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Marketing Ideas For Architects – That Work If Done Correctly

Architects don’t have to worry about marketing their buildings or designs; typically, designs are already purchased before design begins. However, there is a struggle for architects to find customers who need new buildings. Figuring out how to market to any potential client and finding your target market at the same time can be difficult for Architects. Cold calling and digital advertisements don’t seem to cut it for Architects in the same way it might for other businesses because they are looking for businesses designing buildings, whether it be a school, a new business, or even a church. Art is one of the hardest things to sell. So here are some unique marketing tips you can use to customize your marketing skills for your business.

Building Party

Think outside of the box and throw a building party. This is exactly what you think of. Do you know those Build-A-Bear parties that have become popular? Consider something similar in your own place or business or somewhere nearby. Make to-scale models of your buildings on display. You can even do something unique, like make them out of gingerbread kits for Christmas or something similar. You can allow or teach people to create their own building models out of whatever materials you have available. You can even get create and invite your target market or a list of people you think would be interested in your design and offer an option for them to register a design meeting with you or design a plan at the party.

Teach What You Do

This one is more of a long-term investment, most likely, but it might pay off through free advertisement in the coming years. This is like the one above but asks you to take it outside of your business instead. For this idea, try meeting up with local charities and schools in and around your local area. Offer occasional workshops and lectures to teach them about what you do and engage them in the process. You can add fliers and things for them to take as well. With enough press features, you can receive the added benefit of community respect as well. When possible clients think about designing their buildings, they’ll remember your name as being kind and caring for the community. You can even consider asking businesses where you lecture or hold workshops to hang up posters or nameplates with your company.

Make Your Designs Art

This one will work well if you’ve designed notable buildings in your communities. Take your designs you’ve already made and make them into mini sculptures that people can purchase as souvenirs and even sell in the local stores for a little extra cash. You can even include designs for potential future businesses or other businesses in the community if you get the appropriate permission. The best part is how versatile these little art pieces are. From special Christmas gifts to little displays for lectures and vendors alike. There is no end to how you can use them for marketing.

Pop Up Designs

Show your community what you’re capable of. This is kind of like the popup shops that have become popular among restaurants and small businesses. The idea is to find a small area that’s different every month or so and make it into a creative and useful space for one or two days so the community can see how useful it can be. You can use past designs, designs you’ve taken inspiration from, or even get creative and use designs like the Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty. Get creative and even let a business co pop up in the space. Pass out flyers around your location and put up signs with your name.

Use Social Media

Use your favorite social media to talk about your favorite designs. Why do you like them? What would you improve, and what would you change about the design? Show off virtual mocks of designs you can create, who the building would be good for, and how they can use it. Think about what problems a business might have and how you can help them fix the new mock-up version. What is a building you would love to design? Where would you love to design? Some businesses have even found setting goals like having a design in every state can help.

Collaborate With Others

Consider having design talks every week or month with a catchy title of your choosing related to your business, either in person or virtually. Maybe something like “Breakfast by Design” or something. Invite other architects and make it fun. Host debates on architect designs and what works, or just talk about your favorite designs. Come up with topics beforehand to help the talks flow smoother. After you can share information on how to get in contact with each speaker and yourself, making it a win-win for each business. Even consider collaborating with those who help you, such as a photographer or historian, on how the architect plays into those topics to make the talks even more unique.

ShowCase Your Design Where You Advertise

Business cards and postcards are the essences of modern businesses; it’s one of the best marketing tools you can have. You’re more likely to get hits from passing these out at events and such. Nowadays, businesses even have online business cards. Why not use this as a special marketing piece? Please take pictures of your designs and put them on the cover with a short sentence on where the building and designs can be found and why they were created. You can even create a QR code on the card linking them to a special page with more information about the design and how they can book you as their designer. It’s a great way to get some extra exposure and show them what you can do.

What Is Your Art Capable Of?

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the marketing and numbers, but true marketing is about showcasing your art and finding out the best way to make it reach your audience, whoever they might be. It can be confusing, complicated, and costly. These are a few simple ideas to start to get your mind thinking about the best ways to make your designs stand out to future clients. Thinking outside of the box can make you stand out against your competition. Start small first, then create some mock plans and see where you go from there.