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Charlotte Digital Marketing, SEO, and Web Design Agency

The digital marketing agency that local and national brands love working with, and small businesses around Charlotte trust to do their SEO marketing and web design correctly.

The Digital Marketing Agency Built For Charlotte Business

The Charlotte, NC online space is a competitive place, which is why you need marketing strategies that are results-driven and up to date. At our Charlotte digital marketing agency, we deliver advertising solutions that promote brand awareness, generate leads, and drive traffic to your website. From our modern solutions to our custom approach, we know what it takes to get brands recognized across the web.

As a full-service digital marketing agency, we help clients in Uptown, Camp North End, Plaza Midwood, Myers Park, Wesley Heights, Dilworth, NoDa, Ballantyne, Lower South End, Midtown get more from their SEO, website design, social media, and PPC.

Below you will find the digital marketing services we use to build your brand and increase sales and leads for your Charlotte area business.

  • Enterprise SEO Services
  • Local SEO Services
  • SEO Content Creation
  • SEO Migration
  • Website Design Services
  • Content Strategy
  • SEO Consulting
  • Website Audits
  • Small Business Marketing
Bill Ross - Raleigh SEO consultant and Expert

Our Why

After leading digital strategies at large agencies and consulting firms for over 15 years, I wanted to build a digital agency that businesses could believe in.

By prioritizing project efficiency, our client relationships, and caring about our clients’ success, we’re able to achieve better marketing ROI, and increased MQL, SQL, and MRR for our partners.

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Website Design FAQs

How mush does a website design cost?

That is a great question, however unfortunately there is not a simple answer. There are many aspects that influence the pricing for a website

The only thing we can tell you about our website design pricing is that the majority of our clients pay between $7,000 – $18,000 for one of our custom websites.

Do you do a hourly rate pricing or a per project cost?

All of our website design projects are scoped on a by-project rate.

Is SEO included in my website?

Yes. At our core, we are an SEO company, who just happens to also design great websites. Thus, we understand the importance of SEO, and how to integrate it throughout your entire web design project.

Who will be working on my website design?

For all website design projects, we use our team of designers (who are located in Michigan) in our Linchpin core. We don’t outsource our website design work.

What do your website design projects include?

Our process to build the best-looking website for your business includes all of these website design elements. This process guides us in building a website that helps customers find you on Google, creating a strategy to increase user engagement and conversions, helping you create great website content, and building a reporting and measurement framework to help you get more value from your website.

Current State Debrief

We will work with your team to understand the evolution of your website and what functionality and design elements work best. This will help us plan and give direction for the new website design.

This will include:

  • Reviewing the current sitemap, content value, and which pages are a priority in the new architecture
  • Better understanding your target users and what you know about them regarding content expectations
  • Reviewing the competition to gain insights into their design and content strategy
  • Better understand your expectations, and what you define as a good looking website design

Design / Code Framework Definition

This is part of the planning phase in which we will find a framework that has the functionality and elements needed to create your new website.

The framework will be chosen based on:

  • Inherent Functionality
  • CodeBase Efficiency
  • Design Efficiency
  • Page Builder Used

Making sure your website’s framework runs efficiently, is easy to use, and is flexible enough to integrate additional 3rd party functionality will be key for expanding functionality and building elements that address your user needs.

Information Architecture

How your website’s content is structured is not only beneficial to SEO, but it needs to align with your users’ expectations. We will create your website’s information architecture, aligning it with user expectations and search engine value.

This includes:

  • Extracting and analyzing the content sets
  • Organizing/consolidating content sets to align with user behavior and SEO value
  • Building an optimized sitemap and site structure that aligns with the expectations of your target audience

Website Design and Development

Once we have the final content set and sitemap finalized, we will create a working model to show the basic layout and functionality of the website. Once the model is completed and approved we will start designing the website.

The design process will include the following:

  • Creating a design for the website to optimize page structure for users and search engines and help communicate brand values through design
  • Website development, testing, and optimizing the code for search engines, mobile devices, and site speed
  • Form implementation that allows for integration with CRM systems and the easy capture and collection of lead information

Search Engine Optimization

Going above and beyond most basic website designs, all our designers make it a priority to work with our SEO team to include on-site SEO. Prior to adding the new content set to the website, we will optimize it for search engines.

This includes optimizing the following:

  • Title Tags, Images, and Content
  • On-page Content Hierarchy
  • Internal Link Structure and Navigation
  • PDF Optimization

SEO and User Transition Plan

Having a transition plan in place when redesigning a website is vitally important to ensure the user journey remains uninterrupted and search engines can efficiently and effectively apply value to the new website. Missing this step or poor implementation can cause traffic loss and user satisfaction decline.

Because we’ll be doing the design, coding, and strategy, most of our transition plan will be integrated into those elements.

Measurement Strategy

Making sure you can effectively track KPIs, goals, and inform Google that you have a new website, we will work with your team to integrate and set up Google Analytics and Google Search Console into your new site.

This will include the following items:

  • Goal Definition Session
  • Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools Setup
  • Reporting Strategy

Website Quality Assurance

Each of the teams that are involved in creating your website will follow strict QA processes to make sure your website is optimized for uses, search engines, and mobile devices, as well as reviewing functionality and lead form or shopping cart execution.

Brand Book

Having a brand book is key to ensuring that whether it’s an email, a brochure, merchandise, or a 10-foot sign, your company’s identity will be consistent across all customer and user touchpoints.

Your brand book will include the following:

  • The variations of your logo, how to (and not to) use them, and visual examples
  • Your brand’s color palette with color values for screens, websites, printed materials, and Pantone printing
  • Your brand’s typography and how to use it most effectively in print and online
  • Information on secondary graphic elements, iconography, and where and when to use it
  • Breakdown of key templated documents like brochures, business cards, and technical briefs
  • Examples of proper applications on different materials and merchandise

Will I have a project manager for my account?

Yes. Our founder manages all accounts and is the point person for every project we do – so there are no “middlemen”.

How long will it take to launch my website?

Typically we can take a website from concept to launch anywhere from 12-20 weeks – depending on complexity and functionality needed.

What CMS do you use?

This is dependent on the goal of the website. For most eCommerce websites we use Shopify; for B2B websites we typically use WordPress or Craft. However, we have worked with many different CMS over the years, so there are few limitations.

Do you host our website?

We don’t currently offer website hosting. However, if you need a recommendation for which hosting to use, we can provide that at the start of the project.

How many concepts and revisions do we get?

We usually provide a couple of concepts, and don’t usually have a hard limit on revisions (within reason). We want to work towards providing you with a website you can be proud to show off.

Do you offer ongoing maintenance or strategy?

Yes, we offer website maintenance, SEO, strategy, content creation, and brand strategy. Usually, if you opt into ongoing maintenance we will showcase your business in our portfolio since we know the design will remain consistent.

Search Engine Optimization FAQs

How mush does SEO cost?

That is a great question, however unfortunately there is not a simple answer. There are many aspects that influence the pricing for SEO, including;

  • your goals
  • your current state of SEO
  • what strategies you’ll need to accomplish your goals
  • whether you’re targeting a local market or a national market
  • your competition and their SEO power
  • keywords you want to target

The only thing we can tell you about our SEO pricing is that the majority of our clients pay between $1,000 – $3,900 per month to work with our team.

Do you do a hourly rate pricing or a per project cost?

All of our projects are scoped on a by-project rate. We don’t do hourly rates, meaning we don’t say you get 10 hours of our time each month for X amount of dollars. We don’t want to limit the project time that we can work on those goals – since reaching your goals is our goal.

We have two types of projects:

  • Single-State Projects – these include projects such as audits or website designs that have a set time for completion. For these, we give you the flat rate based on the scope.
  • Monthly Retainers: These include projects such as SEO consulting or monthly projects that are ongoing. These are done on a set dollar amount each month and give you access to the team members you need for the project. We don’t do long-term contracts, because we believe in proving our value each month.

Who will be working on my website?

For all SEO work, our founder, who has worked with many large brands over his 15 years doing SEO, will be working directly with you and executing your SEO campaign. We don’t outsource our SEO work.

Will I have a project manager for my account?

Yes. Our founder manages all accounts and is the point person for every project we do – so there are no “middlemen”.

What we believe SEO includes?

SEO is a long-term business strategy; inclusive of publishing, brand building, marketing, website experience, and technical SEO.

This is why, when marketing agencies try to boil SEO down to a few tactics or do it as an afterthought, it doesn’t work.

How often do we meet to talk about your SEO project?

Typically our reporting meetings take place once a month. However, we don’t limit the number of times you can call us or email us with questions (within reason). We truly have an open door/phone policy.

Why use Linchpin vs. a competitor?

That’s a great question. There are many companies and agencies that do great SEO (the majority don’t) and if we are not the right fit for you, then we’d be happy to provide you with a company we feel would be.

We are committed to the goal of making your business successful, rather than committing to any specific strategy.  We have been built on 6 core values that we don’t compromise on for any reason.

  1. We Care – Our team includes marketers and design experts from top agencies and brands who care about your success.
  2. Self-testing – We believe in continuous testing, and often do it on our own website to gain insights for our clients.
  3. Process Driven – We’ve optimized our marketing processes to eliminate waste and save clients time and money.
  4. Efficiency – We’ve eliminated operational overhead and costs, so we are able to provide better client ROI.
  5. No Red Tape – We believe in removing hierarchical red tape and giving everyone direct access to our CEO.
  6. Keep It Local – You’ve invested in our marketing all-stars, so we don’t outsource our clients’ work outside our core.

Should I hire an SEO company that guarantees search engine rankings?

So there are many companies out there that will “guarantee rankings”. Two things I will say about any company that only talks about rank, or has the goal of getting you Google rankings is:

  1. They will do anything to get you them – even if it hurts your brand, website, or business in the long run.
  2. They do not understand what SEO actually is.

If you want to read more reasons, check out our performance-based SEO article here.