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2020 Best Days To Post On Facebook By Industry


Advertising and consulting Pages have a big opportunity to leverage the weekend to receive high interaction rates. Posts on Saturdays and Sundays receive 69% higher interaction, but only 11% of posts are published on the weekends.


Weekend posts receive interaction rates 15% higher than weekdays. Most automotive brands, however are not taking advantage of the opportunity, as only 14% of brand posts are published at this time.


In the clothing and fashion industry, post interaction steadily increases as the week progresses, reaching its peak on Thursdays, when interaction rates are 13% above average.  Additionally, Saturdays also show above-average interaction.


Though only 15% of brand posts are published on weekends, interaction rates are highest on these days. Wednesdays also receive above-average interaction, but CPG Pages should avoid Thursdays, as interaction is 9% lower on this day.


Not surprisingly, entertainment Pages receive higher interaction on the weekends. In fact, interaction is 20% higher than on the weekdays, with Saturday receiving interaction rates 17% higher than average.


Just because banks typically aren’t open on Sundays does not mean finance brands should ignore fans on this day. While only 4% of finance posts ar e sent on Sundays, interaction rates are 29% higher on these days.


Though interaction rates are 19% higher than the weekdays, only 18% of posts occur on the weekends. Many Facebook users may have more time to enjoy food and beverages or dine-out on the weekends, so interaction is higher as a result of it. Brands are missing a key opportunity for interaction.


Mondays experience the highest interaction rates in the general retail industry, which are 19% above average. Posts are spread evenly throughout the workweek in the industry, so these Pages should post more on Mondays.


Sunday and Monday see the highest interaction rates in the health and beauty industry at 11% and 12% above average, respectively. Tuesdays, however seem to suffer with interaction rates far lower than average, and yet Tuesday posts make up 17% of all posts during the week.


The nonprofit industry is another industry that has a lot of opportunity to post on weekends. Though interaction is significantly higher on Saturdays and Sundays than the rest of the week (to the tune of 14% higher interaction), the weekends are the least utilized days of the week when it comes to posting.


Sundays provide a great opportunity for Facebook fans to catch up on the news of the week, and as a result, interaction rates are 5% higher than average on these days. Mondays, see interaction rates 7% below average, so it’s best to let people get settled into the workweek before posting Facebook content.


The biggest sporting events are often held on weekends, so it’s no surprise that Saturdays and Sundays see the highest interaction rates. Sundays, in fact, see interaction rates 11% higher than average. In the middle of the workweek, however fans don’t interact with Pages as often.


Technology is a rare industry in which Pages do not see high interaction rates on weekends. Mondays, in fact are the best days to post, as interaction rates are 30% higher than average.


In the telecommunications industry, Fridays, Sundays and Mondays receive the highest interaction. Yet, 16% of all posts in the industry are published on Tuesdays, when interaction is down 8% compared to the average.


As the weekend approaches with opportunities for fun activities, interaction rates start climbing for travel and leisure Pages. Interaction rates start climbing on Thursdays and peak on Sundays, when interaction is 19% higher than average. People interact more with these brands when they’re having fun and taking or planning their own trips.