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Does B2B Live Chat Really Generate Leads?

There are many ways to engage and generate leads through your website. But which options are the most effective? Are you struggling to move consumers through your sale funnel and increase ROI?

When considering the best way to market to this generation of B2B consumers, the benefits of a live chat feature can’t be ignored.

Do Live Chat Features Work?

Using a live chat feature on your website has definitive benefits for your business. It’s proven to increase customer satisfaction and conversions. The beauty of a live chat is the ability to instantly connect and engage with the consumer. In an online experience, a live chat can be the equivalent of a warm handshake and a genuine “How can I help you?” This positive personal connection can make all the difference to your customer.

According to one study, a whopping 77% of customers won’t place a purchase if there is no live chat support option available. And adding live chat to your website increases conversion rates by as much as 20%. Chat is preferred over many other communication options due to its ability to answer questions instantly, efficiently, and specifically.

Considerations for Live Chat

There is no one-size-fits-all plan for implementing live chat into your user experience. Below we list a few factors to consider before you launch:

  • Location and Language. You want your live chat to be accessible to everyone who needs it, day or night, wherever they might be on the globe. This includes having the option to communicate in your consumer’s language.
  • User Needs. You don’t want to shove a chat option in your users’ faces. You can create a program that invites a chat on a specific webpage, or after a certain period of time has passed. A live chat option should be a welcoming invitation to communicate, not a demand.
  • Knowing your metrics and staffing appropriately will make the most out of your live chat feature. You don’t want to waste your money or employees’ time by overstaffing when site traffic is slow. Check your website traffic report and engage with your marketing team to determine your customer service needs and how that shapes your chat staffing decisions.

Implementing live chat into your business strategy works best when your organization works together. Getting input and information from departments such as sales, marketing, and data ensures you get the whole picture and can craft a successful B2B live chat feature.

Tips for Using Live Chat to Build Relationships

Live chat is all about customer service, offering a personalized experience to your users. Converting a searcher to a buyer requires building a relationship, and there’s no better way to do this than through a live chat.

Incorporating these straightforward but effective tips will increase the quality of your user experience and guarantee you stand out from the crowd.

  • Simplify the process. Choose a widget design that balances simplicity with an engaging concept. Ensure fast server times so there’s no waiting. You want the user experience to be quick and easy. In the digital world, even a few extra seconds of lag time can mean the difference between a customer clicking away or converting.
  • Make it all about the customer. Address the customer by their first name and ask a lot of questions. This not only shows the customer their value, but it also ensures you understand their needs and can solve their problems effectively.
  • Show genuine care. Being authentic and communicating in a way that expresses empathy and understanding builds trust, and trust is the foundation of any lasting relationship, business or otherwise. And if a customer trusts your company and feels personally cared for, they will remember and return to you for their future needs.


There’s no denying the value a live chat feature adds to your B2B business. It increases the quality of your customer experience and, in turn, generates a strong baseline for leads and conversions to take place. You have nothing to lose, and so much to gain.