Website Design RFP Template and What To Include

This Request for Proposal (RFP) aims to solicit proposals from experienced website design vendors to create, redesign, or improve our company’s existing website. Our objective is to ensure our site is functional, aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly and aligns with our brand’s image and values. We believe a revamped website will be a powerful marketing tool to boost our online presence, improve user engagement, and promote our products or services more effectively.

Background of the Company

[Your Company’s Name] is a leader in [Industry] with over [number of years] years of experience. We pride ourselves on [specific aspects of your company’s mission or values]. Despite our success, we continuously seek ways to improve and stay competitive. One such improvement is the redevelopment of our website, aiming to provide our customers with a seamless and enjoyable online experience.

Project Objectives

Our primary goal for this project is to overhaul our website’s current design to create a modern, intuitive, and interactive interface that aligns with our brand and meets our users’ needs. Specific objectives include:

  1. Improve the website’s aesthetics and user experience.
  2. Increase website performance and speed.
  3. Enhance mobile responsiveness and accessibility.
  4. Integrate new functionalities such as [any new features you plan to introduce].
  5. Improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to drive more organic traffic.
  6. Implement a Content Management System for easier updating and management of the site’s content.

We seek proposals from vendors who can collaborate closely with us, providing expert guidance and high-quality execution to bring these objectives to fruition.

Overview of the Project

A. Current Website Status

Our existing website, active for [number of years], currently receives an average of [number of monthly visitors] per month. Despite these significant numbers, our analytics data from 2022 shows a bounce rate of [percentage], suggesting that users are not engaging with our site as we would like them to. Moreover, the average time spent on our website is below the industry average, suggesting room for improvement.

We’ve identified key areas where our website falls short:

  1. User Interface (UI): Our current design lacks modernity and intuitiveness, which could deter visitors.
  2. User Experience (UX): Complex navigation and slow load times likely contribute to our high bounce rate and low average time spent.
  3. Mobile Responsiveness: With mobile web usage at 56.7% globally in 2023, our website must perform excellently on mobile devices. However, our current mobile experience is subpar.
  4. SEO: Our website’s current SEO ranking is lower than our competitors, leading to lost opportunities for organic traffic and customer acquisition.

B. Overview of Required Changes

To overcome these challenges and achieve our project objectives, we require significant changes in the following areas:

  1. Website Redesign: We aim to introduce a modern, clean design that represents our brand and captivates our audience. We are open to creative suggestions on themes, color schemes, fonts, and other design elements.
  2. Improved User Experience: The new design should prioritize user experience, with intuitive navigation and a clear path to conversion (CTAs, forms, etc.).
  3. Mobile Optimized: The site should be fully responsive and optimized for viewing on all devices, especially mobiles, and tablets, given their high usage rates.
  4. SEO Optimized: The website design should incorporate best practices for SEO, helping us climb the SERPs and increase organic traffic.
  5. Content Management System (CMS): The site should integrate with a user-friendly CMS, allowing our internal team to update content efficiently.

C. Desired Outcomes from the New Website Design

Our primary aim is to transform our website into a valuable business tool that effectively communicates our brand and offerings to visitors. Specific outcomes we hope to achieve include:

  1. Increased User Engagement: With an intuitive and visually appealing design, we anticipate increasing user engagement metrics, including page views, time spent on the site, and reduced bounce rates.
  2. Increased Conversion Rates: By optimizing the user journey and providing clear conversion paths, we expect an increase in the conversion rate, leading to higher sales or leads.
  3. Improved SEO Ranking: Following SEO best practices in the redesign should enhance our visibility in search engines, driving more organic traffic to our site.
  4. Ease of Content Updates: A new CMS will streamline content updates, making it easier for our team to keep the website fresh and relevant.
  5. Enhanced Brand Image: Overall, the redesigned website should reflect our company’s commitment to quality and excellence, strengthening our brand image.

Scope of Work

A. Detailed Website Requirements

  1. Functionality Requirements: The website should offer a seamless user experience with intuitive navigation, faster load times, and compelling Call to Action (CTAs). According to statistics from 2022, a 1-second delay in page load time can lead to a 7% loss in conversions, so speed optimization is essential. The website should include a robust search feature to facilitate content discovery and features such as contact forms, a blog section, social media integration, and e-commerce capabilities if necessary.
  2. Design and Aesthetic Requirements: We aim to align the website’s look and feel with our brand identity. The design should be modern, clean, and visually engaging. As per 2023 data, websites with a strong visual hierarchy have a 36% higher conversion rate, underlining the importance of effective design.
  3. Content Requirements: The site should accommodate various content types, including text, images, videos, blog posts, case studies, testimonials, and downloadable resources. An integrated CMS should make it easy for our team to add, edit, and manage this content.

B. Technology Requirements

We are open to suggestions for the underlying technology and platforms but expect them to be modern, secure, and scalable. The chosen technology should support SEO best practices, integration with necessary third-party applications like CRM or ERP systems, and future expansion needs.

C. Integration with Existing Systems

The website should integrate seamlessly with our existing systems, including:

  1. CRM: The site should link with our Customer Relationship Management system for smooth data flow.
  2. Analytics Tools: Integration with analytics tools like Google Analytics will be necessary for tracking and monitoring website performance.
  3. Email Marketing System: It should connect with our email marketing platform to facilitate lead nurturing and customer communication.

D. Mobile Responsiveness

With mobile internet usage accounting for over half of global web traffic in 2023, mobile optimization is non-negotiable. The design should be responsive and ensure a smooth and engaging user experience across all device types and screen sizes.

E. Accessibility Requirements

In accordance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), the website should be accessible to all users, including those with disabilities. Accessibility features may include text-to-speech capabilities, keyboard navigation, and adjustable text size. As per 2023 data, an accessible website boosts your SEO and expands your reach to 15% of global users with some form of disability.

Proposal Requirements

The following components are to be included in your proposal:

A. Proposed Project Timeline

Please provide a comprehensive timeline that includes all key stages of the website design project, such as discovery and research, wireframing, design, development, testing, and launch. The proposal should consider that the average website redesign project, as per 2022 data, takes between 12 to 16 weeks from start to finish. However, we understand that timelines may vary based on the specific needs of this project.

B. Detailed Cost Breakdown

We require a complete breakdown of all costs associated with this project. In your proposal, this should include itemized fees for design, development, content migration, SEO optimization, training, support, and any other services. As of 2022, the average cost of a small to medium business website ranges from $12,000 to $150,000, and we expect proposals to fall within this range, considering the scope of our project.

C. Case Studies or Previous Work Examples

Please provide case studies or examples of previous work, particularly those relevant to our industry. These should include the clients’ objectives, your approach to meeting those objectives, and the outcomes of your work. In 2023, 82% of B2B buyers reported case studies as essential in purchasing decisions, underlining their importance in our vendor selection process.

D. Project Team Structure and Responsibilities

Detail the structure of your team for this project, including each team member’s roles, responsibilities, and experience level. According to a 2023 project management report, clear role definition leads to a 29% increase in project success, so understanding your team dynamics is essential to us.

E. Strategy for Achieving Project Goals

Describe your proposed strategy to meet our project goals, including how you plan to improve our website’s aesthetics, UX/UI, mobile responsiveness, SEO, and how you’ll implement the CMS. In 2023, strategic planning was a critical factor in 90% of successful digital projects, so this section is crucial.

F. Risk Mitigation Plans

Every project carries inherent risks, and we want to understand how you plan to anticipate and mitigate potential challenges. These may include timeline delays, budget overruns, technical issues, etc. Given that 74% of projects hit roadblocks due to unforeseen risks in 2022, we value foresight and preparation.

Vendor Qualifications and Experience

As part of the evaluation process, we will assess vendors’ relevant experience and qualifications. Please provide information on the following:

A. Company Background

Give an overview of your company, including its founding date, location, size, mission, and values. Detail your areas of specialization and the industries you serve. As of 2023, 89% of businesses reported that company values influence their purchasing decisions, so we’re interested in how your organization aligns with ours.

B. Relevant Experience and Previous Projects

Detail your experience with similar projects, including the scope of work, your approach, challenges encountered, and how you overcame them. Highlight your experience in our specific industry if applicable. Given that 94% of businesses in 2022 emphasized industry experience as a deciding factor, we value any particular experience you can bring to this project.

C. Client References

Please provide at least three client references, ideally from projects of similar scope and complexity. According to a 2023 report, 78% of clients trust peer recommendations, so the insights your previous clients can provide are invaluable.

D. Awards or Recognitions

If your company or team members have received any industry awards or recognitions, please detail them. A 2022 survey shows 82% of businesses consider awards a significant trust factor when choosing a vendor.

It’s important to us that our chosen vendor is highly skilled and a good fit with our company culture and values. We look forward to learning more about your team and approach in your proposal.

Proposal Evaluation Criteria

Your proposal will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

A. Strategy and Approach

Your proposed strategy should clearly outline how you plan to meet our project objectives. We’ll assess how well your approach aligns with our vision for the website, your methodology for execution, and the creativity of your solutions. In 2023, 86% of businesses reported strategy alignment as a critical factor in selecting a vendor for a project.

B. Experience and Qualifications

We will evaluate your team’s qualifications, industry expertise, and experience with similar projects. Our chosen vendor must have a proven track record of delivering high-quality results. As of 2022, 94% of businesses emphasized vendor experience as a significant determinant in the selection process.

C. Cost-effectiveness

We will compare the costs proposed by different vendors, considering the value and ROI, not just the price tag. We are seeking a cost-effective solution that maximizes our investment. In a 2023 survey, 78% of businesses ranked cost-effectiveness over low cost when selecting a vendor.

D. Proposed Timeline

We expect the project to be completed within a reasonable time frame and will assess vendors based on their proposed timelines. Your timeline must consider all aspects of the project, including contingency planning. According to 2022 data, 56% of projects ran over their original timelines, so realistic scheduling is important to us.

E. Alignment with Company Culture and Values

We’re looking for a vendor that understands our project and our company, and its values. A shared vision and mutual respect contribute to a more successful working relationship. A 2023 report found that cultural alignment contributes to 33% more successful projects.

Your proposal should be comprehensive, addressing each point raised in this RFP. We look forward to reviewing your proposed approach, team structure, pricing, and timeline. The quality of your response will greatly influence our decision-making process.

Submission Guidelines and Deadline

To ensure a fair and efficient evaluation process, please adhere to the following submission guidelines:

A. Submission Format

Your proposal should be submitted as a single PDF document, structured in the same order as the sections outlined in this RFP. Clear and concise responses are valued over length. As per a 2023 study, businesses favor easy-to-read and understand proposals, with 74% more likely to engage a vendor who presented a clear and concise proposal.

B. Confidentiality

All information in your proposal should be considered confidential and used solely to prepare your response. In 2022, 96% of businesses reported they are likelier to engage with vendors who demonstrate strong ethical standards, including respect for confidentiality.

C. Proposal Content

Your proposal should provide detailed responses to each section outlined in this RFP. It should also include any other information you believe would be relevant to our decision-making process. Please note that incomplete proposals may be excluded from our evaluation process.

D. Submission Deadline

Your completed proposal must be submitted via email to [your email address] no later than [date and time]. Proposals received after this time may not be considered. Please use the subject line: “Website Design Proposal – [Your Company Name].” Timeliness is critical; in 2022, 82% of RFP processes were negatively impacted by late submissions.

E. Questions and Clarifications

If you have any questions or require clarification on any aspect of this RFP, please contact [contact person’s name] at [contact person’s email] by [date]. A 2023 report highlighted that proactive communication and clarification during the RFP process led to more successful project outcomes, increasing client satisfaction by 45%.

We appreciate the time and effort required to prepare your proposal and look forward to reviewing your response. Please ensure your proposal is thorough, precise, and submitted by the deadline.

Selection Timeline and Process

We value your time and effort in this process and aim to conduct our vendor selection efficiently. The following is our proposed timeline and process:

A. RFP Distribution and Proposal Preparation

The RFP is distributed to vendors on [date]. We have allotted a [number of weeks] for vendors to prepare and submit their proposals. As per a 2023 study, a minimum of 3-4 weeks is considered best practice to allow vendors adequate time for a thorough and thoughtful response.

B. RFP Response Deadline

The deadline for proposal submission is [date]. As stated earlier, late submissions may not be accepted.

C. Evaluation Period

Our evaluation committee will review the proposals from [date] to [date]. We may reach out for further clarifications or arrange presentations during this time. A recent 2022 survey indicated that businesses with a dedicated evaluation period in their RFP process were 40% more likely to be satisfied with their final vendor selection.

D. Vendor Shortlisting

We expect to shortlist potential vendors by [date]. Shortlisted vendors may be invited to present their proposals in more detail or provide a demonstration. This stage is crucial; in 2023, 70% of businesses found vendor presentations influential in their final decision.

E. Vendor Selection

We aim to select our preferred vendor by [date]. The chosen vendor will be notified, and a kick-off meeting will be scheduled shortly afterward to discuss the project details and set the final timeline.

F. Project Commencement

We aim to commence the project on [date] officially. It’s essential to begin promptly to keep aligned with our overall objectives.

Please note that these dates are estimates and may change based on the number of proposals received and the detailed evaluation required. We value open communication and will keep all participants informed about any changes in the selection timeline.


Thank you for considering our RFP and for the time and effort you will put into crafting a comprehensive response. We believe this project provides a unique opportunity for us to collaborate and create a website that will drive our organization’s success in the digital realm.

We are eager to find a partner who can meet the technical requirements outlined in this RFP and understand our mission, vision, and values. This project is about creating a new website and an engaging, accessible, and valuable resource for our customers and stakeholders.

Your proposal will play a significant role in our decision-making process. We encourage you to highlight your team’s strengths, showcase your previous work, and provide a clear and actionable plan for our project.

We look forward to receiving your proposal by [deadline date]. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or require further information.

Here’s to the potential of a successful partnership and the beginning of a transformative journey for our website.

Best regards,

[Your Name]

[Your Position]

[Your Contact Information]