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there’s no checkbox for caring

We often get asked why we started Linchpin SEO. There are many micro-reasons, but the primary reason, and the core of the Linchpin brand, is to help businesses succeed, and truly put their success before our own bottom line numbers.

We know there is not a checkbox for caring about your clients’ success, so all our team members just inherently have that trait built into their strategic approach.


engaging with clients differently

After working for some of the most well-known digital marketing agencies and consulting firms in the world, and leading the digital strategy for some of the largest brands, Bill Ross and a group of his close friends – comprised of senior-level marketing all-stars – noticed a need for a reboot and refocus.

So they built a digital marketing agency…

  • Where businesses of all sizes would have the same opportunities and access to leading digital marketers.
  • That gave clients a direct line to the CEO of the company to answer any questions they may have – no red tape here.
  • That harnessed senior-level talent with cross-industry experience, and gave businesses access to them.
  • That had an optimized process that saved clients time and money, and outputted digital strategies and website designs that users and Google would love.
  • That was agile enough to shift digital marketing strategies quickly and effectively to align with new market trends.
  • That would keep all design, development, and marketing in-house, never have to outsource client work.


what it means to work with our team

We are an all-star team of former big brand web designers, seo professionals, information architects, and content strategists who believe every business deserves an amazing website users want to engage with and Google wants to rank. Our definition of a linchpin is, any person who is a vital part of the operational, marketing strategy, or cultural balance within an organization.

Commandments of the linchpin core:

  1. Always be transparent with our marketing strategies.
  2. Is open and honest with clients and team members at all times.
  3. Is respectful of internal teammates and client teams.
  4. Has a positive attitude and is fun to work with.
  5. Positively represents the company when outside of work.
  6. Gives back more than they take from other team members, and within their community.
  7. Must be a thought leader and a expert in their marketing field and have a passion for their craft.
  8. Must have cross discipline experience and have an inherent drive to always learn more.
  9. Must inherently care about helping others.


where you can find our team members


The Windy City


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