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Is Dedicated Hosting Better For SEO Than Shared Hosting?

Google’s John Mueller himself tells us there’s no SEO benefit to hosting your site on a dedicated server. We’ll break down his thoughts so you can confidently proceed with a shared hosting platform.

Hosting Options and SEO

As you build your site, you’re always striving for SEO optimization. Every choice you make, from your title tag to your content and everything in between, affects your rankings in the SERPs. And because you want your site to climb to the top, it’s important that you know how your hosting choices affect your SEO.

Dedicated Vs Shared Hosting

Business owners launching their sites have two hosting options: dedicated hosting and shared hosting. Let’s define these terms before we dive into Mueller’s thoughts.

Shared hosting is when multiple websites are hosted on the same server or on the same IP address. The alternative is dedicated hosting when a server or IP address is dedicated to a single website.

In an Ask Googlebot episode, a user asks if there’s an SEO advantage to choosing dedicated hosting over shared hosting.

John Mueller affirms that businesses don’t gain an SEO advantage when they choose dedicated hosting over shared hosting, noting, “Using shared hosting is perfectly fine and does not negatively affect your site in Google Search.

Over the years, business owners have believed that dedicated hosting is the only option to get the most out of their SEO efforts. Let’s look at some of the most common hosting myths below.

Hosting Myths

A common misconception regarding servers is their speed. And as we know, a slow loading speed makes for a terrible user experience. You have just a few seconds to engage a user before they move on.

Many business owners believe that dedicated hosting is the only option if you want speed, power, and flexibility. Dedicated hosting is typically a more expensive option because these servers are designed to run faster, giving users a better experience. If overloaded, shared servers can become slow.

For these reasons, many businesses believe they must host on a dedicated server or face negative consequences for their SEO. But as you’ll see below, that’s not true.

Shared Servers and SEO

Thankfully, choosing a shared server doesn’t doom your site to slow speeds and low rankings.

Mueller assures site owners:

Just to be clear, a dedicated server is not always fast, and a shared server is not automatically slow.

He continues dispelling shared server myths:

Another concern we sometimes hear is that there might be other bad websites hosted on the same server. SEOs sometimes call this a “server in a bad neighborhood.” This is not something to be worried about. In practice, most commonly used hosting providers watch out for this on their own. There’s generally a wide range of websites hosted on shared hosting, including some fantastic ones and some bad ones too. For Google this is fine and not problematic. We treat each website based on its own merits not based on its virtual neighbors.

In short, many factors affect your SEO, but your choice to utilize a shared server isn’t one of them. Google crawls your website and evaluates your SEO according to what you’ve created. Sites that share your server won’t affect your SEO efforts.

Benefits of Shared Hosting

There’s no truth to the idea that choosing a shared server will negatively impact your SEO, which is good news for small businesses on a budget. Shared web hosting is cheaper than dedicated hosting. Shared hosting is also flexible and relatively low maintenance, perfect for business owners who’d rather spend their time growing their company than managing their servers.


It takes a lot to run your business and keep up with your SEO. Thankfully, Google has given you the OK to host on a shared server. You won’t receive any SEO advantages in utilizing a dedicated server, so choose a shared server and begin reaping the benefits today. As long as your website loads quickly, your SEO won’t be affected, but you’ll enjoy the savings and ease that come along with shared hosting.

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