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When putting your organization out there on social media, make sure to cover all different aspects. Churches all across the globe are starting to use social media because they’re realizing that’s the easiest way to reach the most people. If you’re just starting out in growing your church’s social media presence, get on Twitter. Twitter has 330 million active users. That’s thousands of people you could potentially reach to teach about your church.

1.) Build a Strong Social Presence in All Areas

You want to build a strong social presence in all aspects of social media because they go hand in hand. If your church already has a Facebook and Instagram, you can use that to your advantage on Twitter. You can tweet Facebook and Instagram posts that you’ve already created to reach more people and different people from who are reading your other posts.

2.) Retweet Popular Church Content

If you’re just starting out, your church twitter account should begin retweeting popular content. Follow other churches that have thousands of followers. Bethany Church, Celebration Church, and Cross Points Church are a few that have been noticed for how great their social media presence is. Your church should follow them and retweet their content whenever stuck in a rut. Not only will it give your church inspiration, you’ll also gain a few followers each time you retweet what they’re posting.

3.) Reply to Individual Posts

Whenever someone responds to one of your posts or tweets at you, write back! This is the greatest way to not only find a new follower but you might also find real people who are interested in attending your church. Anytime someone tweets something on Twitter that coincides with your churches beliefs, feel free to reach out. Perhaps someone is reaching out on twitter for guidance in religion. Reply to their tweet and invite them to your church. If someone posts a religious quote or a bible passage, feel free to retweet that and respond. There’s also a love button on Twitter which your church can use to show parishioners and potential parishioners that you care what they’re saying. Twitter can help build a relationship.

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4.) Follow Those Who Live in Your Area

You can use Twitter to find those who live in your area. Twitter allows you to view the geographical location of where a person is tweeting from and the location of your account. Use this to your church’s advantage. This way you can follow those who live in close proximity to your church. This is a great idea because it helps you find people nearby who may very well be searching for a church. Most people are pretty open and honest about their personal lives on Twitter. Read some accounts of those nearby. If you find someone who you think would be a good fit for your church, you can send them a message as long as both of you follow each other.

5.) Tweet Out Events Happening and Upcoming Church Services

When trying to improve twitter for churches, you want to be as vocal as possible. This means that you should be tweeting all upcoming events, sermons, services, and anything else applicable to the church. Twitter reaches a lot of people and this is one of the best ways to make sure that people are seeing all that you have to offer. Times are changing. No longer do people constantly check church bulletins for information. Instead, they’re checking social media. Therefore in order to improve your presence, you’ll want to tweet out the specific times and dates of upcoming events. If your church has any bake sales, holiday events, additional services, or canceled services then it’s a great idea to tweet those so people know.

6.) Tweet Your Churches Beliefs

When it comes to your church twitter account, you have free reign. First off, decide what kind of presence do you want to have. If you want people to see what your church is all about, then feel free to tweet about what your church believes in. Tweet out scripture verses, quotes from the pastor, fun facts about holidays as they relate to the church, and more. Keep these tweets short and sweet. Stick to one thought per tweet instead of cramming several verses or facts into one. You can always tweet more than once if you have more to say.

7.) Sunday Morning Recaps

Use Twitter to give strong content to your parishioners. If someone was unable to attend your church service, offer them a recap. Have your pastor tweet out what they may have missed. This can include pictures, videos, quotes, and lessons from their sermon. Your church can get super creative with Twitter when offering a recap. Have someone at the service who can take pictures and short videos. If possible, have the pastor offer a quick recap. Post these to Twitter to provide strong content for your followers.

8.) Know Your Audience and Taylor Your Content

When it comes to Twitter for churches, you need to know your audience. Most people on Twitter are from a younger generation. They are mainly millennials and sometimes it can be hard to get them into a church and the church’s followings. Therefore, a church needs to do some creative thinking. They need to come up with tweets, find bible passages, and tweet out events that will appeal to a younger generation. A way to do this is to offer a contest, make a tweet that’s relevant to what Twitter is talking about each day, and modernize all tweets.

9.) Don’t Underestimate the Power of a Picture

People on Twitter love pictures. It’s a great way to break up the content. Therefore, to improve your church’s Twitter, you’ll want to tweet out pictures. These don’t just have to be from the service. You basically Tweet about anything that you think will get the attention of your followers. You can also ask people to tweet pictures at you. That will help to generate conversations.

10.) Follow Like-Minded Organizations

Finally, to improve your Twitter you should follow other organizations and churches. Find those who have similar beliefs. Not only can you piggyback off their followers, you can also respond to their tweets because you’ll have a lot in common.

Overall, it’s quite easy to improve your church’s Twitter. A lot of little changes and daily interactions can help your organization. Focus on giving strong content and followers will come naturally.

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