An evergreen content strategy is your solution to creating content that appeals to just about everyone and is never outdated. Evergreen niches are those like health, wealth, and romance. Just about anyone should take notice and what you have to say today will be just as relevant decades from now. However, evergreen content doesn’t have to be an entire niche, there are evergreen content opportunities that exist in every niche. It’s an ideal content strategy because your content’s importance is maintained and remains useful to your audience. There is no need to produce new content that rehashes similar ideas and doesn’t provide much value.

What is evergreen content and why should we create it?

Named after the popular evergreen tree that stays healthy year-round, your content can serve its purpose and continue educating and solving the pain points of consumers many years after its publication. Evergreen content is valuable for a number of different reasons, going well beyond not having to rewrite and reproduce articles. Here are a couple of the key reasons why evergreen content is so important:

Lasting search engine rankings

With some keyword phrases, you can only rank at the top with recently published content. We find this with news posts and press releases. However, with evergreen topics, something you wrote years ago could be the number one result on search engines decades later. It takes a lot of effort and a great deal of time for a piece of content to climb the search engines, so why lose that value quickly after it’s achieved? Evergreen content ensures that you benefit from lasting search engine rankings. By nature, your content will be well optimized because you’ve carefully chosen a subject matter with precise keyword usage.

Traffic and lead generation

An evergreen content strategy allows you to maintain a consistent flow of traffic to your website. Better yet, this traffic is often organic and relevant because it comes from search engines. Your evergreen articles will get a steady flow of targeted viewers that are ideal for lead generation. You can use these leads to build an email list, subscribers to your blog, or even hard sell your products or services. Quality pieces of content that maintain their relevance year after year are some of the biggest assets to a brand.

Understanding What Makes A Topic Truly Evergreen

You know your content is truly evergreen when it stands the test of time. However, if your business doesn’t have years to wait or traffic data to prove your findings now, you have to know what makes an evergreen topic timeless. Timeless means that the content will remain relevant regardless of how much time has passed. Often times, businesses think they are writing about an evergreen topic that’s timeless when in actuality, it’s a topic that will lose value over time. You find this with topics that follow industry changes and trends. If there’s a chance that it will need to be maintained or updated over time to reflect changes in the industry, then it’s not truly evergreen.

Always write with your audience in mind

Evergreen content is valuable for its lifelong relevance but if you’re not writing with your audience in mind, you won’t produce a piece that’s worthy of standing the test of time. You always need to know who you’re writing it for and what their expectations are. Provide content that offers genuine value to your audience, creates engagement, and is more than just words on a page. How you appeal to your audience and achieve your end goal of producing a quality piece of evergreen content is ultimately about how well you address the pain points and concerns of your viewers.

Produce content that can appeal to different audiences

Everyone prefers content in different ways. There are some of us that genuinely only like to read, others that enjoy videos with something to watch, and many of us that simply enjoy listening to audio. The point is, you should produce content that can appeal to these different audiences by providing something for everyone. It’s also a process of experimentation, allowing you to uncover which types of evergreen content perform best. Some types of content provide unique promotional opportunities, such as syndicating videos to YouTube or adding a PowerPoint presentation to Slideshare. This gives you an opportunity to distribute your content to unique places where it can be found and shared.

Resurface evergreen content through social media channels

Keeping evergreen content fresh and well-syndicated online seems to contradict the idea of what evergreen content is. However, in order for your content to perform well long term, you have to continuously promote it through social media channels. That means resurfacing evergreen content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and any other social media profiles that your business uses. Small businesses often don’t have huge marketing budgets, which means social media will need to be leveraged extensively. You can gain followers and advertise your content without having to spend money on advertising.

Repurpose evergreen content in different varieties

Repurposing content allows you to give new life to your evergreen content strategy. You can turn articles into videos, videos into articles, blog posts into PDF downloads, text into audio feeds, and much more. There are a wide variety of ways that you can repurpose your content and use it for distribution to new marketing channels. The goal is to think outside the box and use your creativity to your advantage. By repurposing content into new forms, you can then use content syndication to get the word out and expand the number of places that your audience can discover your evergreen content.

Anything that you can do to deliver your message in more ways than simply text on a page, the better. Think tutorials, infographics, how to guides, personal testimonials, reviews, resources, and more.

Steer clear of current events and news

As an obvious example of what evergreen content is not, current events and news are topics you should steer clear of. These are clear-cut examples of topics that have short time spans. In order to rank in search engines for the types of keyword phrases that surround current events and news, you have to regularly publish this type of content and have an active news blog.

Use SEO to drive traffic to your content

Search engine optimization is a great way to get more value out of your evergreen content. Evergreen topics have serious potential to rank organically and search engines and provide traffic to your blog. To get the most value out of the content you produce, you should make your SEO strategy (both enterprise seo and local seo) and content strategy work together. By doing proper keyword research for each post, writing a unique meta title and meta description, adding tags, properly categorizing, and using image alt text, you can ensure that your content has the best possible chance of performing well in search engines. It’s a much better approach To optimize your content correctly the first time, rather than going back and attempting to optimize posts at a later date.

Avoid overly technical language

When you’re writing evergreen content, focus on writing for beginners. You might feel the need to share your experience and expertise, but you should word it in a way that makes sense to everyone. It’s not very likely that an expert will be searching for help on a broad topic. The vast majority of your audience will be beginners that are struggling with an issue and looking for help. A beginner won’t understand overly technical language and it will likely lead them to pursue another article. By avoiding this all together, you can create content that has even more relevance in its evergreen topic because it appeals to everyone.


Evergreen content allows you to drive traffic and gear your content marketing strategy toward long-term results. It’s an ideal focus for your blog and content marketing efforts because it provides long-term value to your audience at less of a cost to your business. If you don’t have to produce as much content and the content that you do produce maintains its relevance, you don’t have to money or time creating and you can focus on bigger picture tasks.

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