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Why To Avoid Cheap Website Design Services And Packages

A website is arguably the most important tool in today’s internet-first industries. Especially as technology continues to play a bigger role in industrial processes, websites will soon be a necessary investment to make. Even calling them an investment is a stretch considering the value they provide. At most, a high-quality website can be acquired for no more than a few hundred dollars. This can be done through online website builders and web page sources. That being said, there seems to be some reluctance in the part of many business owners and online entrepreneurs when it comes to acquiring a website from online sources. In most cases, they would rather invest in designers who give them promises that seem too good to be true. Some designers go as far as promising that they won’t charge any money unless the website they build is successful. However, this is where understanding the realities of hiring cheap designers come into play.

Also, this is where many people make a mistake in thinking that acquiring a cheap website is a more cost-effective investment. In reality, you get what you pay for when it comes to websites. Even if a website shows some immediate success, websites need to be structured to succeed long-term. Designers who offer cheap designs don’t structure their websites this way because the majority of them are focused on getting a quick profit. Needless to say, we can’t say that all web designers who offer cheap designs have malicious intent. For example, some might be offering their services for free just to gain some experience with a client. Nonetheless, understanding the results of hiring a cheap website designer serves the purpose of helping you know what to stay away from. With this in mind, let’s take a look at more reasons to stay away from designers who offer cheap website designs.

#1: Hidden Costs

The first thing you can expect from web designers who offer cheap web designs are hidden costs. When we think about it, websites are too valuable to be sold for a quick buck. Be aware that this will be the main persuading argument from web designers that try to sell you their services. As an overall rule, don’t sign any paperwork that web designers give you. Even if their contract might seem clear and concise.

#2: Poor Design Quality

Another thing you can expect from a cheap designer is poor design quality. Even though the quality of a website is not the most important factor when it comes to a website, it does add to the client experience. In most cases, having a poor client experience can take away from a potential conversion even if your website gets a client to take action. Worth keeping in mind, design quality doesn’t necessarily have to do with website look. A poor designer can also create a poor user-interface that is responsible for getting a client to convert.

#3: Slow Website Speeds

When it comes to marketing a website online, one of the most overlooked yet significant ranking factors is website speed. Yet again, website speed adds to the user experience a client has on a website. The better it is, the higher the chances of converting a client on a website are. That being said, this is another reason why you will want to stay away from hiring a cheap designer. Building high website speeds are not something that can be built overnight. It takes detailed optimization over time.

#4: Little To No Social Media Integration

Social media has arguably become the most important contributor to spreading relevant recognition today. Given how large all social media platforms are, not using some form of social media integration would be missing out on a virtually endless amount of clients. Once again, a cheap designer would most likely use these benefits as a way to charge extra for their services. This shouldn’t be the case for a high-quality website design. A high-quality design should have social media integration included along with other useful add-ons.

#5: No Full Control Over Website

One of the biggest differences you’ll find in a cheap design over a high-quality design is control. A high-quality design should give you a full range of making any necessary changes with ease. This includes access to the back-end of a website, the website builder platform, and other similar forms of website control. If you happen to make the mistake of hiring a cheap designer, understand that this control will most likely be taken away from you. Even worse, it could be taken away from you to the point of being blackmailed for more money.

#6: Outdated Services

The thing about websites and the internet is that they are always updating. Whether it’s with new algorithm changes, user experience updates, or anything else for that matter, it’s important to keep up with these changes to use your website to its fullest effect. This is not something that you are going to get when you hire a cheap designer. They are most likely in it for a quick buck. They are not going to make the extra effort in updating the services they add to your website. That’s if they add the necessary services to your website in the first place.

#7: Poor Communication

Yet another factor that is somewhat overlooked when it comes to websites is communication with the designer. Having strong communication helps with everything from easy website changes to creating website plans. In the case of a poor designer, it would be a surprise if they kept in communication with you after they have profited from you.

#8: Below Average Website Security

As technology and the internet continue to grow, internet security will also grow in importance. Today, internet security has grown to the point where it has branched out into a separate niche. Nonetheless, it’s safe to say that you can’t count on a cheap web designer to give you the most effective web security. For comparison, high-quality web design will have multiple layers of security including website applications and downloads.

#9: No Room To Implement Digital Marketing Strategies

As mentioned before, online marketing is one of the most important parts of a successful website. It’s used to spread awareness, building a website brand, and even drive consistent traffic to a specific page. The only thing about it is that a website requires room to implement these strategies. A website from a cheap designer will most likely be oversaturated content and capabilities leaving no room to implement marketing services effectively.

#10: Minimal Website Functions

If the user experience of a website is what allows a client to take action, it’s functionalities are what direct a client towards those actions. In most cases, website functionalities are set up as a series of helpful steps in the sales process of a website. As we can imagine, these functionalities have to be set up correctly to increase the chances of a sale or specific action. For this reason, it wouldn’t be a good idea to hire a cheap design that is only going to provide functionalities that seem visually attractive at most.

#11: Low-Quality UX

Having mentioned the importance of user experience as it pertains to a website, it’s so significant that it deserves its recognition. In saying that, the main takeaway from User Experience(UX) is that it should create a balance between being a smooth process and informational. With cheap designers, most of their designs will either have one or none of these two qualities.

#12: Limited Storage Capabilities

While storage is not often considered when creating a website, the reality of it is that it holds more value than people realize. More than anything else, it is used to store client or website visitor data that can then be used to your benefit. Quite obviously, the more storage a website has, the more useful data it can hold to be used later. However, websites with higher storage are mostly found with high-quality websites as opposed to websites from a cheap designer.

#13: Hidden Long-Term Contracts

We’ve talked about how many cheap designers like to catch clients off-guard with hidden costs. However, what we haven’t discussed is that many also throw in hidden long-term contracts that are more costly than anything else. They mostly do so through their pitch in adding additional servers to the website they create for you. Worth repeating, don’t sign any paperwork a designer gives you unless you have down enough thorough research.

#14: No Mobile-Friendly Web Pages

Last but not least, a crucial necessity for websites today is that they have to be mobile-friendly. The reason for this stems from the fact that the tech industry is making the move towards mobile-first integration. As more mobile devices and smartphones continue to improve, a natural progression of them is that they will be in the hands of more people. Much like many other results on hiring a cheap designer, doing so will most likely result in poor web pages that are not mobile-friendly.