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With 8 out of 10 SMBs using social media for their business to drive growth, and 3 in 5 SMBs saying they’ve gained new customers by using social media, it’s time to get strategic with your small business social media strategy.

Our small business social media agency can help you build a community on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, manage your current communities, or create new profiles and communities to help drive traffic and sales.

Our team in Chicago believes that social media is about building communities, loyalty, and brand advocates for your brand. This is accomplished by creating and sharing engaging content that aligns with your brand and speaks to the beliefs and values of the individuals you want within your community.

Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media Audit

We audit your social media channels to help uncover opportunities for growth, or where your accounts are non-compliant. We will dive into your social media analytics as well as your communities and analyze variables such as; channel value; community value; engagement peaks; and content value.

Building and Management

These steps help define or refine your social strategy based on insights, data, and competitive analysis based on your primary goals and KPIs. It will help us build and manage valuable communities and provide insights and ideas for growth strategies that get valuable results.

Engage Your Advocates

This plays a vital role in managing your online reputation, creating brand solidarity, and positively diffusing negative feedback. We can track tracking brand keywords and provide sentiment analysis and respond to the conversations that are happening online.

What People Are Saying

annaliseBill has a great eye for detail and he always thinks through how his strategy will not only impact his practice area, but the other aspects of the business, as well. He brings a wealth of experience and expertise not only in organic search, but also social media and other areas of digital marketing.

He is viewed as a leader amongst his peers and other industry professionals often seek out his opinion on more advanced SEO topics or concerns.

Annalise Kaylor, Marketing Director, Sixthman

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