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Great Energy Company Web Design Includes These Strategies

Marketing for Energy and Natural resources can be a struggle when it comes to defining your target market and making a brand name that sticks out to potential customers. There’s a slew of problems and questions a brand new business owner can face when deciding on which direction to take their brand in the future. Below we’ve created a list of questions to consider for marketing your business and seven solutions that can help you build a marketing machine through your website that will help you stand out and reach more customers.

Five Energy Company Industry Struggles

What’s Your Pain Point and Solution

In marketing, a customer pain point is some problem that the customer has that only you can solve in some unique way. In this case, customers may want to use more natural energy and natural resources, but there are a hundred companies that they can google that can service whatever there need is. Often they can build it themselves, what makes you stand out against the rest? How can you solve their pain points in ways no other company can? Find a unique answer to that pain point can be a struggle.

Defining Energy and Natural Resources

Often customers hear generic “energy and natural resource solutions” and have no idea what it is or why they need it. The terminology can be confusing, especially for beginners just digging into the field of energy-saving tips. Because of this, customers often turn away from generic and unidentifiable or recognizable terminology. Your services should be clear and defined when explaining what tools you are using and how it benefits your customers. Do you use specific energy and natural resource services? Break this down for your customers and make this clear.

Local and National Laws

Ever-changing politics can be complicated. The red tape provided by new laws can make knowing and keeping up local regulations, especially if you have to keep up with different cities or states. It can be even harder to keep customers apprised of new laws, especially if it applies to something the customer already has installed or is using. Big companies can cover this by having someone who keeps up with it, small businesses may need to think of ways to cover their tracks.


Switching over to natural energy and natural resources can often mean high costs. Sometimes the customer can be confused about just how pricey or inexpensive it could be.or even how inexpensive a project could be. There is so much inaccurate information bouncing around that people need a place to go for accurate information in your area. Try to be as open and honest as possible with any information you share. Yes, making lists can be boring, but having a list of your services compared to what they can save against fossil fuels and other energy or natural resources can open your customer’s eyes to the reality of saving energy.

Natural Energy Can Be Boring

If you try to wow customers with numbers and facts their attention will likely drop pretty quickly. You have only a few seconds to grab and keep their attention. So instead of showing them facts that’ll make them bored, you need to find something that’ll stand out from the competition and connect them to your brand name so they’ll know where to come for their energy and natural resource information, instead of telling people what energy and natural resources can do.

Build A Better Energy and Natural Resource Company Website

There are many trends in the energy and natural resource industry, some that will shape marketing strategies and experience design in the near future. So, along with having a great web design experience for your energy company, having optimized website code, and a SEO marketing strategy to help amplify your web content, the following are additional strategies you should include to help create a great website experience that builds you brand.

What Sources Are You Using

It’s great to have a wide variety of information available about all the different types of energy and natural services you provide, but if you have too many services that you offer it can get confusing for the consumer. Instead consider narrowing down your services, especially if you are just starting. Focus on one main natural resource and then add the rest as an afterthought for customers to learn a little extra.

Change Up The Brand

Nearly all energy companies use the same logos. There might be a recycle symbol or leaves, trees or light bulbs. The planet is not made up of just these objects and a lot more people are affected by things related to energy. Consider the places natural energy comes from and try to incorporate those things into a brand logo that stands out.

Make News Relatable

How has energy overuse affected your local environment or areas around it? Highlight the issues faced by non-renewable energy through interactive blog posts that inspire the customer to take a look around their community. Furthermore, what are you doing to prevent more areas being affected? You can add all of this via blog posts and add a call to action at the bottom.

Share Breakthrough Research

Even if it doesn’t involve your company you should still be keeping your customers “in the know”. Breakthrough research regarding energy was developed as recently as 2017 and can be found on most energy service company websites. Including these statistics can help make Energy sources easier to understand for customers looking for more information.

Consider Your E-Footprint

Research how much and different ways the internet uses energy. Not only can you inform your customers about these interesting and surprising facts (because who knew that the internet used carbon footprints), but you can also use them to improve your e-carbon footprint and let your customers know how much you care about finding the best ways to save energy and make the world a better place.

Design Your Website For An Audience

Today websites look so generic. It’s hard to tell who their target market often is. Consider your target market. Include them in your design. If it’s younger generations, use them in your picture and your information. Make it clear how they are affected by not using your resources, use colors that pop in modern designs. If it’s the older generation, make sure the designs are smooth and elegant.

Make Energy Resources Fun

Most Energy service companies share the same information over and over again. Instead of boring customers with the same old recap, why not spruce up the website with a couple of unique features like quizzes and games? You can even make them related to the news and information you share on the website so it helps make the customer remember what they are already learning about. For instance, you can create a short pixel game where customers plant trees with every trivia question they get right. The game ends and shows how much natural energy the player-created.

Marketing is a hard skill to learn by yourself, especially if you own a new business. Beginning with a topic like energy or natural resources can add more pressure, but you aren’t alone. The suggestions mentioned above are a great place to get started in helping you find which direction you want to go. Use this list to help you organize your thoughts and make a quick checklist for your business.