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To create a best in class content generation strategy, you don’t have to be an extremely gifted copywriter, video production expert, or have some other unattainable skill set. Fortunately, a good content marketing plan revolves around your ability to provide value to your users. This may be time-consuming, but it’s not incredibly difficult. Great content is about addressing the pain points of your target audience. If you can answer their questions, provide entertainment, demonstrate knowledge or experience, or peak their interest in another way, your content will serve its purpose. Ultimately, a content creation strategy is effective so long as it provides an engaging experience for users.

1. Serve all audiences on all devices

Today, your audience is likely to be using a variety of different devices. There are desktop computers which are popular in offices and in the business sector, laptops which are popular for students and at home users browsing for more professional or important purposes, and there are also mobile devices. A mobile device can come in all shapes and sizes. It can be as small as a smartphone or as large as a tablet. There are even lesser use devices that are still categorized as a mobile device but are smaller than most smartphones or larger than tablets. This is why it’s extremely important to serve all audiences on all devices with your content generation strategy. In doing so, your articles, videos, or whatever media you are providing will be viewable regardless of the device. This provides your website with the most reach possible and it sets the tone for long-term results. Be sure to understand the importance of responsive website themes, to avoid having to create mobile applications. Once of the first steps on how to create a content generation strategy is to target your audience effectively through the devices they use most.

2. Create viral content of many varities

A strong content creation strategy will revolve around viral content and its potential. Through the creation of media, you can create engaging content that your audience will appreciate and find valuable. This is the type of content that users naturally share with friends and family and help distribute on your behalf. Creating viral content gives you the best opportunity to grow your content marketing plan, without having to do the entirety of the legwork. Content creation marketing is about leveraging your audience to help build your brand.

Use any of the following types of viral blog content to generate traffic and build a following to your website. When it comes to how to build content, your ability to create viral posts that engage users in unique ways is important.

  • videos
  • memes
  • infographics
  • opinion posts
  • guides and tutorials
  • reviews
  • lists
  • e-books
  • resource pages
  • case studies
  • interviews with influencers
  • podcasts

3. Follow content marketing trends

With any form of marketing, there are trends that you can follow to make the most of your efforts. Some of the most recent content marketing trends to surface revolve around brand building strategies that have been effective for other businesses. This includes video content, email marketing, user-generated content and allowing your community to contribute to your blog, Facebook Live, the creation of evergreen content, long-form articles, infographics and other images, storytelling, reputation management, greater levels of transparency in your business, and more. These are things that other companies are using to get an edge on their competitors and by following these trends, you can learn how to generate content effectively.

4. Leverage your employees for brand awareness

Content marketing is about providing valuable content that your audience can engage with and find useful. Today, many businesses are leveraging their employees for brand awareness. When you use your current employees as ambassadors of your brand, they spread content and favorable perceptions of your business throughout their own social media channels and the Internet as a whole. This is a great way to take advantage of the community within your business and the environments you have built. If you have worked hard to create a company atmosphere that is warm, inviting, and healthy, utilize this success to your advantage by asking your own employees to take part in your brand’s promotional efforts and spend some of their time doing content creation marketing for the business themselves.

5. Syndicate your content to social networks and communities

The best way to get more traffic to your own website is to target your audience in communities where they frequently migrate to. For most of us, this is Facebook, Reddit, and other large user-focused communities with huge followings. You can utilize Facebook groups, Reddit subreddits, and the specific features of the community you are targeting. You can also syndicate your content to your own social media profiles for your followers to see. The more you do to spread your content and showcase it in places where it can be found, the more effective your content generation strategy will be. Syndications is essential to learning how to develop content that gets found naturally and authentically by viewers.

6. Create an email list and distribute your content to those subscribers

Use your blog as a way to drive more subscribers to your email list. You can do this by using email opt-ins and calls to action within your posts. Create an enticing offer called a “lead magnet” to encourage viewers to sign up for your email list. By creating an email list, you give viewers an opportunity to stay in contact with your brand. Every time that you publish a new article, video, or other types of media, you can share this with your subscribers. Simply post a newsletter announcing the new post on your blog. It doesn’t have to be promotional. If someone has subscribed to your email list, they are already interested in checking out your future content.

7. Write content that’s evergreen and long-lasting

When it takes a lot of time and effort to produce content, the last thing that you want is for that content to be short-lived. With articles like news posts and company announcements, this is almost always the case. This is why it’s important to focus on evergreen content that is long-lasting and going to provide value for your brand for years to come. Why evergreen content? Because it’s focused on topics that don’t follow trends or other temporary interests. Your audience will have a long-term need to seek out your content when the topic is evergreen focused. Entire niches can be classified as evergreen, these are health, wealth, and romance industries.

8. Add Urgency to Taking Action

A good content creation strategy should promote urgency and encourage the consumer to take action. With content marketing, the goal is to sell your products or services. While the content may approach that in an unconventional way, that is inevitably what the business is after. To do this effectively, you have to create a sense of urgency and implied that there is a limited time or availability for the user to take action. If you want them to subscribe to your email list, you can create an offer that encourages them to do this quickly, with an expiration attached. You can also do this by opening things up to the first 100 subscribers or limiting the number of spots available. How you approach this can differ and your copywriting needs to be spot on.

9. Increase the relevancy in your content

You can increase relevancy by segmenting the audience you are targeting with your content. In every industry, there are sub-niches within the niche. What this means is, there are topics that you can produce content on that don’t correspond to your product or service directly, but your target audience may still have an interest in that topic. This allows you to increase the relevancy of your content because it is refined and focused. You can cover your bases with varying types of experience levels as well because you can create content is targeted to beginners, as well as content targeted to those with experience. Increasing relevancy is the best way to guarantee a quality experience for the user.

10. Eliminate distractions

In this increasingly overwhelming world where it seems everyone is trying to sell us something, eliminating distractions is very important. To eliminate distractions for your users, you should never make multiple requests at once. This is very apparent when designing a landing page. You can increase conversions by guiding the user down the specific path and not allowing them to get sidetracked along the way. With your content, aim to eliminate distractions by not using too many images or jumping topics too quickly. Instead, keep the number of graphics to an acceptable amount where it doesn’t overwhelm the user with too much imagery. You should also use enticing headlines for your paragraphs, making it easier for the user to navigate the content as a whole.


A best in class content generation strategy follows pretty basic principles that are easy to implement. If you stay committed to providing what your audience expects to find and over delivering on their expectations, you shouldn’t have any difficulty generating interest in your brand.

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