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How to Choose Your Next B2B Lead Generation Agency

Lead generation can deliver your next potential customers right into your hands. Partnering with a B2B lead generation agency can expedite those efforts, helping you increase revenue and growth. Whether you’ve never partnered with a lead gen firm before or are unhappy with your current agency, it’s essential to know what to look for.

In this article, the Linchpin team demystifies selecting lead generation partnerships. Then, learn how to choose your next B2B lead generation agency.

Why Do You Need a B2B Lead Generation Agency?

A lead generation agency helps you grow your market share by securing qualified leads for your business. The right agency will find quality leads and deliver them to you. From there, your marketing and sales teams nurture those leads until they convert into customers.

But is partnering with a lead generation agency necessary?

Like many things in the business world, it’s not a must-have for you to sell. But for you to take hold of your market share, win the digital shelf, and see the success you work toward day after day? First, you need to work with a lead generation agency.

This partnership is especially beneficial for B2B companies competing for clients. You know that winning in the B2B market requires your all. Scoring solid and qualified leads consumes time, energy, and company resources –– each a precious commodity.

But partnering with a B2B lead generation company takes the responsibility and burden off the back of your teams, freeing them up to do what they do best: market and sell.

Investing in a B2B lead generation partnership brings valuable customer relationships to your door. Instead of spending yourselves hunting down potential clients, your agency does that for you.

So, do you need a lead generation agency? If you want to win, the answer is yes.

But how do you choose the right agency for your company? Below we walk through the must-have factors for a successful and effective B2B lead gen partnership.

Choosing Your B2B Lead Generation Agency

Choosing a B2B lead gen agency can drive the direction of your business. The right agency can lead you to growth and increased revenue. But the wrong one can result in wasted time and money.

As you shop for an agency for your company, consider the following factors and how the agency stacks up.

They Know and Deliver Strategy

Your company might be thriving this season. Clients are happy, your team works hard and feels fulfilled, and you’re hitting your goals.

But even the most successful brands and companies rarely have a complete handle on their growth strategy. And without a holistic approach, your company won’t ever reach its full potential.

Your lead gen agency should know growth strategy and create and implement it for your unique needs. Even if you feel that you’ve covered all strategic bases, your agency can serve as an unbiased third party to enhance your current efforts and drive you to success.

They Work with Marketing and Sales

Your growth and success rely on all parties working together. Regarding lead generation, your marketing and sales teams work hand-in-hand to acquire, nurture, and convert your leads into long-term customers.

Your lead gen partner must also work with your marketing and sales teams to ensure all departments are on the same page, executing the appropriate tasks that bring you closer to making the sale.

Lead generation targets prospects at the early stages of the buyer’s journey. But engagement doesn’t stop there, and neither should your lead generation agency. Your agency must understand the nuances of the buyer’s journey to facilitate meaningful experiences from beginning to end.

Working with sales requires a different approach than working with marketing. But when your agency can do both in tandem and do them well, you earn the kinds of leads that turn into revenue.

They Have a Proven Methodology

When consulting your potential B2B lead gen partner, ask about their approach and methodology. Of course, they should craft their plan according to your unique business and goals, but a professional firm will have a concrete, tested, and proven methodology to work from.

For example, how do they approach creating buyer personas? What about buyer journey mapping? Do they have a written plan of action that they can share?

Lead generation isn’t a single step in your marketing and sales efforts. Instead, it’s a multifaced strategy that requires meticulous, high-level planning. Starting a lead generation strategy from scratch is difficult at best and impossible at worst if there’s no method to follow.

They Have an Experienced Team with Cross-Functionality

Your lead generation agency should have the experience to guide your business to successful consumer engagement. Lead generation is complex, and hands-on experience will be a determining factor in the agency you choose.

In many cases, you’ll quickly find an agency with years of working in lead generation. However, these agencies likely have senior members guiding newer account managers. As a result, you might partner with an agency with the proper credentials on paper, but the individual over your campaign might be unique to the game.

Your lead gen agency should house an experienced team with cross-functionality. From team leads to B2B content creators and everyone in between, you want talent that delivers the results you want –– and are paying for.

The best B2B lead generation agencies are home to seasoned team members with the experience and track record to garner the leads you’re after.

They’re Transparent

As with any relationship, personal or professional, you want your agency to prioritize integrity and honesty. It shouldn’t require multiple calls or emails to get a straight answer from your lead generation team. Straightforward and honest communication is non-negotiable when choosing your lead generation agency.

While this may seem an obvious qualification, it’s easy to get swept up in flash and substance when shopping for a partnership. They might promote their numbers or successes, but if they can’t make time for you or are misleading in the information they provide, it’s not worth partnering with them in the first place.

Run at the first sign of any red flags and choose a lead generation agency that will prioritize your needs and communicate honestly and with the timeliness you deserve.

They Can Identify Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Every B2B company has things they do well and things that need reworking. You must capitalize on your strengths and address your weaknesses for long-term growth.

An effective lead generation agency can help identify strengths and weaknesses, harness your strengths’ power and make changes that reverse weaknesses to work in your favor.

The ideal lead generation team can come in and accurately assess what needs to change for you to hit or even exceed your goals. And they do so in a respectful way. Remember, your agency partnership, if successful, will be a long-term relationship. Therefore, you want to work with a team you enjoy, trust, and respect.


Partnering with the right B2B lead generation agency can make all the difference in your business’s health, growth, and success. Linchpin SEO brings decades of experience to the table, delivering proven lead-gen services to our clients.

Reach out today to begin a conversation with our team, and we’ll discuss how we can uniquely and effectively meet your B2B needs.