Top 6 Twitter Tips For Growing Followers and Increasing Engagement

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Much like doing SEO correctly and thoroughly social media is not a quick hit. Building community (followers or fans), moderating that community, and ensuring that your community stays engaged is a full time job.

I am, by nature, an observer. I enjoy listening, drawing conclusions, and gaining insights from things that others are doing, as well as inflecting on my own efforts to determine which worked well and which I should abandon.

I am not a full time social media person, I am actually a full time SEO, but my background in Psychology helps me in many facets of my job. With that said I have come up with a few Twitter insights I have found valuable, that will help you grow your followers and keep them engaged with your tweets.

When Retweeting Don’t Just Hit The Retweet Link

When you find a Tweet that you like or want to broadcast to your community don’t just hit the Retweet Button. Take the time to visit the article being Tweeted. Then add our own Tweet text around the link or copy the Tweet as is and add some of your own context to the Tweet that speaks to your community of followers.

If You Get A Link Say Thank You

One of the things I do from an SEO standpoint is check Google Analytics each day or week for the websites sending me traffic. I then find the twitter handle of the person who wrote the article, as well as the websites Twitter name and publicly thank them both for citing my article.

thank you tweet

If You Get Retweeted (RT’ed) or Followed Say Thank You

This is a simple one but speaks to social media etiquette. If an individual or business found enough value in what you had to say to take time out of their day to follow or RT you, then the least you should do is thank them.

  • If they Retweeted, you make sure you thank them and mention the article they RT’ed.
  • If they follow you, then you should thank them, and ask them if there is anything you can help them with.

thank you follow

Either of these circumstances gets your “foot in the door” to engage with someone who found value in you as a person and the information you presented.

Each Article You Write Can Be Tweeted Several Times

I first observed this by Eric Enge (@stonetemple) from Stone Temple Consulting. Eric interviews some of the top people in the online space (most recently Matt Cutts from Google) and I noticed that he tweeted the same article multiple times but with a different lead in each time. He took parts (important hooks) from the article and used them as the tweet text along with a link back to the article.

This gives each article you write, infographic you design, or video you produce an extended reach that speaks to multiple personas simply by altering the lead in text before the link.

For Example: If I had a post about Infogrpahic Insights I might tweet it 3 different times over the course of a day or so with different lead in text such as.

  1. Want to create great infographics that won’t be devalued by Google read this –> [link] #tag #tag
  2. These 8 infographic insights are key for helping your infographic get shared –> [link] #tag #tag
  3. 8 Insights For creating awesome infographics that drive traffic –> [link] #tag #tag

For #FF (Follower Friday) Don’t Just Add A List Of People

“Follower Friday” is done to spotlight some of the best people who you admire and would endorse for following. Most people just do something like “#FF @person1 @person2 @person3 @person4 @person5″, I would suggest taking a different approach.

I first saw this different approach done by Ahna Hendrix. She took the time to identify 5 people that others in her community might like and then wrote up individual tweets about each (tagging each tweet with #FF) that highlighted why you should follow that person. I thought this was an amazing, personal, and valuable way of doing #FF.

friday follow FF

Tweet at Someone To Thank Them For a Comment

Did you get an awesome comment on an article you wrote? Take the time, much like if someone links to an article you have written, to reach out to them on Twitter and thank them for the well thought out comment.

Hope these insights helped in some way. As I said I am not a social media wizard (yet) but have found the above to be very helpful when growing my followers, gaining RTs, and increasing engagement with my content.

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