The Linchpin Brand

Why I started Linchpin SEO.

After leading the SEO strategy for some of the largest brands in the world such as Nissan, Infiniti, Moen, HP, Budweiser, and AT&T; and the biggest consulting firm, PWC, I realized there was a better way for a digital agency to engage with clients, and provide best in class digital marketing services. So I harnessed the top senior-level teams members that I worked with during my 15 years in digital marketing, and built a new breed of digital agency based on 6 core beliefs.

The 6 Cores That Drive Us

Brands who understand what great SEO and digital strategy looks like, and know the importance of hiring the correct agency, choose Linchpin SEO 9 out of 10 times.

Caring & Empathy

Caring enough to put our clients’ marketing and business success before our own bottom line numbers.

Optimized Process

Our optimized process saves clients money, and creates best in class growth strategies, and websites that users and Google love.

Your Team

Our team only includes senior-level digital all-stars from top digital agencies and brands who have been hand-picked by our founder.

No Outsourcing

Because you paid for our digital agency’s marketing and design experts, and not for us to outsource your work to the lowest bidder.

No Red Tape

We give everyone direct access to our CEO, because agencies should be built upon the removal of hierarchical red tape.

Eliminate Overhead

Because using client money to pay for an elaborate office, an in-house chef, or fancy furniture, does not sit well with us.

The Linchpin Team

The team at Linchpin SEO is comprised of senior-level expert SEO consultants, website and print designers, and digital strategists from top digital agencies and brands spanning four US States. Our team has cross-industry experience, allowing us to help many types of companies and brands increase sales and leads to grow their bottom line.

SEO Lead & Linchpin SEO Founder

Bill Ross

Bill started his consulting career while living in Raleigh over a decade ago. Bill’s background in digital marketing and building online companies has helped him rise to strategic lead for some of the largest brands in the world.

Bill Ross Bio

Lead Brand Strategist

Karianne Wardell

Karianne Wardell is a Chicago-based strategic marketer with over thirteen years of experience in the creative industry with in-depth knowledge of digital marketing and expertise in advertising strategy and execution. She most recently led digital strategy for global consumer brands as a Vice President, Digital at Weber Shandwick, a global communications firm.

Lead Paid Search & Paid Media Strategist

Ryan Wheeler

Ryan Wheeler brings eight years of digital marketing experience to the table. His breadth of experience ranges from paid search marketing, display, remarketing, analytics, and surveying.

Ryan managed several domestic and international PPC, Display accounts. He led the strategic direction and also executed the campaigns.

Lead Designer & Developer

Benjamin Jenkins

Benjamin works out of Ann Arbor, MI where he’s a Design/Developer with a decade of experience working with marketing teams to develop strong brand identities and design/develop remarkable websites that engage prospects and make lasting impressions. These days, he specializes in developing with the award-winning content management systems Craft and WordPress.

We Are Industry-Agnostic

Many agencies only help a certain industry or business type, which is great for them, but may not be great for you. By helping many types of brands over the years, we've gained a ton of cross-industry knowledge and experience. This means that we can help a broad range of industries, and company sizes - from small businesses and startups, to enterprise companies and big brands.

A Few Brands We’ve Helped Grow.

Below you will find a few of the clients that we have helped over the years.