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Marketing Ideas For Optometry Practice and Services To Get More Clients

Being an Optometrist can feel like there’s an endless supply of customers. Everyone needs their eyes checked at least once a year, right? So why do you even need to think about marketing?

Optometrist, like any other business, can experience a lull in sales. A smart Optometrist will use marketing to their benefit to gain some extra customers for those slow periods. But how do you market eye care? How do you decide a target market when everyone is your customer? And what’s the use of marketing beyond optometry practice management software, a great optometrist website design, business cards and flyers anyway?

These are a lot of the questions you might have as an Optometrist and they’re great questions. We’ve tried to answer below with a few marketing tips of our own.

Make use of Holidays

Holiday’s like Halloween are made for Optometrist. Done right, you can even use Valentine’s day to your advantage. Halloween, specifically, is a great way to reach kids who typically do not get eye exams unless there is already a serious emergency.

To embrace the spirit of the Holiday, find glowing eyeballs and have them branded with your information. Then you can pass them out with your candy. You can even try dressing up as a giant eye or pair of glasses and find local events to join.

Throw an “eye” catching Halloween party with related games that can turn eye exams into fun events for kids, showing them that eye doctors aren’t that scary in the first place. You can even host games that provide information on why eye appointments are important.

Host One to Two Free Eye Exams

Find a slow period during the year and host free eye exams. This will help you reach out to the community and you can provide customers with your card and brochures. You can even invite them back to the office for a visit.

Find ways to include a gift card or coupon from local companies as a thank you bonus for those who show up. See if you can find some sponsors for some free goodies. This will anchor your name in the community as someone who does more than just give eye exams but also helps out as well.
Perhaps you can meet up with a local shelter or charity to do a drive or giveaway of something the area in your community needs. This could be anything from school supplies to canned food.

A Health-Related Search Adventure

Team up with other businesses for this one. Create a fun little creature like “Mr. Eyes” or you could even simply do a Mr. Waldo. Hide the creature at different businesses every day or week and then have parents and kids search for it.

You can give them special passports to be stamped by the business when it is found and those who get all the stamps can return it to you for a free prize. Try included other places like a hospital that are about medically related factors that customers might not know exist.

Your company can spearhead the program and even through a beginning and ending event where everyone can celebrate and claim their prizes or learn more about the companies who joined in.

Charity Driven Fashion Show

Team up with local health professionals from gym experts to general family doctors to provide needs for the community. Sponsor a local charity such a shelter or food pantry. People can donate goods and you can pass out business information.

Find a stylist willing to donate time for hair and makeup. You can even go an extra mile and get clothes from a local thrift store to promote buying second hand. Or you could find ways to dress up scrubs for ‘formal wear’ and have everyone walk the local runway.

Have each person wear glasses and make those the main focus of the commentator’s speech as the models walk, this way you can get extra spotlights. You can even have extra pairs for customers to buy or cheap toy glasses to give away.

Share Tips Online

Run a campaign when times are slow on facebook and Instagram. Have customers or employees share tips about wearing glasses or when to get an eye exam.

They can share anything from proven facts to tips they’ve learned in video and picture format. End all of the posts by asking followers what problems they may have with certain issues. In the comments reply to customers with ways they can naturally fix the problem or ways you can help them fix the problem.

This way you are fostering engagement. You can even get other employees to join in to get things going. You can give the chats cute names like “What I see” or “My Eyes Are Up Here”. The videos can be anywhere from 10-20 minutes but shouldn’t go over 30.

Keep Your Eyes On

Business cards are so typical nowadays. You can pick them up anywhere. Instead of making use of something that everyone will see, but keep in their pocket with little return consider spicing things up.

Find toy glasses or pairs of eyeballs glued together. Find a way to attach brand information. You can even include coupons. Ask local businesses to pass them out.

You can give these to your employees and tell them if they get so many referrals to stop in, they will get a special prize during slow times. You can send these to schools and community events to be passed out as well.

Throw a Pizza Party at School

Kids love pizza, that’s a fact. Give them a slice they’ll pretty much do anything you ask. Meet up at a local school for an after-hours pizza party and invite parents to come with children. This way you will get to work on customers and parents will get to see what you can do.

By reaching the child you stand a more likely chance of reaching the parent and making sure business information gets in their hands with little fuss.

It’s All About Who You Know

Think about your general area you are trying to reach. What are they looking for and what are their goals in an Optometrist? How can you help meet those goals and then how can you show them what you can do?

These are questions to ask yourself as you think about marketing your business. These seven ideas are small tips to help you get started when business is slow, but they can be changed and designed to fit the needs of your company as needed.