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Guide To iPaaS – What Are The Best Company Platforms To Demo in 2020

What is iPaaS?

The average business uses several cloud-based applications. You could be using several hundred applications per day. Business processes can become fragmented with so many inconclusive applications. It can be difficult to move data from one system to another system. When data is constantly in motion, it can become corrupt. It is of the utmost importance that businesses automate the sharing of information seamlessly. The way that this is done is by connecting applications to a system called integration. IPaaS in its simplest form is the integration platform as a service.

IpaaS seeks to standardize how data streams between applications within standard business processes. With the iPaaS platform, the user will be able to share data between multiple applications such as inventory, orders, store management, client information, and financial software. Out of necessity, you may need to perform complex processes like combining and transforming data from one system to another system to collaborate a cohesive unite.

For example, the iPaaS system could commence functions by automatically sending billing invoices for purchase. A retailer could be using eBay or Salesforce for an order. Afterward, the retailer would need to update the financial software and inventory with a specified purchase. A great iPaaS system would handle all these functions for you.

Without an iPaaS system, you would have to update your financial software, re-key invoice information, and manually update your inventory sources.

IT development teams can install integration system requirements like expedient orders and delivery service. The one thing that is really beneficial about this system is that you don’t have to build these outbound capabilities alone. Many iPaaS companies have in-house development teams that will work with your IT department to build a network that is unique for your company. As time passes, you can purchase any add-ons to update your system.

The prior generation of iPaaS was designed for IT professionals. Now there is the new generation of iPaaS with applications innovation that is not dependent upon certain range of outcomes. Companies can purchase multiple software solutions at one time.

API and SaaS

IpaaS works great with API and SaaS. API is the application program interface. In the most basic understanding, API is the protocol for building software applications and how they should interact intrinsically with a graphical user interface.

SaaS is software as a service. The service offers applications software to multiple end-users. This is an independent platform. There won’t be any need to install this software on a PC. All services commence from the cloud. Through SaaS, multiple end-users and vendors have access to the system. A few examples of SaaS are applications like Salesforce, DocuSign, Hubspot, and Dropbox.

Best iPaaS Companies

Dell Boomi

Dell Boomi offers a free trial for their services. The company has been in existence since 2010. Prices start out at $549 per month. With Dell Boomi, you get application deployment, API design, and B2B/EDI management, master data hub, and flow. It is the vision of Dell Boomi to promote company efficiency with integrated services. Meanwhile, with Dell Boomi, you will be able to process data across several applications and design workflows.

Dell Boomi has over 9,000 customers. It is a leader in the IpaaS field with over 18,000 experts. Dell Boomi asserts that you will get to your desired destination expediently. The company promotes:

  1. Innovation-Drive growth with business innovation in products and services.
  2. Connectivity-Faster data speeds.
  3. Transformation-Flows with business transformation and IT integration.
  4. Modernization-Preserve current value while investing for the future.


Workato enables integration with 300 of its SaaS products. The interface is simple. You can design integrations smoothly with the click and drag approach. You can select from three plans after the free trial period:

  1. Business Plan is $1499 per month.
  2. Business Plus Plan is $2999 per month.
  3. Enterprise plan quote is specific for each company.

Modulus Data

Modulus Data offers comprehensive resources for the human resources department. Its vision is to offer the human resources department applications that work seamlessly in one secure hub. This would include popular HR applications like Monster, Oracle HCM, Indeed, and Greenhouse. Contact Modulus Data for pricing options.


Informatica prices start at $2000 per month. The company specializes in integrated systems for large companies. Informatica boasts clients like L’Oreal and GE. Informatica aims to connect customers, apps, and business with APIs by any process, data, or apps, anytime, and anywhere. A free trial is available. Contact Informatica for pricing.

IBM AppConnect

AppConnect comes with a series of templates that make it easy to establish business integration flows. You can build APIs, connect apps, and integrate data.

  1. The basic package is free.
  2. The professional package starts off at $500 per month.
  3. The enterprise package starts off at $2370 per month.


The pricing for SnapLogic begins at $48,000 per year. Don’t let the price tag shock you. You can try SnapLogic for free. SnapLogic is for large-scale companies that need to process large amounts of data expediently. Companies can automate integration systems on property with cloud-based applications. A few premier clients of SnapLogic are Workday, Verizon, and Adobe. SnapLogic works to make data integrations simple, fast, smart, and easy. Self-serve businesses will be able to click, drag and drop, and snap and assemble within the toolbox system. It alleviates burdensome coding.


Zapier has over 1,500 app integrations. It is more than any other company. The most feasible plan allows large and small businesses to design and manage their personalized integration systems. Zapier adds new integrations¬¬¬-called zaps-to their library each week. Get started with a free 14-day trial.

  1. The basic plan is free.
  2. The business starter package is $20 per month.
  3. The professional package is $50 per month. was designed primarily for the sales, marketing, and product development team. The integrated solutions system is preferred for a team that doesn’t desire outside development for every process. Contact for a free demo.

  1. Basic package is $595 per month.
  2. The professional package starts of at $2450 per month.
  3. For enterprise packages, call for a quote.


If you have limited IT staff, then PieSync will work for you. You don’t need to know any code. PieSync offers integration systems already pre-built with several well-known apps like HubSpot and Office 365. The prices are reasonable and affordable. The basic starter package is $9 per month. You order the Pro package for $19 per month. The enterprise package is only $99 per month for large companies. You can sign-up for free.


Blendo is for your marketing, sales, and financial departments. It is primarily self-service and straight-forward data applications with systems integration. The user will be able to access data from their preferred platform. For pricing, contact Blendo for a quote. A free trial is available.

The Crosscut

If your business is not ready to go to a full comprehensive cloud-based service, then Crosscut-Moskitos can meet your needs. They offer cloud to cloud applications with on-premise cloud-based services. It is the solution for the corroboration of data and APIs for the hybrid integration system. Moskitos most popular features include internet services, data management, a myriad of data services, and a specialized dashboard. Inside the control system, you can develop cloud integration systems. For pricing information, you must call Moskitos for a quote. The normal starting price is $50,000 per year.


Mulesoft has a pre-built integration system. Developers can use the pre-built system or build on top of the system for their line of business. It is normally used by large Fortune 500 companies like Netflix, StateFarm, Hertz, and Airbnb. Mulesoft offers a wide range of products to help companies get up and running smoothing without building new systems. Mulesoft specializes in the Anypoint Platform. The Anypoint Platform integrates SaaS, SOA, API’s. It advances business agility by connecting businesses to multiple applications for devices, data, and in-house cloud services. Try the Anypoint platform for free. For Mulesoft, call for a quote.

Amazon API Gateway

With Amazon API Gateway, you will be able to create your own APIs to use for preferred applications. The platform also allows you to make your gateways available to third party developers. Developers will be able to create, publish, monitor, and secure WebSocket APIs and Rest at any stage of development. With Amazon iPaaS solutions, you will only pay for the API calls that you actually use. There is no specific monthly or annual pricing plans.


Celigo provides a free introductory version of their iPaaS platform. This is only for one flow. Once you implement the free version of Celigo, you will only pay for additional services once your usage increases, and you utilize additional integrated systems. Celigo comes with a pre-built system for normal applications. Prices start at $600 for the standard package. The premium package is $1200 per month. The enterprise package is $2500 per month. Plans for the most part are billed annually. is a “powerful and secure integration platform for SaaS. Create integrations with the low-code visual builder, embed them into the UI of your platform, and centrally manage your customer integrations.” A few of clients are Qualifio, Accenture, and Wheels. specializes in integrating sales, marketing, and productivity with over 250 cloud platforms. A free demo is available. For pricing options, contact Pricing is available for starter, pro, and custom packages.


Jitterbit offers integrated solutions for the fields of higher education, healthcare, and technology. The integrated systems are pre-built and user ready. Featured solutions integrate with Oracle Netsuite and Salesforce. Support is available for advanced workflows, data security, and a myriad of connectors. Jitterbit offers a standard, professional, and enterprise packages. Contact Jitterbit for a quote.


TIBCO offers a free trial. The motto of TIBCO is to provide its users with one set of capabilities without having to manage hardware and install software. It seeks to simplify the way you capture data and connect applications. Your decisions will turn into quantitative actions. The iPaaS systems is designed for augmentation, connection, and unification. TIBCO is application neutral. The company will work to build an integration system with your preferred business applications. The basic plan is $400 per month. The standard plan is $1500 per month. If you like a hybrid plan, then contact TIBCO for a custom quote. is a hybrid integration platform. User will be able to connect APIs and cloud applications securely. With, you will experience:

  1. Speed: Your time spent on applications integration will be reduced by 80%.
  2. Elasticity: The system will automatically handle data spikes. It can be deployed from anywhere.
  3. Extensibility: You can create custom integration components. offers a free 14-day trial. It is developer friendly. The system integrator plan starts from €199 per month to an enterprise plan that starts from €1499 per month.

Oracle Integration Cloud

Oracle Integration Cloud has adapters for different SaaS and business applications. With Oracle Integration Cloud, “Seamlessly integrate on-premises and cloud applications along with real-time, fault-tolerant data integration and replication services supporting a wide variety of on-premises and cloud databases.” You can choose between five integration options:

  1. SOA Cloud Service
  2. API Platform
  3. Oracle Data Integrator in the marketplace
  4. Application Integration
  5. Oracle GoldenGate in the marketplace

You can purchase the pay-as-you go plan. This plan is $1.2097 per message. The monthly plan starts from $0.8065 per message. Oracle Integration Cloud offers a free $300 trial.


Bring all your integrated services together with Xplenty. With Xplenty, you can create data pipelines to send to your data lake or data warehouse. You will be able to connect and integrate with a variety of data repositories and SaaS applications. Developers can navigate with Xplenty primarily by using monitoring systems with hooks. GAP, Samsung, Deloitte, and The Motley Fool have all used the platform. You can try Xplenty free for seven days. Contact Xplenty for a quote on their products.