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5 Insights Into Appearing and Ranking in Google News

Google answers five common questions to help publishers understand how news appears on Google News and Google Search.

The team at Google wants site owners and publishers to optimize their SEO and earn visibility through Google’s channels. In a blog post, Google explains how they connect people with relevant, trustworthy news from various sources, including your site.

Where Does New Appear on Google?

You’ll find news content on many different Google products. Google names the following sources for readers to use:

  • Google News
  • Google Search
  • Google Assistant
  • YouTube
  • Discover

For this article, we’ll stick to Google News and Google Search. This is because these are the two channels that publishers had the most questions about. You can find Google News online or as an app. Its personalized “For you” feed presents news stories based on your interests.

Google Search also provides news to users. Google automatically showcases the top stories of the day at the top of the search results and news stories relevant to users based on their search.

Is My Site Eligible to Appear in These Places?

Every site is eligible to appear in Google News and Search. Publishers don’t need to apply to be considered. Google claims the only prerequisite is producing content that complies with three requirements:

While Google once had an application to appear in their news products, they’ve stopped that process. And though the above three eligibility requirements are necessary for News and the news tab in Search, they aren’t necessary to appear in the web results in Search.

How Do I Know if My Site is Appearing?

Understanding how to track your performance is critical for optimized SEO. You can shape site production, content creation, and more to boost your SEO efforts when you know how your site performs.

To know if your site appears in Google news products, review your performance reports on Search Console for News and Search. These reports inform you of traffic coming from News and news links within Search.

Is There Anything I Can Do to Improve My Visibility?

This question is common not only among publishers wanting visibility in News but also those wanting more organic traffic through Google Search and other search engines. This is because Google gives specific factors that determine how a site ranks within News.

  • Content relevance
  • Prominence
  • Authoritativeness
  • Freshness
  • Location
  • Language

Within Google’s “For you” tab in Search, these additional factors affect visibility:

  • Interests
  • Usability
  • User preferences for topics or publishers

Building an SEO strategy around Google’s declared visibility factors increases your traffic. Knowing how to optimize your SEO will benefit your rankings and visibility in News, under Search, and in Google’s other products as well.

I’m Following All Your Advice. So Why Am I Still Not Appearing?

SEO optimization isn’t a one-time effort to grow your online visibility. Good SEO requires consistent work and content production to earn the rankings you want. For example, you might find that you’re sticking to all of Google’s guidelines and recommendations, but your site still isn’t appearing on Google News or in the news carousel at the top of Google Search.

If this is the case, consider auditing your content creation processes. For example, make sure the content you create is original news content, and make sure you’re regularly publishing. Google’s automated systems regularly evaluate your pages to determine if you’ve improved your practices to meet criteria and earn visibility on Google’s products.

Appear in Google News

Google News gives you access to new audiences worldwide and brings them to your site and your content. Google lets users learn from you and engage with you. And the more users engage with you, the more value you provide, which earns you the top spots on the search results pages.

Working with a proven digital marketing and design firm helps you appear in Google News and garner the attention your site deserves. If you’re ready to optimize your site for Google News, Google products, and other search engines, reach out to our team today.