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why we do what we do

I often get asked why I started Linchpin SEO. There are many micro-reasons, but the primary reason, and the core of the Linchpin SEO brand, is to help businesses succeed, and truly put their success before our own bottom line numbers.

“There is no checkbox for caring about your clients’ success.”


our nine core principles when working with clients

Transparency and brutal honesty.

Accountability to clients and each other.

Client success comes before our bottom line numbers.

Every business has the same opportunities.

Everyone gets a direct line to the CEO.

Only offer senior-level and above talent.

Provide an optimized process.

No red tape here.

Never outsource client work.

Need help? Contact our CEO directly.

Don’t like filling out forms, and don’t want to talk to a sales person? Below is our CEO’s direct line, feel free to call him to talk about your project.

*or drop him a line using our contact us page