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Affordable Website Design for small and mid-market companies


We are a Chicago website design and development company, specializing in responsive WordPress websites for small businesses and mid-market companies trying to grow their online business. We don’t believe small and mid-market companies should have to settle for a poorly designed or overpriced website.

  • They said we couldn’t create amazing websites with teams of 3 or less – we do it all the time.
  • They said you need teams of project managers, designers, and developers to create amazing experiences – we say, that just bloats the price.
  • They said you can’t create a website using local Chicago designers and developers for less than $4,000 – we say, we can and we do.
  • They said you can’t launch a great website in less than 2 months – we say, most of our sites are designed developed and launched in under a month.

We don’t listen to what others say we can’t do, and neither should you.


Our Web Design Services


Custom WordPress Web Design

Designed and Built in Chicago

Generate traffic and convert visitors into customers with a new website design. Our designs are developed and built by local Chicago designers, programmers, and CSS architects, and utilize the WordPress CMS so you can easily edit and add new content. Because we have a strong background in SEO, every website we design and build comes with SEO built into it.

Design Services

  • A user-centered design
  • Website development
  • SEO and social integration
  • Content management system
  • Google Analytics basic setup
  • WordPress training
  • Ongoing support


small business design

Affordable Web Design For Small Business

Designed and Built in Chicago

Your website is the face of your business online, and like it or not, the design of your website says alot about your business. People visiting your website judge how trustworthy and authoritative you are, and how comfortable they feel buying from you based on how professional your website looks.

There are many common mistakes that small businesses make when embarking on a new web design project including: the design becomes too busy or flashy; there is no clear call to action; paying too little or too much for your design; having stale or out-of-date content; and finally, probably the biggest mistake is taking the DIY web design route.

Small Business web design services

  • Custom small business WordPress theme
  • A responsive design, creating a consistent experience for desktop, tablet and mobile users
  • Blog creation
  • Moving all content and assets from your old website to the new website
  • Google Webmaster Tools setup
  • Google Analytics setup


microsite design

Microsite and Landing Page Design

Designed and Built in Chicago

Do you need a microsite created for a promotion you are having, or a landing page created for a new Paid Search Campaign? Is it too difficult and time consuming to create a new section on your existing website? A microsite might be the best option, but needs to be done in a way that builds value, and does not detract from your primary website experience or cause issues with your SEO.

Design Services

  • A responsive design
  • Website development
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Easy to use content management system
  • Ongoing support



Mobile-First Website Design

Designed and Built in Chicago

Historically, most web designers have approached the desktop side of any project first, while leaving the mobile part as a secondary goal that gets accomplished later. Even with the rise of responsive design, many designers begin with the “full size” site and work their way down. Not every website needs to embark on a mobile first website design, and it’s important to first understand how your users are interacting with your brand, then decide if this is the best option for your business.

Design Services

  • A mobile-first design
  • Website development
  • Custom features that align with your business goals
  • An easy to use content management system
  • Ongoing support



Website Design and Experience Audits

The design and experience audits are in place to help you understand inefficiencies in customer value and user experience, and to answer the question, “Are you meeting the needs of your users?”.

  • Usability
  • Content / Functionality
  • Visual Design
  • Business Alignment
  • Cross-Device Experience

Our Creative Process

From the first step of understanding your marketing and business goals, to the creative planning process, design, and quality control, our Chicago web design agency works hand-in-hand with you to optimize your web presence and shape your brand.

How We Create Our Custom Designs

Like to read? Here is the transcript.

Maybe you’re thinking about having your first one made …or maybe, you just need a new, better one.

In any case, you should know at least some of the basics about web design.

…and no worries, it will only take 3 minutes.

First of all, let’s face it: a Website is the core of your online marketing activities. If you look at all the marketing channels and techniques, what they actually do is bring visitors to your website. And the main purpose of a website is turning these visitors into customers – in marketing terms, this is called CONVERSION. A bad website will basically cause you to waste money on other marketing methods. Because you don’t need more VISITORS if can’t turn them into CUSTOMERS.

So the better your website is, the more visitors are CONVERTED into your customers…and it doesn’t really matter whether you sell consumer products online, provide local services or build houses.

Many people in the industry call themselves web designers, but they really are just a bunch of geeks with some basic coding knowledge. Of course, without much planning, they will pretty quickly create a website for you – with lots of information, photos, contacts… But the question is: “Is that the way to turn the visitors into your customers? …Is that what you need?” And the answer is simple: “NO!”

What you have to do is to look for someone SERIOUS about web design.

Well, that’s where we come in!

This is how WE make websites – by following this 7-phase web design process:


The first step is always about information gathering – identifying things like the website purpose, goals and target audience


A plan includes a definition of the site map, structure and technologies that we’re about to use.

Phase 3: DESIGN

Not only we focus on wireframe models and the visual style in this stage, but also on the usability of the user interface for the best possible user experience.

Phase 4: CONTENT

A very important part of the process is choosing the right texts, photos or videos – all optimized not only for your visitors, but also for search engines.


Here we actually CREATE the website using the HyperText Markup Language and Cascading Style Sheets with some help from databases and other technologies as well. If needed, our websites can be made accessible to mobile devices too.

Phase 6: TESTING

We test all the technical features, like code and scripts, compatibility with major browsers, but also we ask ourselves if the website really fulfills its purpose.


After we launch the site, our job is definitely not done yet! We always monitor what’s happening after the start, enabling us to fix any possible deficiencies. And if you want, we can also manage the future maintenance and updates for you.

As you have just seen, web design is a very complex process, but we believe this is how websites should be done. And our customers agree!

And if YOU share our passion for high quality websites, let’s get in touch! We’ll be happy to help you with what we do best!

Learn about Responsive Web Design

Like to read? Here is the transcript.

So, right now you’re probably wondering… what is responsive design?

Well, in today’s world, the Internet is one of the most important forms of media.

And the Internet is mostly consumed using desktop computers, right?

But wait! How about mobile devices – smartphones and tablets!?

The share of Internet usage on these devices is growing every day!
In 2011 mobile browsing took a share of about 11%.
In 2013 it was near to 25% and 2014 was the first year mobile exceeded desktop Internet usage…

So what does all this mean to you?

Well, it means that if you don’t want to lose any potential clients, then you need a great looking website which is also optimized for mobile browsing.

Because the problem of many current websites is that the user experience on mobile devices is…well, how do I put it…?……terrible!

And that’s a mission for responsive design!

Responsive website RESPONDS to the screen size of the device you are viewing it on.

So instead of creating different websites for different devices, your responsive website re-arranges the elements to fit any screen.

So you’ll get more happy visitors which also leads to more happy customers!

Interested in responsive design? Want one of those responsive websites for your business?

Well, that’s something we can definitely help you with!



Client Testimonials

I was at a standstill with my new blog and needed that extra push to make it a success! Bill Ross at Linchpin SEO was my savior! He listened to what I wanted, knew exactly what I needed and helped to launch the blog to the next level. In a world where customer service is dead, Bill and his team restored my faith in what it means to love what you do and to really understand your customer. Alison Victoria, TV Host Kitchen Crashers

In helping us launch our blog, Bill was strategic about the overall vision but also tactical enough to suggest small enhancements, spending extra time to find solutions that fit our needs and worked within specific guidelines. You can tell he really cares about his clients and about producing a good product — he was extremely responsive and proactive every step of the way.Lindsay Knight, Chicago Ventures



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