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Why Join Team Linchpin?

We’re searching for digital marketing All-stars to contribute thought leadership and research articles for topics including SEO, SEM, Social Media, Website Design, and Content Strategy.

Submitting thought-leadership articles will increase your reach within Google, and brand you within our community when someone searches for a topic you write about. Once published, you can create a link to your research and share it on your social networks to demonstrate your thought leadership to your current clients, potential clients, and peers within your own field.

We Do Things A Little Differently

All articles are published under the Team Linchpin name, thus endorsed by our editorial team – we are not here to create a content farm of low-value articles from a ton of different writers.

We don’t provide a bio area, but instead ask that when you submit your post, you also provide a thought leadership quote within the article that is relevant to the article. Within the quote we provide your name and a link to your website.

Who We Are Looking For

Team Linchpin is looking for researchers and industry professionals to contribute factual and credible research and information. Unlike some sites, which allow anyone to publish, we only publish quality research and resources by industry-leaders from well established agencies and businesses.

Ideal researchers will:

  • Write in-depth, engaging content (1200+ words) to serve as a resource and thought leadership piece.
  • Include data from trusted sources that supports the article.
  • Include links to other trusted industry sources not written by your company.
  • Self-edit their content prior to publishing, ensuring it is the best it can be.

What we will accept:

Researchers who will excel writing for Team Linchpin will have:

  • a basic knowledge of keywords and keyword research
  • experience finding credible sources
  • the ability to follow a style guide and accept constructive feedback
  • a background in writing for the web, journalism, or education

What We Will Not Accept:

The goal of our contributor community, above all, is to provide quality, trustworthy marketing material to our readers. In line with this mission, we will not accept:

  • research that have been published elsewhere on the web
  • affiliate advertising links or sponsored material
  • links to a writer’s other material on other sites, unless they are widely considered to be a authority or expert
  • research written in the first person
  • opinion pieces not backed by trusted resources

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