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Best Marketing Associations & Organizations To Join in 2021

American Advertising Federation (AAF)

While this association started in 1905, their company is committed to providing cutting-edge training and networking opportunities for individuals, corporations, students, and educators. Their company is working to resolve any stigma in the marketing industry by offering unique resources, such as their Black Lives Matter resource page and their Multicultural Speakers Bureau. Their multicultural leadership group is called THE APEX; it’s focused on bridging the gap between marketing professionals and several unique perspectives of people from diverse backgrounds. They offer a wide array of marketing professionals, including student advertising conferences, competitions, award ceremonies, and much more.

Business Address:
1101 K Street Northwest
Suite 420
Washington DC 20005
Phone Number: (202)898-0089

American Marketing Association (AMA)

While this association works directly with individuals, they tailor their content to help inspire other marketing educators. American Marketing Association values its role of committing to higher education through providing virtual learning symposiums, online toolkits for marketing professionals, an active job board, marketing research surveys, and an impressive collection of certification programs. Certification through this association includes digital marketing, content marketing, marketing management, and several other certificate programs.

Business Address:
1100 Wythe Street
Unit 25971
Alexandria, VA 22314
Phone Number: (703)544-8153

Association of National Advertisers (ANA)

This professional association is geared toward making a lasting impression for your brand, and they align their goals with current trends in society. For instance, the Association of National Advertisers offers a unique manifesto on equality, inclusion, and systemic change in the marketing workplace. A team member at the Association of National Advertisers will work directly with your company’s employee resource group. Their members have access to resources that assist in talent organization, brand awareness, training workshops, video learning opportunities, and more.

Business Address:
155 East 44th Street
Floor 4
New York, NY 10017
Phone Number: (212)455-8039

Association of International Product Marketing and Management (AIPMM)

Having a membership with this marketing professional association will help achieve goals for your personal career development. They offer more resources tailored to business needs. For individuals, a membership with the Association of International Product Marketing and Management includes the benefits of professional advice for resumes and cover letters, university courses, and other tools. They offer certificates for product management, digital product management, brand management, and several others.

Business Address:
9080 Double Diamond Parkway
Reno, NV 89521
Phone Number: (775)546-2024

Association of Network Marketing Professionals (ANMP)

This marketing association helps bridge the gap between people already involved in this unique career field by offering rare chances to connect. They hold events, educational opportunities, and training sessions. They offer two options for membership; both plans come with a subscription to their newsletter, video resources, and insurance benefits. This association offers benefits for individuals in the marketing industry. They also offer benefits for their members’ families, including auto insurance, life insurance, legal asset protection, and much more.

Business Address:
13330 Noel Road
Suite 1602
Dallas, TX 75240
Phone Number: (214)793-7272

Legal Marketing Association (LMA)

This professional association claims to be the best resource for folks involved in the legal marketing profession, and they even put together a magazine entitled Strategies. Their magazine is filled with advice and interviews with marketing professionals. Legal Marketing Association has also developed a special series for making the transition to this niche industry, which the Midwest division of LMA leads.

Business Address:
330 North Wabash Avenue
Suite 2000
Chicago, IL 60611
Phone Number: (312)245-1592

Social Media Association (SMA)

This marketing association offers invigorating ways to connect with other advertisers, including meetups, discussions, and talks with guest speakers. Social Media Association membership is designed for journalists, publicists, entrepreneurs, and anyone working with the technological age’s intricate marketing and promotional tools. Their roster of guest speakers are prepared to assist with member events by providing experts in public relations, brand management, future technologies, and social media platforms.

Business Address:
130 Shore Road
Suite 146
Port Washington, NY 11050
Contact Information: Send a message through their website here.

Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS)

This professional organization offers a free newsletter for people who are interested in boosting their brands’ presence. Over 45,000 people attended their in-person and virtual events during the past year, including events about building brand recognition, becoming a public speaker, and storytelling in A/E/C firms. Members of the Society for Marketing Professional Services have access to a long list of resources, such as salary surveys, in-depth market research, books, and many other helpful tools.

Business Address:
123 North Pitt Street
Suite 400
Alexandria, VA 22314-3133
Phone Number: (703)549-6117