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2021 Twitter Cheat Sheet To Increase Engagement

Ever wonder if there was a cheat sheet for Twitter that would help you increase engagement or drive traffic (in parallel to your local SEO or Enterprise SEO campaign) to your new website design? Things such as how many hashtags you use, how long you should make your tweets, or if asking for a retweet actually works to get more real followers, and get them fast?


A Few Additional Twitter Strategies.

At the end of the day, social media is a huge popularity contest. The business, the musician, the actor, or the television series that has the most fans or the realest followers win. So below are a few additional strategies to use to get real Twitter followers fast.

Promote Your Twitter in Print Ads and Digital Media

No one will follow your Twitter account if they have no idea that you have one and if they have no idea how to link to your Twitter account. For this reason, it is recommended that if you use any form of print advertising, be it business cards, flyers, or advertising in magazines and newspapers, be sure that your Twitter handle is included in the information.

The same thing applies to a digital advertisement and digital correspondence. For example, any email that you send for your business, your band, or the event you are promoting should conclude with a link to your Twitter account. Think of it in the same way that you would think about putting a phone number on the bottom of your website.

Use Your Twitter Account Frequently And Strategically

People are attracted to and follow, social media accounts that show signs of life. If your Twitter account seems like it hasn’t been used in years, the number of fans you have will slowly disappear, and it is unlikely that you will be able to garner new ones. For this reason, and to get real followers, it is essential that you use your twitter account frequently.

One additional tip is to get into the habit of using the @mention to recognize new people on your Twitter account every day.

Sign in Using Twitter

Most forums and other sites will allow you to sign in using Twitter. If you sign into a public forum using your Twitter account, your bio, which will include your Twitter handle, will be included. If the people you are engaging on public forums like what you say, it is likely that you will also garner them as Twitter followers.

Use Blogs To Promote Your Twitter Account

Many business marketing plans include writing for other blogs. If this is the case, make sure that the blogs you write also have a link to your Twitter handle.

When writing your own blog, embed your live Twitter feed to your blog’s website and make sure there is a Twitter follow button on your site.

Additionally, adding a Tweet this button will make sharing your blog with others easier.

Craft A Good Image of Yourself

The first thing you need to do to gain real Twitter followers is to create a bio that is interesting and captivating. When people discover you and discover your profile, the bio is the first thing they’re going to see. It will determine whether or not people will choose to follow you. Your bio box should be full of real information that is thought-provoking and accurately describes who you are and what you do.

You can make yourself more identifiable by uploading a photograph of yourself – 0r if the account is for your business, upload your logo.  Remember pictures attract people, and faces attract more people – so whenever possible use a real photo of yourself to built an emotional connection.

Reply to Tweets Publicly

Public replies on twitter build credibility, build a good reputation and attract more real followers. Replying to a Tweet with a private direct message is extremely easy and can do wonders for growing your Twitter following.

Share Quality Engaging Content

The better the content that you share, the more retweets you will get, and the faster you will gain followers. When a person follows you on Twitter, it is like they are subscribing to what you write. Give them something worthwhile to read.

  • Work to create a story. Tweets that tell a story will earn more followers than those that do not because they are able to get people engaged.
  • Include high-quality photographs, videos, and other things about yourself and your company that will help followers develop an emotional attachment to you and thereby retweet the information that you have posted.
  • Capture their attention by creating engaging headlines. Good headlines lead to more clicks on tweets, which in turn leads to more followers.
  • Finally, keep your tweets positive. There’s enough negative stuff on Twitter and excessive negativity may turn off some people and actually cause some of your followers to stop following you.