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How to Market a Cleaning Service Business To Increase Cleaning Jobs

One of the biggest challenges of a cleaning business is gaining new customers while you provide excellent service to your current customers. There are many ways to make sure you gain new cleaning jobs to busy professionals. This guide will help you compile a list of ways to increase clients through a complete marketing strategy. Scheduling the marketing techniques that work best for you will keep your new business coming in steadily.

1. Great Customer Service

Providing exceptional customer service will help you keep the customers you already have and attract new clients. Word-of-mouth is vital in the cleaning business. If your clients think you are the best, they will spread the news to everyone they know.

The little things always count when it comes to customer service. Answering voice mails and emails promptly or responding to messages on social media platforms within a few hours, keeps clients happy.

The Most Admired Customer Service Skills

  • Patience: The more patience you have when a client is having a hard time, the more they will appreciate you. Consider practicing defusing frustrating situations so that you are ready for clients who aren’t happy! They will notice how you handle the situation right away and respect your ability to handle yourself.
  • Communication: Assuming never gets a business far with clients. Consider making a step by step guideline on when to communicate with your clients and how often. Follow this for each client, so no one is left out!
  • Be Positive! A positive attitude gives you the edge during stressful days. Even if there is stress during your day, using manners and smiling will help everyone get back into a great mood.

2. Reviews

The result of customer service is online reviews. You will know if the customer service you provide is exceptional by looking online to see if there are any reviews for your cleaning services. Your clients will let the world know how well you do cleaning and how easy it is to work with you. Everyone has bad days! A bad review may happen, so it is crucial to address the problem publicly and with as much tact as possible. The rest of your clients and potential clients will take note of your response.

3. Use Your Vehicle

Your vehicle is a rolling billboard. Whether you have your whole car pasted with information about your business or a bumper sticker, use your vehicle for advertising your business. Neighbors will also see you at work and become curious about the cleaning service you represent. You can promote while you are working, which is passive marketing.

4. Search Engines

Local voice searching is extremely popular. Consider what people voice search for in your area when they look for cleaning services and utilize those phrases as your keywords. When someone uses voice search, this usually means that they are ready to use the service or talk to someone about the service right away. Utilizing the right keywords for voice searching should have you on the front page of a search engine quickly. Most of the time, you can figure out these keywords on your own, just by thinking of the words you’d use when you need a cleaning service right away. There are also keyword tools that can help you determine the right phrases to use.

When you pick keywords, consider many different variations that make sense. Use these sparingly throughout all your online material, so you are recognized by the search engines better.

5. Social Media

Social media is a great way to communicate with your customers. You can get reviews on social media, post coupons, and advertise. If your cleaning business doesn’t have social media accounts yet, consider opening accounts on all social media platforms and making regular posts and updates about your business.

Posting about events and happenings in your community will also help people online connect with you through community involvement. Once you have a following, then you have an audience for the great deals you offer throughout the year. People will “tag” their friends in your articles, posts, and coupons, and your followers will grow.

6. Flyers

While it is time-consuming to spend days passing out flyers, there are ways to use flyers that will work toward gaining you more customers. You only need to spend a few minutes a week, passing flyers around to get noticed. Consider passing out a flyer with a coupon on it to the neighboring homes of your existing clients. If your vehicle advertises for you, then they probably already know you are in the neighborhood, and someone in their area trusts your work.

7. Ask for Referrals

Asking your clients for a referral is always a great way to gain more cleaning jobs. You can also offer a discount for every new client your existing client brings to you. Offering a bonus or a percentage off the monthly rate, you charge them is an incentive for them to think about other people who would enjoy your services.

Consider offering gift cards or give a gift basket for each referral. Getting creative is a fun and great way to build your business and keep your clients connected.

There is a right time to ask for a referral. The best time, if you are speaking to your client, is when they are in the best mood. Also, after clients complement your work, feel free to ask for a referral! Waiting for the right time will seem less like a sales pitch and more like a friendly exchange.

8. In-Person Marketing

Whether you talk to your potential clients, face-to-face, or you advertise via direct mail, the most critical part of marketing your cleaning business is delivering the benefit. Let someone know how good it feels to be in a clean home, or how good it feels to have a clean house and not have to be the one cleaning. Regardless of if you are talking to college students or a stay at home parent, practice presenting your service by highlighting the benefits.

Consider holding a networking event or teaching at a seminar for business owners to gain more attention for your business. One of the best ways to get the name of your business out into the community is to attend and host events that people want to visit to learn something new! You can also sponsor a community event if you aren’t interested in speaking.

9. Networking

Networking groups and clubs are a great way to make sure that the professional community knows who you are and what services you provide to the community. Consider attending a networking event to distribute your cards and get new clients. If you clean businesses, this is a great way to get your name out there. Starting a new business has a lot of components. Most people don’t think about cleaning services to keep an office looking presentable until it is too late. The more you attend networking events, the more you’ll be able to offer your services to people starting new businesses.

Tips for Attending Networking Events

  • Don’t use your phone during a networking event! If you must take a call, be sure to excuse yourself and take it elsewhere.
  • Only pass out your card or talk about your business if others ask you or you determine that you can solve a problem with your services. Remember that networking is about building relationships and leave the sales pitches at home.
  • Have fun and focus on the group. If you have a moment to talk about your business or solve a problem, do so with tact.
  • Manners are important! Send thank-you notes, show up for meetings on time, and contact the people you make commitments to contact. Following a certain etiquette will give you an edge and make you memorable.

10. Online Ads

Using online platforms to advertise your business is a great way to attract new clients. You can attract people in your area in specific demographics that are inclined to hire a cleaning service. Whether you want to cater to businesses or homeowners, you can leverage online ads to work for you to find the right people.

One of the best reasons for advertising online is low costs. Online advertising doesn’t have to be expensive to gain clients. If you highlight the benefits of your cleaning services and add in your localized keywords, you should be able to reach the people searching for your services. Once your ads are great, you can attract and retain clients by placing your ads online.

Online Ad Tips

  • Look for coupons when you get started with online ads. These will help you save money while you test different ads and demographics.
  • Consider the right images for your ads and test them until you have one that gets attention.
  • Produce a list of negative keywords to add to your advertisement guidelines. These are words that you don’t want your ad to be displayed when people search for them.