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Marketing Ideas For A Lasik Surgery Practice – That Work If Done Correctly

Ophthalmology continues to attract people as eye problems continue to increase. Marketing your Lasik surgery practice is dissimilar to other sectors due to work ethics and other regulations restricting doctor’s operations. Here are some tips that you can use to market your Lasik surgery practice.

1. Offer Free Screening and Treatment

One of the best ways to add more clients is to offer free services once in a while. Some people have serious eye problems that need Lasik surgery but lack resources. Screening these patients for free helps them realize their danger, thus prompting them to look for money and come for a Lasik surgery. There is a high probability they will be back to your clinic after they get the resources.

Another reason for the free screening is that some people do not know they have eye problems. Ninety-three million people have eye problems, but they do not realize the importance of Lasik surgery since they can still manage their situation. Some don’t want to spend money on mild health issues. The free screening helps you identify potential clients. For example, people who have minor issues may soon need surgery. Take their contacts for a follow-up.

2. Educate your Clients

Holding lectures about Lasik surgery is an ideal marketing strategy. People have many questions about eye problems and Lasik surgery. However, this information is sometimes scarce as patients have to pay for it. Some clients pay to learn about Lasik surgery. They also come for a seminar or talk if you invite them.

Invite questions after the lecture. An outstanding PowerPoint presentation will attract questions from the audience. The type of questions will help you identify potential clients. Those who ask about the cost of surgery or where to find your hospital are a good catch.

Invite them to stay after the lecture to mingle and talk to and with you and your team. Holding a one on one conversation with patients makes them feel appreciated. This builds their confidence and trust in you. Not everyday one gets to see a doctor for free. Discuss their case and know how they can get more help by referring them to your clinic.

3. Inform Client About Other Different Services In Your Clinic

Tell your client about other services in your clinic besides Lasik surgery. Most clinics usually offer many services. For example, blood pressure and diabetes tests. Your client may not need these services, but they may come with their diabetic parent for a test during their next appointment. Offer these services for free to your clients. The customers will bring their family to benefit from the service, who may finally become your clients.

4. Refer Clients to Other Ophthalmologist Doctors

Ophthalmologist doctors have been reluctant to refer patients to their competitors. Telling a client about a doctor who can handle their case more efficiently will earn you credit. Your clinic aims to satisfy the clients’ needs, including referring them to other best services, especially those you don’t offer.

Besides, referring clients to other clinics creates a good network and connection. You develop a relationship with other doctors in your field that will also refer their clients to your hospitals someday. Ensure quality and fully satisfactory services. Trying to offer your clients low-quality services to meet their budget in an attempt to retain them will only hurt your reputation and push them away.

5. Be transparent with pricing

The worst thing you want to do is take your clients to a series of payments. Denying your clients information that will help them determine whether to accept your offer is wrong. A client should have all information about the cost of Lasik surgery before starting any operation. Being honest and transparent will earn you respect, trust, and a good reputation. This way, your clients can quote a Lasik surgery cost to their friends without worrying about hidden costs.

With the rising cost of elective health care procedures, think about offering financing to help customers pay for their Lasik surgery procedure. This will not only help your patients, but it will help you increase sales.

6. Search Engine Optimization

SEO, also known as search engine optimization, is one of the the best lead and sales generation tactics in the Lasik industry, and within the digital marketing space as a whole. SEO when done correctly, can build brand, lower customer service costs, grow sales, increase SQL and MRR. It is not a short term strategy, however when implemented with a solid process, it will have a snowball effect on business growth.

It involves, having a great website experience, great content, and a publishing model to increase reach – all with the primary goal of increasing website traffic and sales.

The above five marketing tips for Lasik surgery are powerful and must never be underrated. These ideas will create a good connection with your client and identify new ones for your company’s growth in the long run. They will also earn you a big name and a long-lasting reputation.