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Calling All Digital Marketing All-Stars

LinchpinSEO is looking for industry All-Stars to contribute factual and credible research and information to our site. Unlike some sites, which allow anyone to publish, we will be hand-selecting a small group of marketing linchpins. Ideal contributors will include business owners, CMOs, and digital marketing leaders.

Researchers who will excel writing for our team will have:

  1. a basic knowledge of keywords and keyword research
  2. a background in digital marketing or business consulting
  3. experience finding credible sources
  4. experience writing long-form articles that include research and data that support their topic

What we will Not Accept:

The goal of our linchpin team, above all, is to provide quality, trustworthy material to our readers. Thus, we will not accept:

  1. research that has been published elsewhere on the web
  2. affiliate advertising links or sponsored material
  3. links to a writer’s other material on other sites – unless they are widely considered to be a authority
  4. opinion pieces not backed by trusted resources
  5. guest posts from low-value websites, whose primary purpose is to boost rankings – our goal is to position you as a thought leader, not “boost your rankings”.
  6. generic articles
  7. thin articles less than 900 words

Slight Twist To Traditional Guest Posting

  1. Articles are posted under the Linchpin name.
  2. We don’t provide a bio section where links can be placed – this does not position you as a thought leader. Instead, we’ll ask for a quote that is related to the article you submit. In that quote we will provide a link to your website’s home page, or your bio page.
  3. See guest post contribution example here.

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