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Great HVAC Company Web Design Includes These Strategies

When you think of websites for HVAC companies, you probably don’t think of sleek design and professional execution of SEO strategies. That’s because HVAC businesses are busy being experts in their field, not in site design. And that’s ok! In order to help, we’ve compiled a list of seven strategies that will give you best-in-class HVAC company web design. And once you’ve got a well-crafted site, your numbers will show it.

Along with having a great website design and experience for your HVAC company, a fast website, optimized website code, and a best in class SEO strategy for your HVAC company, the following are additional strategies you should include to help increase online sales.

Responsive Design

When a customer is having HVAC issues, chances are, they aren’t going to go to their desktop to find someone to come out. They’ll probably whip out their phone, do a quick search of HVAC companies near them, and then go from there.

If your HVAC website isn’t designed to be responsive to mobile devices, you’ll never get the time of day from a majority of your potential customers. In 2018, mobile phone users accounted for half of all organic search engine visits in the US, and that number will only continue to grow as consumers switch from desktop to mobile and increasingly use voice recognition devices to search the internet.

Ensuring your website is responsive to these types of searches is crucial for making sales. Think about your customers. When their air conditioning isn’t working, they want to get their problems fixes as soon as humanly possible, and will more than likely grab a mobile device to make a search. By making sure you have a responsive design, you have access to all kinds of customers searching on a variety of devices.

Local Google Search Engine Optimization

Twenty years ago, HVAC companies could get business from taking out ads in the paper or by word of mouth. These days, your website should do a lot of the advertising work for you through strategic and effective search engine optimization (SEO).

SEO is purposeful design, word choice, and more that helps your site rank at the top of Google’s search engine results page (SERP). It’s important for your business that you practice good local SEO tactics. If you don’t, not only will you have a low Google ranking where customers won’t see you, but you might even be removed from Google’s pages altogether. Google’s web crawlers look over your pages to check for keywords, quality content, and more to determine your authority and legitimacy. If you stuff your page with keywords, copy content from other sites, or do other things that make your site seem unprofessional, Google will sniff you out and put you at the bottom of their SERPs.

Find a  web designer who knows good local SEO practices, who can create a website that shows the personality of your business, makes clear what you have to offer, and will get your page ranking high with Google so customers will find you immediately when they’re searching for an HVAC company.

Tell Them Why to Choose You

The fact is this: you aren’t the only HVAC company in the business. Your customers need to be told why they should choose you. Use your website to promote specials or deals that you’re offering. If you give free estimates, make that clear. Anything that makes you more appealing than the other guys should be front and center, so it isn’t missed by anyone who visits your site.

Additionally, your site is the perfect place to showcase your certifications and awards. These will only increase your authority in the HVAC world, which is of course appealing to folks who are about to have to open their wallet to have their home serviced.

Your customers are visiting your site looking either to make a purchase or find out why they should choose you to meet their needs. Tell them why. Many times, your site visitors just need a nudge in the right direction in order for you to make a sale.

Simple Design

When you look at most HVAC websites, you probably don’t think “modern,” “clean,” and “appealing.” That’s because most HVAC business owners aren’t site designers, and also because many businesses have a website created and don’t make modifications even years after it goes live.

Simple site design is where your HVAC business can really stand out from the crowd. Avoid a crowded site with low-quality, outdated pictures. Stick to a simple color palette with clean lines and a site hierarchy that tells your customers what they need to know—and in the order you want them to know it. Simple and thoughtful site design is appealing to the eyes and will guide your customers along in the buying process.

Calls to Action

If you want to increase your chances of landing a sale, utilize a Call to Action (CTA). A call to action is a button or link that encourages your customers to take action by making a purchase, downloading a document, signing up for a newsletter, or anything else you can think of that people might be interested in.

A good CTA has imperative language that tells the customer what they can expect by clicking (“Click Here to Get a Free Estimate!”) Your site visitors are probably in the market to hire an HVAC expert. A CTA is the perfect way to guide them in the right direction and, if nothing else, at least get their contact info so you can follow up on the lead.

Prominent Contact Information

You can employ the best SEO tactics, have the most beautifully designed site, and have the lowest prices around, but if a customer can’t find your contact information in a few seconds, they’ll get frustrated and take their business elsewhere.

Your HVAC site design should include easy-to-find, prominent contact information where site visitors can find it without any trouble on their end. They shouldn’t have to search long to find the most important information on your site: how to get in touch with you. You can even choose to have your email linked so people can ask questions easily and quickly without opening their own email. Do the same thing with your phone: have your mobile site designed so that with a simple click on your phone number displayed on your page, customers can make a call.

Facetime with Your Team

Stay away from the stock photos of HVAC technicians. And none of your customers are interested in the inside of an AC unit, or an attic where your team has cleaned out vents. What your customers really care about are the people that will be in their homes working on their HVAC systems. If you’re going to have photos and video on your site, make sure that you include quality pictures of your team.

Seeing a real, smiling face will build trust with potential clients, and a photograph of your happy team will endear customers to you.


As an HVAC business owner, you spend a ton of time running your business and fixing your customers’ problems. But you can’t neglect site design if you want new business. Find a site design firm that will listen to your needs and who can implement the above strategies, and you’ll have more customers than you’ll know what to do with.