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5 Ways to Market to Today’s B2B Buyer

B2B businesses must know their buyers before creating a marketing strategy for their company. We give you five ways to market to today’s B2B buyers that turn engagements into customers.

Long-Term Investment

B2B marketing is a long game. Unlike B2C companies, where customers invest fewer finances and less time researching products, B2B customers spend a great deal of time looking at options and prepare to invest more financial resources into their purchase. For these reasons, B2B marketers need to understand that successful campaigns require their long-term, consistent investment.

Maintaining consistency in all aspects of your B2B business will earn the trust of your potential customers. Regularly publishing content is one way you can show up week in and week out, signaling to your customer base that you care about your business and will consistently care for them as well.

Address Specific Buyer Needs

B2B buyers are expert researchers. So much of their time is spent scouring the internet for solutions to meet their needs. They’re looking for answers. And by publishing content that addresses their unique needs, you can bring them to your site and earn their business.

Content creation proves an effective B2B marketing strategy with significant ROI. As you create a marketing strategy, you should identify your target customer’s pain points. Know their needs and anticipate their searches—craft content around the things your buyers are already researching. By creating valuable and SEO-optimized content, you can earn top spots in search results pages and bring ready-to-buy customers to your virtual doorstep.

Account-Based Marketing

Marketing your brand to a wide breadth of potential customers is beneficial only if engagements turn into leads. Therefore, B2B marketers target individual accounts or businesses with high potential to buy in an account-based marketing strategy. By approaching marketing in this way, teams focus their efforts on selling to one account at a time, enabling them to speak to a customer’s unique pain points and outline the business’s solutions.

In an ABM strategy, your marketing team identifies target companies then engages them. Instead of attracting large swaths of businesses with advertising, ABM finds companies that fit their ideal customer then reach out to them.

ABM addresses all the different team members’ concerns, viewpoints, and desires that make up a potential account. In this way, ABM marketing allows a business to provide personalized marketing strategies to each new account, resulting in higher conversion numbers than traditional marketing techniques.

Connect through Live Chat

Email marketing isn’t the only place to contact leads or existing customers or offer customer support. You have access to multiple channels through which you can problem solve, reach out to leads, and provide the support your customers need. Live chat has become a popular avenue to care for customers in these ways.

Instead of requiring your customers to seek support through a form that connects you via email, offer a live chat option. Today’s buyers are on your site, educating themselves about what you have to offer. If they have questions, give them answers immediately with a live chat feature. Instead of communicating through email (which can take hours or days for a response), you can engage them at the moment through chat.

Connecting this way provides instant answers to customers’ questions while giving them a taste of your customer service should they commit to working with your business. In addition, offering a live chat feature provides an opportunity for your business to personally connect with potential buyers and generate leads more efficiently than through traditional cold calls or email outreach.

Optimize Your Online Presence

As potential buyers research the best solutions for their problems, they’re going to visit your website. A professional, fully optimized website is essential for marketing to today’s B2B buyer. Your clientele looks at your site and associates your design, navigation, and content with the quality of services your business can provide to them. That’s why presenting yourself in the most professional, solution-oriented manner possible is crucial to your B2B marketing efforts.

To get the most out of your digital presence, partner with a digital marketing firm that has experience with B2B companies and can build out a site that aligns with your marketing goals. Here at Linchpin SEO, we have decades of experience delivering B2B SEO services that grow MQL, SQL, and your brand.

Linchpin SEO works with you to identify your goals, target your needs, and create a long-term B2B marketing strategy for your business. Then, optimize your online presence to market to your target audience and earns leads that convert.