Your church has worked hard to set up a community event, and now it is time to figure out how best to draw attention and see your event play out successfully. Whether your event is church-specific or more broad in theme, attendance is key to ensure success and to get the face of your church out and visible to the public eye.

Church Event Marketing Tip 1: Embrace Technology


If your church does not already have a website, it is time to create one. The internet–and your church’s ability to be found via a web search –is essential to staying relevant and active in the community as well as the world at large. When it comes to learning how to market a church event, this development becomes even more important.

Event Calendar

With a solid website that is easy to find and navigate, you can set up a calendar of events for your church that virtual visitors can click on to learn more. Make sure you keep the calendar updated, and when an event is approaching, consider a homepage advertisement that will increase virtual (and then hopefully physical) foot traffic.

Social Media

It is also a good idea to get set up on social media, which is another useful marketing tool. Create a church social media page where you can advertise events, and create a virtual community with parishioners. Once you create the event, have your followers share it on their personal social media platforms, which will help spread the new far quicker than traditional word of mouth.

Blog About It

An online blog is another a great way to attract attention when it comes to working out how to advertise a church event. Write a few targeted blog posts that you can publish on your website that can help garner interest for your upcoming event. Leave a comment section for visitors to offer suggestions or ask questions.

Church Event Marketing Tip 2: Highlight Event Benefits

When it comes to finding the best ways of how to advertise a church event, word order and phrasing can make a huge difference in who decides to attend.

Director of Marketing for Salem Church Products Angela Bainter brings up an exceptionally good point about the phrasing of your advertising material: don’t make it about the event, make it about the attendees!

Rather than a bunch of flyers or ads that state “Community Clean-Up,” try something with a bit more pep and appeal: “Teach Your Kids About Being a Good Samaritan!” In this way, you can directly target a possible side-effect of your event that directly benefits families or individuals. In this way, you appeal to what people want which will draw them in a lot faster than just advertising an event.

Church Event Marketing Tip 3: Invest in Local Marketing

Newspapers, radio, magazines, yellow pages, TV commercials–there are numerous local industries that can help you learn how to market a church event, as well as your church as a whole. While internet searches are the definite powerhouse when it comes to direct marketing, there is still a lot of value to be found in more traditional advertising markets.

If your church has the funds to afford this type of marketing, it can prove itself an excellent benefit that will bring individuals from all walks of life pouring into your next event and, hopefully, your next service.

Church Event Marketing Tip 4: Plan Events Around Holidays

Easter and Christmas are perfect opportunities to draw in attendance to both events and sermons. On average, nearly 47% of church-goers are more likely to attend during a holiday than at any other time. The simple answer to why this is comes down to the increased presence that churches have around these types of holidays: which includes church events!

Capture the attention of those parishioners planning on attending Easter Sunday service by sending out fliers and advertising online about an Easter-themed event before the actual day. Something that can draw in both adults and children, and then hold their interest for as long as possible. This is also a great method to try and keep visitors coming back more regularly, and thus boosting the attendance at church overall.

Church Event Marketing Tip 5: Direct Marketing and Brand Building

If it does not already have one, your church should develop an easily recognizable brand that will trigger familiarity and trust amongst those who have attended services or events with your church in the past. As a local religious powerhouse, your church should be readily recognizable to the majority of the people in your community; if it is not, then it is time to reconsider your branding efforts.

With a strong brand, you can consider creating paper pamphlets or invitations that can be sent directly to homes throughout the community. There is still much to be said for the power of this form of direct, physical marketing. Those individuals who appreciate the time and effort it takes to advertise in this way are more likely to be interested in attending your event. This is also a good method to ensure that the older population of the community who may not be on social media or tech-savvy is still kept in the loop about your church’s goings-on.

Fliers that can be posted in local community centers or even on telephone posts are another way to get the word out to a wider range of people.


Take advantage of the community connections–both physical and digital–that your church has access to. Create a brand, focus on how you phrase your advertising, and watch the attendance at your next event boom.

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