished by using reviews and letters to spread the word about how much work your team does. Whenever a client is pleased with their experience, a staff member should present them with an opportunity to take a survey. That survey could help you when you need to write testimonials for your website. Surveys are also a great way to track how well your employees are doing.

Take time to introduce your staff to the world by attending events together. You could try renting a booth at a trade-show, or your staff might engage with the community better if you rent space at a local farmers market. Staff members should be willing to volunteer some of their time to hand out literature and engage with members of the community.

Idea #2: Optimizing Your Therapy Practice’s Website

Since other companies are looking for the same clients, you’ll need to rank high in search engine results. Work with a marketing professional if you don’t understand this process. However, you should figure out what types of services you need before you start spending resources that belong to your company.

Optimizing your small business website for search engine results means that you need to utilize keywords that people will be using to search on the internet. Those same keywords need to appear in titles, and they should be in the metadata of each page.

Idea #3: Creative Content for Physical Therapy

When you create content for your physical therapy practice’s website, it’s important to ensure that you have pages describing the types of services you present to clients. Articles should discuss specific problems and tell the reader what treatments your practice offers.

Idea #4: Educate People About New Techniques in Physical Therapy

Make your local community feel like you care to teach people about physical therapy. This is done by presenting new information to the public. You need to find a space in your building that would be a good setting for a lecture on new techniques in physical therapy.

Idea #5: Showcase Physical Therapy Practices in Public Settings

It might seem unconventional, but you can offer discounted physical therapy sessions to people who are willing to have their sessions in a public setting. Imagine setting up a demonstration in front of a group at a fair, or you could take a session to a crowded park to demonstrate some of your procedures. This is a great idea if your business is situated next to a large grassy area. You’ll attract attention from sports enthusiasts, and they’re the types of people that might need to visit your practice one day.

Idea #6: Work With High-Profile Clients

You might need to offer a special discount to get high-profile clients interested in working with your services in place of your competitors. However, getting a high-profile client to work with your staff through their recovery efforts is a guaranteed way to gain exposure for your physical therapy practice. More people will hear the name of your company if you help a famous individual with their needs.

High-profile clients are celebrities and other well-known individuals or help an individual injured in a serious accident that has received a lot of publicity. Offering to help high-profile clients with their needs will win over clients in the future. People will hear about what you did for a well-known client, and they’ll feel more at ease with your practice.

If you’re lucky, your announcement to assist the high-profile client will reach news outlets. If you want to ensure that news outlets hear about the story, you should send out a press release with all the details of the situation. A story of recovery is often seen as a harrowing tale, and it might even motivate some people to call upon your services soon.

Idea #7: The Importance of Community Gatherings

There are two ways for your practice to get involved in community gatherings. The first way involves joining gatherings that other groups create, and the other way is setting up events on your own. There are plenty of opportunities to engage with other professionals in your community by participating in community events, such as having staff members run a marathon together. If you’re interested in setting up community events, you should speak with other businesses in your area about sponsoring an event.

Getting More Clients With These Resources

Monitoring and tracking your active marketing strategies will help you decide where to spend resources in the future. If you are putting funds into strategies showing good results, you might want to consider increasing the number of resources you’re investing. Digital marketing techniques are easier to monitor than traditional marketing techniques. However, you should find a way to track most of the leads from promotional events by using a referral code. Give a small incentive to new clients who use referral codes because they help you figure out what business maneuvers are working.