Top B2B Marketing and Lead Generation Challenges for 2023

To see the most success in your B2B business, you’ve got to be aware of today’s market challenges. This article presents the top B2B marketing challenges and trends of 2023 and what you can do to stay on top of them. 

Go-to-Market Team Partnerships

Marketing strategy doesn’t stop at your marketing team. It would be best to work with other departments within your organization to gain a competitive advantage over your B2B competition. A unified plan of action across all teams ensures each department is on the same page: you know the customer’s needs and how the business can provide the solutions they seek.

Coordinate with all go-to-market teams within your company: sales, research and development, customer service, and others. When all teams work together, your marketing efforts will be more effective.

Be More Human

You’ve probably heard the longstanding myth that B2C customers shop emotionally, but B2B customers shop with logic. B2B clients have a bottom line to meet, but they’re human, too. That’s why we encourage B2B marketers to appeal to their client’s humanity and use their vulnerability as a marketing tool.

B2B customers want to feel your business is personally invested in their success. So when you brand yourself as a company run by people, not machines, you will make connections and foster long-term client relationships, helping your business grow.

Go Virtual

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual meetings, conferences, and other events are the norm. Businesses and clients alike have enjoyed the convenience of virtual events, which means virtual is here to stay.

Virtual events allow you to engage with clients from thousands of miles away. Unforeseen circumstances or last-minute issues don’t necessitate a client missing your conference; they can attend from home. Continue providing and promoting virtual events, and see how you can engage with an entirely new segment of B2B clientele.

Quickly Passing Leads to Your Sales Team

For your B2B clients, time is money. So when you generate leads, waste no time passing them to your sales team. Your organization needs to establish criteria for qualified leads so you can cohesively serve your customers at every step of their journey.

Your hand-off system should be seamless. When you come upon a lead, your teams should begin collecting their information and contacting your sales department.

Creating Content that Earns Leads

To pass leads to sales, you must first earn those leads. And one of the most effective ways of generating new leads is by creating content that drives organic traffic to your site. Content is one of the least expensive B2B marketing strategies, but it produces exceptional ROI if done well.

But many B2B marketing teams aren’t seeing the fruit of their content-creation labor. This remains a challenge in the B2B marketing industry. Marketers must determine the terms their clients are searching for, create valuable and engaging content, and publish consistently to see measurable positive changes in their traffic and conversions.

Knowing Your Customer

In a B2B setting, you might have difficulty genuinely knowing your customer. It takes a certain level of personal care to provide the best services for your clients. But B2B companies are notorious for lack of that care.

When you know your customer deeper, you stand out from your competition and show your clients that you value more than simply their purchase. You love them personally and want to see their business succeed with your products or services. 

White-Glove Account-Based Marketing

There’s no one-size-fits-all method of B2B marketing. You’re not selling to just one person when dealing with enterprise accounts. In most cases, teams of 10 collaborate to make purchase decisions for their company. Here’s the challenge: make the sale to the entire team.

Taking a “white glove” approach to account-based marketing enables you to create a marketing strategy tailored to each organization.

Staying Focused

You could work 24/7 to build your B2B marketing strategy and still have more to do and accomplish. However, your greatest B2B marketing challenge with the industry constantly evolving might be focusing on your current system and tasks.

Create a B2B marketing strategy for your business. Then stick to it.


Forming your B2B marketing strategy is crucial for growing your business. Anticipate your challenges to overcome them and build your B2B client base seamlessly.