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Great Walk-in Clinic Web Design Includes These Strategies

Walk-in clinics are designed to provide healthcare without the patient having to make an appointment. These facilities provide basic medical treatment for a fraction of the cost of an emergency room visit. This option is popular among many patients due to its convenience. If you would like to start your own walk-in clinic, or are interested in promoting your current facility, you need to make sure that you have a website that offers the most essential information, and has a great design and experience. Not only that, but it should be well-designed.

There are many challenges facing the healthcare industry. So, along with having a great website design and experience for your walk-in clinic, a fast website, optimized website code, and a best in class SEO strategy for your walk-in clinic, the following are additional strategies you should include to help increase online sales.

Here are seven things that every best in class walk-in clinic should include in their website design.

1. Locations

It’s important to remember that your visitors will likely live in different areas of your city. If you have more than one location then you need to let them know that they have several options if they’re interested in your care. The best way to do this is to create a locations page. This page should contain a list of your locations. Each of these listings should include an address, phone number, and a map that helps them to plot out the directions from their home.

If your facilities have different operational hours make sure that you include the hours by each location. You may also include the types of treatments that each location specializes in. This will make it easier for the patient to decide which location best suits their specific needs.

2. Insurance and Pricing

One of the biggest concerns your patients may have is the cost of the treatment. If you want to help them make the best decision then you need to include a page that discusses your insurance and pricing. Specifically, you should let them know if you accept most insurance types. If not, you should specify which providers you do accept. Let them know if their coverage may vary by location.

You may also offer a detailed pricing list that helps them to get an idea of how much they may pay out-of-pocket if they don’t happen to have insurance. Consider dividing your pricing list into categories. You may include things such as minor injuries, minor illnesses, skin conditions, and general checkups. Make sure that you list a price range next to each category.

3. Patient Reviews

People are always on the lookout for clinics that have a great reputation. And in many cases, they’ll check for reviews to find out what others are saying about their level of care. So if you want to attract more patients then it’s a good idea to include a patient review section on your website. This can be an excellent way to assure your future patients that you offer top-quality services.

Your review page may feature a few testimonials from your past clients. You could also use a widget that links your page to your Yelp reviews. You also have the option of working with a third-party review app that allows your patients to give you star ratings and leave comments on your website.

4. Contact Us

Walk-in clinics don’t usually require someone to make an appointment. However, you should always provide as much contact information as possible. This is because your patients may have a few questions about your services and the treatments you offer. They may also want to know more about billing and the types of insurance that you accept at your clinic.

Create a page that lists all of your information. Give them your phone number, physical address, and email address. You may also consider including a form so that they can ask a question without having to call the office or visit in person. Just make sure that the form is simple and that it asks for their contact information.

5. Bill Payment

If your customer chooses to pay out of pocket then you may need to bill them after their visit. If you would like to ensure that bill payment is as easy as possible then you need to integrate a bill payment section into your website. Ideally, you should place a “Pay Bill” button at the top of the page so that it’s highly visible. Your bill payment page could offer several options. You could allow them to pay by credit card, their bank account, or even a Paypal account. The more options you offer your patients the easier it will be to receive their payments.

6. About Us

Before coming in for treatment, your patients may want to know more about you and your staff. Create an About Us page that gives a little information about your clinic. When did your clinic open? Has your clinic received any awards for exceptional care? Do you do special work for the community such as outreach programs? Do you sponsor certain groups or organizations? What is your mission? This will help to give your clinic a personal touch. And it will also show that you care about others.

7. Ways to Give

If you offer free programs and would like to encourage others to help you with giving back, you could always include a section that instructs them on how they can help. Whether you include volunteer opportunities, charity events, or donation opportunities it can further demonstrate your desire to help the community. It also helps you to further engage with your future and current patients.


While you could rely on direct mailing advertisements and billboards to promote your walk-in clinic, it’s also a good idea to establish your presence online. Create a website that outlines the basic care that you offer. Make sure that your visitors understand their payment options. Include patient reviews and an About Us page so that your future patients can get to know a little bit more about you. You should also encourage your visitors to give back to the community. Each of these design strategies can be an excellent way to reach your target audience.