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Marketing Ideas For Roofing Companies – That Work If Done Correctly

The roofing business has been growing steadily over the last couple of years. If you have a roofing company, whether it is residential or commercial, you need to market it. Marketing your business is essential since it allows you to reach a wider audience. Before you market your business, you need to know who your target audience is to develop a marketing strategy that targets them.

Currently, most companies employ online marketing for their businesses through SEOs, social media, and websites. While all these are effective, there are various other ways to market your business offline. Offline marketing, also known as traditional marketing, can help your roofing company get more customers. Listed below are marketing ideas for your roofing company.


Networking is one of the most significant things you can do for your roofing company. Make sure that you network within your local community. Whenever local business owners’ meetups are being held, or there is an event held relevant to your roofing business, ensure you are in attendance. Socialize at the event but do not forget that the main reason you are attending is to network and tell people about your business.

It will help if you practice how to pitch your business so that in about 30 seconds, you can tell people about your roofing business and why they need to get roofing services from your company. Ensure you speak to property managers and real estate agents who are in attendance since they may need your services regularly. It would also help if you had a business card.

Business Cards

It is essential to have business cards for your roofing company. Ensure that your name, location, and phone number are on the business card. Business cards come in handy, especially at networking events. Once you are done with your pitch, you can hand out your business cards. If any prospective clients exchange their business cards with you, ensure you follow up.

You can also include services you offer on your business cards and a testimonial. Make it a habit to always carry a couple of business cards with you whenever you are out. Hand out three to four business cards in a day. It is essential to have eye-catching business cards.

Sponsoring a local event can help your roofing business reach a broader target audience. If you have been to any local event or fair, then you may have noticed different company logos plastered all over. This is an excellent way to ensure that the local community gets to know about your roofing company. Sponsorship helps you give back to the community, but it is also a great way to market your company.

Direct Mail

Sending direct mail is just as effective as any other marketing type, especially for a local business. With direct marketing, you have to target the areas that you service. Ensure that your target customers need your services since you will be incurring costs for things like a mailing list, printing, and shipping. You will also need to keep tabs on whether you are getting the desired feedback to know if it is successful or not.


Partnering with other businesses can help you reach a larger audience, partnering with a local business that is not your competitor. Reach out to other local businesses that resonate with your roofing business, and you believe they can help you reach your target audience.

Agree on what you will offer them in return for marketing your business. For instance, you may partner with real estate agents or property managers. You could either give them a certain percentage of commission for every client they refer to your business or market their services to your customers.


Ensure that you offer excellent roofing services as this will improve your chances of you getting referrals. You can ask the customers you have worked with in the past for referrals. You can also ask people within your network to refer your roofing company to anyone who might need your services. Whenever you work for a new client, do not be afraid to ask them if they know anyone who needs roofing services. People are often likely to refer you to their friends and family when you offer them an excellent service.


Canvassing is an excellent way to market your roofing business to your local community. Once you have figured out where your target audience is based, you can print outdoor hangers and flyers and go to that area and hand them out. You can also drop them off at the local business park in your community. Ensure that they are eye-catching and strategically placed where your target audience can come in contact with them.

Various marketing tips can help your roofing company reach a broader customer base. Offline marketing can be as effective as online marketing, provided you have an excellent strategy. Knowing your target audience is essential as it will help you figure out the best channels that you can use to reach them.

Ensure that you do not employ the various marketing tips at once since you may not tell which one is the most effective. You can also offer free roof inspections and estimates for new customers. Ensure that you always talk about your roofing business whenever it is appropriate because no one can represent your business better than you.