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Gaining new members to your church or even raising the attendance numbers can be very exciting. You have the opportunity to gain new friends and share in a common message that you both believe in. But, at times, it can feel difficult to figure out the best way to advertise and bring in new members. That is why we have compiled a list of twelve tips to advertise your church. The suggestions are as follows:

  • Church Blog
  • Business Cards”
  • Church Social Media Presence
  • Viral Videos
  • Radio Advertising
  • Church Website
  • Youth Outreach
  • Mass Emails
  • Community Meals
  • Design A Banner
  • Newspaper Advertising
  • Mailing

Church Blog

Blogs are becoming extremely popular for a variety of topics. They allow you to consistently create informative pieces that keep the community up to date about all of the wonderful things the church is doing. This can include things like outreach as well as frequently asked questions that you can address. The key here is to always be creating new content so the blog can maintain the interest of readers.

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“Business Cards”

Creating small, business-like cards for your members are a great advertising technique. This way, when they are talking with someone in their personal life about their church, they have a full listing of all its information right at their fingertips. This way, the member’s friends can stow it in their wallet to be referenced later when they get home.

Church Social Media Presence

Perhaps the most modern form of church advertising, social media platforms can be an extremely effective advertising strategy, especially with the younger generations. This includes things like a church Facebook page, twitter account, and even Instagram. All of these platforms can be used in tandem to post photos of church events, give updates and show the public what you’ve been up to. Plus, this gives members the chance to share posts with their own friends and families as well.

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Viral Videos

These types of productions may take a bit more work but can be well worth the time if they go viral. You can take a recent online trend and put your own spin on them that is related to the church. This is a perfect youth group project that can then be posted to a variety of church social media accounts.

Radio Advertising

Radio is used quite frequently for church advertising. You can specifically target any radio stations that play predominantly gospel music. That way, people who already enjoy the type of music they hear on the radio may also enjoy the type of music being played at your church. Plus, almost everyone listens to the radio while they’re driving. It reaches more people in total than almost any other form of media.

Church Website

This can be one of the most influential aspects of church advertisements. If someone has considered attending your church, odds are the first place they will do more research is online. It may be very well worth the investment to hire a professional to design and launch an appealing website for you and your congregation.

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Youth Outreach

One of the best ways to get families to join a church is to get their kids involved. This can be done by holding a free carnival for the youth of the community. Take the opportunity to share some information about the church and watch the pews fill up the following week.

Mass Emails

Email lists are no longer just to get information out to members. It can also be a great way to connect with those aspiring to be members. Regular mass emails can be sent out to people who have reached out to the church via a church website or social media account. This way, they too are informed of what’s going on and are more likely to attend services.

Community Meals

One of the best ways to advertise your church is through word of mouth. One of the best ways to do this is to host a free community meal for all to enjoy. Have members of the church donate the ingredients and invite the community to break bread with you. They will quickly see that this church is extremely warm and welcoming, and will be much more inclined to return the following Sunday to see the friends they’ve made.

Design A Banner

Billboards can be expensive but the front of your church can be treated as free real estate! Gather some of the youth and some artistically inclined members of your congregation to create a giant banner that can be proudly hung for all who drive or walk by to see. Be sure to use a ton of bright colors so as to catch the eyes of passersby. Who knows? You may just attract the attention of someone who passes your church every day but has never taken the time to look up and see it.

Newspaper Advertising

Newspapers still reach thousands of people every week, especially in more rural communities. One of the best uses of funds already set aside for outreach is in a community newspaper. Challenge different members of the congregation to come up with an eye catching and catchy headline to reel in new members.


This idea to advertise your church can be as simple as a postcard. Before a service, hand out three postcards to each member that includes all of the church’s information and challenge each of them to send it to three friends who they think would enjoy attending a service or other church event.

All of these tips to advertise your church are both inexpensive and highly effective. Gaining new members is highly rewarding and well worth the effort. By growing your church, you are able to have more members working together to bring more people to share your message with. Advertising your church is about more than increasing your number of members, it’s about growing your family.

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