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Marketing Ideas for Windows & Doors Companies – That Work If Done Correctly

The construction industry today is characterized by stiff competition. This is evident especially for the vendors who specialize in the construction of doors and windows. The strategy you use to sell your windows and doors will determine your company’s future. Below are some of the windows and doors companies’ marketing ideas to increase their sales and profits.

Be Professional

Being professional mainly requires you to be hardworking and committed. Simple things like good phone etiquette with the customers, giving reasonable prices, making prompt deliveries, etc., make a massive difference in marketing. It helps in giving your customers positive impressions.

Many clients looking for windows and doors have limited information about them. They will likely need professional help in making the decision. Presenting yourself as a door or window expert is more likely to attract new clients. You can create blogs that make you appear like an expert. For example, you can give tips on making a door durable or more resistant to inclement weather. You can also answer frequently asked questions to establish yourself as an authority in the industry. Ensure you help in clearing up misconceptions such as replacing windows changes their building structure.

Go Digital

Most people are relying on the internet to purchase things.

  • Ensure your windows and doors business is listed in relevant web directories and Google.
  • You should also ensure that your website is updated often and is optimized for mobile phones, tablets, and other digital devices. Your contact details should be visible on each page and not just the homepage.
  • Reach out to your previous customers by sending them seasonal greetings and postcards. They play a significant role in advertising your company to others. It is quite common that your former customer referred your new customer.
  • Have your profiles on crucial online review sites, as this will help you get reliable connections with your customers. Customer reviews are a great way of wooing a new customer. Negative reviews are also crucial as they will help you make improvements in the future. Therefore, it is prudent to fix them immediately and employing a lot of professionalism.
  • Ask your customers how they came to know about your company. This way, you will have an idea of a marketing strategy working for you and concentrate on strengthening it.
  • Today, many marketers are using the low-cost email marketing strategy to reach their target market. You should follow suit as email-marketing can display the correct information before customers. You can do this without the use of professionals; hence it is easy to maintain your email marketing strategy.
  • There are many social sites that you can use to reach your clients, showing them the various models of doors and windows that are on sale. Facebook and LinkedIn are platforms that can help you advertise your products. To make it more enticing, you can offer something good like an invitation to a webinar event. For the consumers to get the offers, make registration compulsory. With this, you will have the contact details of the many followers.
  • Engaging your customers through weekly videos and tutorials on windows and door installation tips will give your company maximum online exposure. Content marketing helps you to drive more sales and traffic to your business. You can use content marketing to assist your customers genuinely, and within no time, referral customers will come to you.

Be Super Active In Your Community

Charity begins at home is a statement that can help you market your windows and doors. Let your local community feel your presence by attending local events like a sports tournament or participating in a local business meeting. Give out your business cards and mention your services proudly. If possible, sponsor charity events, business events, or trade shows to expand your company. Most likely, some customers will come to you from such platforms.

Additionally, build a positive relationship with local contractors as they will help you increase your sales. Many contractors will refer your company to their customers or work in partnership with you to do their work. For example, a building contractor will come to you for doors and windows. Investing in such a business relationship will go a long way in giving you more clients.

Create Windows and Doors Product Guides

It may appear simple, but many customers will benefit from knowing the different types of doors and windows your company is selling. It will help the customer get a guided comparison of the various options available and discuss why one choice is better.

Give Reasonable Discounts

Nothing excites customers like discounts. It is an old marketing trick, but it will help you gain more customers. For example, you can offer a 10% discount to your new clients on their door or window purchase. A better bargain can be given to older customers. In a competitive industry, a good discount will keep and maintain your customers.

Use Company Vehicles to Advertise Your Products

Most of the time, your company vehicles will be doing deliveries to clients in different regions. Therefore you can take advantage of vehicle advertisement by displaying vital company information like contact details and company name. This will influence people on the road to try your products and services. For the employees, have their work outfits like overalls printed with the company’s information. Have a catchy slogan that speaks about how good your company products and services are. You can put them on the company’s vehicle or advertise them on the television and radio.