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13 Easy Tips to Give Your Content More Personality and Increase Engagement

Give your content that sparkling personality that will have readers sharing, favoring, re-posting, saving, commenting on, and, most importantly, will encourage them to come back to read more of your content again and again! These 13 simple, effective tips will show you how to infuse your content with a rich, engaging personality that will have readers captivated by your fantastic content and becoming serious brand advocates for your company.

1. Tell a Good Powerful Story

Why simply tell a good story when you can tell a powerful one? When it comes to the best and simplest ways to have your content bursting at the seams with personality, start with a story. Telling a story brings vivid life to your content, and it instantly engages the reader on a deeper level than previously would have been possible.

Does your company have a new suite of software to promote? Don’t simply rattle off the benefits of the software and what the suite of technology offers. Tell a story about how real people’s lives were made better, how their work lives were made easier, and how their company became more successful by utilizing that suite of software.

There’s a reason that the first way that humans ever communicated in a large-scale manner was through stories. Even before the development of the written language, stories were told to convey everything from morals and lessons to personal and cultural narratives. Stories resonate with the listener or the reader.

If you want your content to truly shine and stand out with captivating personality, weave in a story. And don’t just tell a good story; tell a powerful story to your readership!

2. Seek Out an Emotional Response

If you truly want to find a moderately simple way to entice your audience with captivating content, never underestimate the power of core human emotion. Give your writing a powerful personality by infusing emotionally-charged content into your content. When people think of generating an emotional response from readers, they typically always jump to the concept of tugging at the heartstrings. While this is exceptionally effective if infused the correct way into your content, any type of emotional response from readers will showcase the personality and individuality of your writing and your brand’s content.

One strong way to elicit an emotional response from readers is to give them the unexpected in your content. If you want your content to stand out, don’t be afraid to add in stories, anecdotes, personal advice, or simply take a deeper dive through your writing than typical branded content would entail.

3. Elicit an Emotional Response by Creating a Reader Persona before Crafting Content

The best writers know that when you attempt to write content that appeals to everyone, the result is content the appeals to no one. If you want your content to have a personality that will appeal to your ideal reader persona and ideal audience, you need to write for that specific audience.

Content written for stay-at-home moms interested in recipes or housekeeping hacks may not appeal to marketing “nerds” looking for the latest in Google’s hidden Easter eggs. Similarly, if your ideal reader persona is teens, tweens or in-betweens, you may not capture the mom demographic or the boomer generation. Trying to write for everyone will only end up distilling your message and removing the personality that will keep your ideal readers coming back again and again for more content.

4. Craft Content That Gets Readers Thinking for Themselves

If you truly want a relatively easy way to have your content shine, get your writing to stand out from the crowd by finding ways to get your readership actively thinking for themselves rather than simply absorbing the information your content provides before moving on to the next article, blog or post.

You can get the wheels turning as your audience reads your shiny, interesting content by weaving rhetorical questions and brain teasers into your content. If you can get readers brains turning and thoughts churning about your content hours or days after they’ve read your piece of content, you’ve achieved success and hopefully grown your legion of loyal readers! Be careful to keep your rhetorical questions to a sprinkling within your content rather than a flood that will have readers heading for the hills.

5. Include Captivating, Compelling Facts Readers Will Want to Share with Others

Studies have found that people read content for two general reasons: to entertain themselves or to learn about something. If you are looking to create more enthralling content, consider finding ways to write so that these two reasons overlap.

If you can include facts, statistics, stories, or information that can help make your reader be able to disseminate that information either digitally or in conversation, while also entertaining them, your content is golden! As a secondary benefit to the writer and the brand, as people share your content digitally or verbally, it will grow your audience rapidly and position your brand as a thought leader in your vertical.

6. Let Both Your Personality AND Your Brand Personality Shine Through

One of the most effective, yet simplest way, to have your content exploding with personality is to let your personality as a writer shine through while simultaneously capturing your brand’s voice in your writing. By showcasing both as you write, your result will be a piece of content that is surefire to garner results for growing your committed readership and integrating an influx of personality to your company content.

7. Pull a “James Patterson.” Build Suspense for Your Audience

Want to write content that will truly, deeply engage your readers? Use the art of suspense. You don’t need to be Stephen King writing a 500-page mystery novel to integrate suspense into your writing. Launch your content by diving right into some powerful information or insight you will enlighten your readers with by the time they have finished your article. Then, as you write on, small snippets of information leading up to the big reveal little by little, keeping the reader insatiably hooked on your content as the details unravel.

Finally, ‘wow’ your readers at the end with the big reveal in the last few paragraphs. This tried-and-true tactic will not only have your readers hanging on your every word, but it will keep them coming back for more again and again.

8. Don’t Write, Talk Through Your Content

If your goal is to add more individuality and magnetism and uniqueness to your content, write as if you were having a conversation with a friend. As mentioned in tip #9, perfect adherence to grammar rules and guidelines such as AP Style are no longer necessary, as they only end up leaving your content feeling stuffy and overly formal. Writing similarly to how you’d have an interesting conversation will greatly enhance how your content resonates with your audience.

9. Break Some Grammar Rules: Start a Sentence with “But” or “And,” I Dare You

Unless the content you are writing is truly a professional article that requires AP Style, don’t be afraid to throw some of your oh-so-engrained grammar rules to the wind. Content with a looser, less-formal structure is more attractive to readers. This is simply because it allows the writer’s voice to shine through and, subsequently, the brand’s voice also becomes established. A lack of super-formal grammar can actually help your ideal readers to better identify with your content’s message.

You may be asking yourself exactly what grammar rules should be tossed to the wind to give your content a brighter personality and set the tone for your writing.

  • Ending a sentence with a preposition
  • Beginning the sentence with a conjunction (how overly formal would this list be to read if each bullet point started with “do not” instead of “don’t?”)
  • Starting a sentence with “but” or “and”
  • Splitting infinitives (how much less incredible classic would the original Star Trek intro be read by Captain Kirk as “to go boldly where no man…” instead of the classic “to boldly go where no man has gone before”?)
  • Using sentence fragments
  • Who vs. Whom (you aren’t an English butler for goodness sakes, no need to write like one)

Remember, after mastering the intricate grammar rules of writing, great writers then use their own judgment on breaking those rules for the sake of the craft. Sure, your 8th grade English teacher might be giving you the “tsk, tsk” from afar, but if your content is hitting home with your target readers; it’s a win for your team.

10. Look at Content Design Along with the Content Itself

Infuse your content with appealing personality by considering the design elements of the content itself. Readers appreciate the inclusion of imagery and charts. These keep them from losing interest visually. Additionally, short paragraphs will help the reader from bouncing from the page because they feel overwhelmed.

Craft short paragraphs to keep your readers from growing bored visually. Use italics to add emphasis to keywords, especially when drawing a contrast between two words. Including a significant amount of whitespace, adding numbered or bullet lists and visual images will all help your content shine in the eyes of readers.

11. Bring Something Unique to the Table

When you were younger, you likely heard the time-tested saying at some point in your life that, “if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything.” Well, when it comes to writing content with an electric personality that will engage your readers, you can keep the first half of that time-tested adage and simply modify it to, “if you have nothing unique and engaging to write, don’t write anything.”

12. Present the Topic Using Examples Most People Can Relate To

Another way to add some extra personality to your content is to approach any topic in an angle that most readers will be able to relate to. For example, consider the television shows Seinfeld, Friends or Modern Family. They became instant classics simply because their plot lines contained no massive events and were basically about nothing, yet it was the day-to-day “nothings” everyone can relate to. Family drama, disliking your job, romances old and new, roommate issues, crushes, job changes, etc. – these are all things that most everyone can relate to at some point in their life.

Use this surefire method to make your writing an instant classic and give it some flair that will resonate with audiences long after they’ve finished reading your content!

13. Be Interested in the Subject You’re Writing About (Even If You Aren’t)

No matter how fantastic a writer you are, you will inevitably find yourself stuck with a less than exciting subject matter. When you are writing about a rather dry topic, find a way to get yourself interested in the topic. If you’re simply “pushing through” the writing process to just get it done and over with, the reader will inevitably pick up on that vibe. One way to spark your readers’ interest in a relatively dry topic is to relate it to real-world situations.

Conclusion: Give Your Content the Sparkling Personality Your Readers Deserve

Using the simple tips above to give a captivating personality to your content will ensure your writing hits it out of the park with your readers. Adding multi-level layers of personality into your writing will engage and entice your readers while simultaneously encouraging them to genuinely connect with your brand on a stronger, more committed level than simply purchasing a product or committing to using a paid service. At the end of the day, putting in the effort to enhance your content’s personality will help you and your brand to deeply connect with readers, turning them into brand advocates for life!