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The Best B2B Marketing Strategies That Work Now

Successful B2B marketing encompasses a vast array of strategies and methods. We’ve broken down the top 4 B2B marketing strategies that grow your leads, increase your sales, and help you expand your business.

Rank for Target Keywords at Every Step

If you’ve got an SEO strategy in place, you know the importance of keyword research. When curating a B2B marketing strategy, you want to take keyword implementation a step further and create content that ranks at every step of the search process.

B2B buyers invest a lot of their resources into researching products that will work best for their companies. You should target high-volume, less specific keywords and low-volume, ultra-specific keywords, as well as everything in between.

This strategy puts your content (and your site!) in front of companies throughout their research and buying processes. From the moment buyers begin learning about a product until they’ve narrowed down their options, keyword targeting puts your business top of the SERPs every step of the way.

A variety of keyword targets allow you to engage B2B consumers throughout the search process, earning you more traffic and more sales.

Understand Purchase Motivation

If you’ve Googled “How to Market to B2B Companies,” you’ve likely read that B2B customers operate on logic, not emotion. While business customers do have their bottom line in mind, they’re still buying as an individual. Appeal to their humanity (and the blood, sweat, and tears it took to build their business) when marketing to B2B consumers.

When formulating your B2B marketing strategy, utilize storytelling to captivate your audience. Selling your product through story shows buyers that you’re more than a product, you’re a business run by people just like them. If a shopper can identify with your goals, mission, or vision, they’re more likely to choose you as their distributor.

Create Emails that B2B Shoppers Want to Read

Email marketing is an efficient way to get important information to your B2B consumers. 81 percent of B2B marketers say email newsletters are their most used form of content marketing.

Email gets your content directly into customers’ inboxes and in front of their eyes. Instead of relying solely on search to get traffic, you make it easy for shoppers to know who you are and what you do –– and that you provide the value and solutions they’re looking for.

But email marketing accomplishes more than just information disbursement. When you target campaigns effectively, email marketing can increase customer retention. Knowing your customers’ needs and how they’ve used your services in the past informs your email marketing efforts and which content you should send to established customers.

Customer acquisition costs are considerably higher than keeping an existing customer regardless of your industry. Send out targeted emails that your customers want to read and watch your engagement increase.

Work with a B2B Digital Marketing Firm

Your B2B company must have a strong digital presence to compete. A successful B2B marketing strategy is more than keyword research and content creation (though these components are extremely important!)

B2B marketing is a long game, and you need professionals to create a strategy with your long-term success in mind. Working with an experienced digital marketing firm that specializes in B2B SEO is one of the best investments you can make for your business.

B2B marketers know how to target your customers and increase your leads, resulting in more sales and business expansion. These firms combine data, competitor analysis, and content creation to build your SEO strategy and increase your web traffic.

Offloading these responsibilities to a digital marketing firm not only ensures you’ll have a pro taking care of your SEO, but it’ll free you up to create your vision and execute your business goals.


Successful B2B marketing strategies help you retain current customers while adding new buyers to your roster. If you’re ready to boost your B2B marketing efforts, contact the Linchpin team to get started today.