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Marketing Ideas For An Auto Repair Business – That Work If Done Correctly

As an auto repair shop owner, you can’t sit and expect customers to walk into your shop without effort. One way to increase your clientele base is through word of mouth from previous clients who have enjoyed your services. However, it is imperative to ensure that you retain your clients and expand your clientele.

Marketing has never been more comfortable in the contemporary world we live in. With a noticeable increase in automotive manufacturing, auto repair shops have increased in demand due to its services. So why not take advantage of this vast market and increase your clientele and revenue?

With that, here are a few marketing tips that will work for auto repair shops when applied effectively.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an excellent way to promote your business and a way to engage your clients. Your emails may be in the form of newsletters or information on new services and auto parts to keep your clients updated. You don’t want to bombard everyone on your email lists with newsletters and end up being marked as spam.

  • Begin by defining your target audience. This way, you can determine which content you need and how to take your emailing approach and create relevant content tailored to your specific audience.
  • Segment your audience through tags that enable you to identify the needs and behavior of each client. Build and compile your email list and place each client in various categories such as oil change, auto repair, body works, or paint job customers. This way, you can appeal to every client based on their situation with their automotive.
  • Balance your emailing to prevent bombarding your clients with endless emails. Contact your email service provider to enable you to automate your email marketing and send your marketing emails based on a schedule.
  • Collect the data from customers that and segment profiles based on when the customer is due for service. Thus, you can send personalized reminders and alert through email that includes special offers, discounts, or a free oil change.

Social Media Marketing

It would be best to set up social media pages for your auto repair shop. Please avoid using your personal pages to advertise your business as it may be hard to track your campaign, and it also looks unprofessional. That said, make use of the various platforms you have already established and advertise your products.

Set up a social media marketing campaign with various strategies on different platforms. This way, you can know which approach to take on every forum since each has its nuances. Be consistent by making a point of engaging with your customers through your posts. Post videos or photos of the latest auto project in your shop, and don’t forget to introduce your team working at the auto repair shop.


Do you have a website for your auto repair shop? If so, it would be best to improve your SEO for better visibility and increased traffic. That said, begin by coming up with exclusive content for your website that is relevant to the services offered at your shop.

Ensure that you include high-quality images, and it would also help if you incorporated short videos and gifs. Remove unnecessary elements that may be slowing down your page as online users are likely to abandon a page that loads for too long. Link to other pages that provide relevant content, and it may also include your social media pages where clients can get more info and contact you.

Encourage Reviews and Provide Feedback

Another great way to increase engagement is by requesting customers to leave a review on your business. You can create a Yelp page to read what clients have to say about your services’ quality. You can also ask for in-store reviews by having clients answer a simple questionnaire describing their experience at your auto repair shop.

Ensure that you read reviews and respond to them irrespective of whether they are positive or negative. This way, you can directly obtain your clients’ opinions and know where to make necessary improvements.

Follow-up Programs

Implement a service that allows you to keep in touch with clients after visiting your shop. You can have a program that enables you to call a customer later on and converse with them about the services provided and the car’s condition. This way, you can create a personal connection with customers and collect their feedback firsthand.