There are over 650,000 employers who hire over 6 million employees to construct over $1 trillion worth of structures each year. If you are one of the employers, even if you work only for yourself, then you know marketing is an important part of your job. Yet, while you are probably very skilled with a hammer and a screwdriver, you may not have much marketing knowledge. Let’s dive deeper into the subject allowing you to become a better construction or contractor marketer.

What is Construction or Contractor Marketing?

When many in the construction industry see the term marketing, they think of the money they spend or should spend on selling their services. Marketing construction services can be broken down into a six-step process with each step being essential for the completion of your construction business development. At the moment, let’s take a high-level look at the process. Then, we will follow up with some concrete advice.

Create your objectives

Just like you would never agree to build a home without having a blueprint to follow, your construction marketing objectives serve as your blueprint for what you plan to achieve. They should be written in terms that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely. For example, your goal might be to remodel ten kitchens in zip code 50135 by December 2019. If your business is divided into multiple sectors, then you should have a construction marketing plan for each sector.

Analyze your firm’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

We will show you how to do this analysis in a minute, so for now, just realize that you need to do it as part of your construction marketing plan. This analysis is called the strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats (SWOT).

Analyze where your market’s strengths and weaknesses lie.

Your marketing plan comes together when you understand what you want to accomplish and the opportunities you need to take to make those accomplishments a reality. For example, if you are targeting a market where many new homes are constructed regularly by particular individuals who then sell the homes turnkey ready, then you may need a different marketing plan than if you operate in an area where many individual owners are remodeling older homes.

Define the marketing budget for your construction firm

This differs across the industry, so you will need to decide on how much money you will spend on marketing contractor marketing strategies. The larger your budget, the less creative you have to get in reaching people. Most firms are looking at a total between 0.4 percent and 4 percent of their company’s total revenue for construction marketing strategies.

Build The Strategy

The next step of developing how to market a construction firm is to decide on your specific strategies. There are many strategies that you can use depending on your budget, your objective and your market.

Measure the Results

No construction marketing plan would be complete without measuring your results, so you know if you are moving towards meeting your objectives. You would never send your crew out to complete a job without monitoring their progress, and your construction business development marketing plan should be the same way.

Challenges The Construction Industry Faces

Below you will find a list of challenges the construction industry faces; including problems faced on the construction site, common problems in construction projects, as well as within the management and processes.

  • Skilled Labour Shortage Which Increases Time To Get A Job Done and Mistakes. One way contractors have been dealing with the difficulties presented by the skills gap and increased material costs has been to increase their reliance on modular or prefab work.
  • Poor Productivity and Profitability Due Outdates Processes and Frameworks
  • How to Efficiently Migrate Processes and Materials into the Sustainable Development Movement
  • How to deal with generating high amount of construction waste, consuming resource excessively, and adverse impacts to environment.
  • Rising Cost of Raw Materials Worldwide Of Close To 4%
  • How to Operate in a World That Increasingly Looks for Green Companies.
  • Slow Invoicing and Payments To Workers
  • A Low Trust Level From Consumers Due to a Lack of Contractor Ethics
  • Inadequate Planning and Scoping of Projects
  • Lack of Safety Training In the Workplace
  • Technology Adoption and Preparing for the Digital Future
  • Uncontrolled Growth Due To Multiple Factors
  • High Insurance Costs Due To Onsite Accidents and Risk
  • Legacy Systems That Are Outdating Will Cut Into Profits

With all these trends within the industry, there are two trends you really need to pay attention to when you are wondering how to market your construction business. The first is that people are turning to the internet at every step of the sales funnel to help them make their buying decision. In fact, over 85 percent of potential customers say they trust online reviews as much as if a friend made the recommendation. Being there each step of the journey is essential to marketing for construction companies.

When determining how to market construction business remember, there are lots of data to help you. Even if you’re wondering how to market a small construction company with a limited budget, there are still low-cost and free programs, like Google Analytics, to help you understand if you are meeting your objectives.

Strategies For Construction Companies or Contractors

Now, it is time to put the finishing touches on how to market your construction services to your potential buyers. You understand the concept of marketing construction services and you have identified your company’s SWOT along with those of your top competitors. Now, here are construction marketing ideas you will want to consider in your construction marketing firms promotional efforts. Use these new construction marketing ideas to enhance your new construction builds or your remodeling and other types of residential and commercial construction.

Having a Great Website

The first place to start is your construction company website design. Make sure that your construction company SEO is set up to include long-tail keywords that your customers are most likely to use when looking for a contractor in your area. You should have a strong “about us’ page highlighting your company’s unique strengths and have a page about each of the services that your company offers. Your construction company website design should be responsive so that people can view it properly on any device.

Google My Business

If you have not already done it, then claim your Google My Business page because when someone types in your company’s name, your information pops up. Use the description to enhance your construction company SEO by incorporating your long-tail keywords. Then, move on to using your Google My Business website to promote your business by posting there frequently.

Social Media Marketing

Over 20 percent of all page views are on Facebook. You should make sure that your company is found there too. When doing social media marketing keep it social by engaging your audience. It is often one of the best ways to spot new construction marketing trends that your local audience is looking to find out more about.


You are doing a great job of doing outstanding work and providing great customer service, so make it easy for your satisfied customers to share their experience online. Start by claiming your Yelp, Angie’s List and other company review sites. Then, respond to your customers there when they leave you reviews.

Local Pack

While Google chooses who appears in their local pack on the first search engine result page, there are steps you can take in construction company digital marketing efforts to make sure you are found there. Three essentials are to have a website, claim your reviews, and leave a footprint across the internet by using off-page construction company SEO techniques.

Social Good Marketing

People love to do business with companies that are helping others, so make sure you embrace this trend. Go do a little job for someone who needs your help, like a senior, and gets the media to follow the story.

Influencer Marketing

Even if you are wondering how to market construction services with almost no budget, you can still use influencer marketing. Look for someone in your market that influences the way a good share of people thinks. Approach them to ask if they need work done. Then, give them a special price based on the fact that they let you use their story on social media, in email marketing, on your website and in other construction marketing ideas.

Be an Expert

The local news media is probably always looking for an expert to present a local angle on national news stories, so offer to be the local expert. You may also want to give public presentations about construction concerns to community groups. Do not overlook writing articles and getting them published in local newspapers and trade magazines.

Use Drones To Showcase Your Work

Video is one the top pieces of content that can be used to market your business. People share it more often on Facebook and Linkedin, and are more engaged with companies who create stunning videos. With that said, drones are your ticket to this amazing content. Taking stunning overhead shots of your projects will wow customers and get them excited about working with you.


There are many different ways to market your construction or contractor services. You can take these ideas and market your own company or you can do what your smart customers do and call us in the first place. We are here to assist you letting you concentrate on building things.

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