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How To Write A Powerful SEO Product Description

You should optimize every aspect of your website for SEO, including product pages. Write effective and compelling product descriptions with a focus on SEO using these six tips.

Communicate in Your Unique Brand Voice

Your product descriptions provide a unique opportunity to communicate directly to potential customers and show why you’re the best solution for their needs. Maintaining a consistent brand voice across your platforms and in your product descriptions helps your audience understand who you are.

Product descriptions give you a space to do more than just describe your goods and make a sale. They allow you to identify your brand on your own terms while showing your audience why they need your products.

Target the Right Audience

In creating a brand voice and writing product descriptions, it’s imperative you know your target audience. Early in the marketing process, you should create a buyer persona. A buyer persona is your ideal customer. Personas enable you to craft and curate marketing strategies to target a specific type of individual: those that are most likely to purchase your products.

Compelling product descriptions appeal to your buyer personas –– and customers –– in a way that meets them where they are. Effective product descriptions crafted to your ideal buyer will

  • Provide solutions for buyer needs and wants
  • Address customer fears
  • Endear your audience to your brand

Knowing who you’re selling to informs how you craft your site content, including product descriptions. 

Provide Value to Your Customers

Product descriptions provide more than facts. They not only inform; they compel readers to make a purchase. To create effective product descriptions that sell, you must show customers how your goods provide value to them.

Explain how specific features of your products offer unique benefits and solutions. We call this the feature/benefit dichotomy. For example, if you sell an umbrella with waterproof fabric and an unbreakable frame, explain to readers how these features benefit them while they’re using your umbrella: they’ll never get wet, regardless of how heavy the rain or strong the winds, because your umbrella is indestructible.

Additionally, use lifestyle writing to help customers picture themselves using your products. Using the umbrella example again, tell a story that the customer can place themselves in. Creatively lead them to conclude that they’ll make it to work on time looking as professional and put together as when they left home thanks to your sturdy, weatherproof umbrella.

Maintain High Standards of Writing

Regardless of your audience, you must write product descriptions that they can understand. Even if your brand voice is funny, witty, or snarky, your descriptions must clearly communicate to your readers.

Utilize bulleted lists, headings, and images to optimize for readability. Your sentences should not exceed 20 words or so. The shorter the sentence, the more likely customers will read –– and comprehend it –– till the end.

As you write, employ technically proficient writing. Avoid using superfluous words like really, very, good, or the best. Choose stronger, more specific words that get your point across.

When you marry brand voice with proficient writing, you connect with customers on a personal level, leading to higher conversion rates.

Optimize Descriptions for SEO

You write product descriptions to inform customers, but if they never read your descriptions, all your work is in vain. You must optimize your product descriptions for your SEO. While you could constantly tweak your content for SEO purposes, if you start with a few basics, you can earn organic traffic that leads to conversions.

There’s more to SEO than the above bullet points, but these are a great place to start when creating your product descriptions.

Remember a Call to Action

Sometimes the customer needs a nudge in the right direction to commit to purchasing. That’s where a strategically crafted call to action comes into play. After you’ve given them all they need to know about your product, remember to finish with a strong push to close the sale.

Calls to action can vary depending on your brand and the product you’re selling. If your brand voice is funny, your call to action can be too. In some cases, you might simply add an “add to cart” button at the end of the description.

Regardless of the style of your CTA, remember to include it to increase your chance of sale.


When written intentionally, your product description can earn significant traffic to your site. Understanding the elements of a powerful SEO product description enables you to craft content that engages, informs, and converts.