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So you want to join the Linchpin Content Contribution Program?

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Position your business as a leader by participating in our contributor program.

Our Guidelines

Read this first. Guest post submission guidelines.

The Article

  • The article must be at least 1600 words.
  • It must be an original thought leadership piece.
  • It must include a quote from a senior-level team member at your company. We will look you up online, and reserve the right to remove the quote if it does not follow these guidelines.
  • It must include links to other industry leading articles or data that supports your topic.

The Links

  • We don’t provide a bio section, so the above mentioned quote is where your website will be referenced.
  • We will remove links or marketing references if they are: overly promotional and/or not relevant to the marketing industry as a whole.

Note: All content is at the discretion of our editorial team, and there is no guarantee that your piece will be published.

Contact us if you think you have what it takes.